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Laundry Business Name Ideas

320+ Catchy Laundry Names for a Business

Follow our step-by-step guide to naming your laundry business or use the business generator form below to see if your business name is available to register as a domain.

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When you’re starting a laundromat business, you’ve got a wide variety of tasks to accomplish, from acquiring equipment and supplies to getting local business licenses and everything in between. High on that to-do list is coming up with laundry business names to help you name your laundromat company. 

A good business name is absolutely essential for any laundry business; it’s how your customers will come to recognize you as a convenient, reliable, and affordable place to get their clothes clean. Your name will also be a huge part of your brand identity

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the process of coming up with the perfect name, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to come up with your own name. Or if you just want to find a name and get going, we’ve also listed hundreds of our favorite laundry business names. Before long, you’ll have the perfect business name. 

One quick note before we proceed: just because a name is on this list doesn’t guarantee that it’s available in your state. If you like one of the names we’ve included here, it’s your responsibility to check that the name is available. Please be sure to do your homework before using a business name.

Best Laundry Business Name Ideas

Itching to get started? Here are some of our favorite laundry business names right off the bat. 

All Washed UpArt of the MachineBubble Rave
Bubble UpClean and GreenDouble Bubble
Get the Funk OutLaundry PartyRinse and Repeat

Unique Laundromat Name Ideas

If you want to stand out from other competitors in your area, you will need a unique, stand-out laundromat name. Here are some of our favorite unique names.

3 Chicks LaundromatAccess CleanersAiry Clothe Care
Alba Dry CleanersAll CleanAll Fresh Dry-Cleaners
All Seasons LaundryAll Washed UpAllstar Dry Cleaners
Always Sparkles

Funny Laundry Business Names

Everybody loves a good laugh, right? It’s actually possible to make people laugh or smile with your business name. Plus it’s a good way to be memorable. Here are some of our favorite funny laundromat business names. 

Angles Cleaning ServicesAnytime Laundry ShopApple Of My Dry Cleaners
April CleanApril Fresh LandryArtly Dry-Cleaners
As the Dryer SpinsAs the Washer TurnsB-Booth Cleaners
Bean Clean LaundromatBest Dry-CleaningBig City Dry Cleaners
Big League Dry CleanersBlizz Cleaning ServicesBrainwash Laundromat
Bright Laundry ServicesBristle Cleaning ServicesBubbles A Plenty Washers
Bubbles Dry CleanersBudget Dry CleanersBusy Bees Laundry Services
Careful Care CleanersCareful CleanersCelebrity Dry Cleaners
Century Dry CleanersClassic Clean LaundryClean Act
Clean As A WhistleClean Dream ValetClean Freedom
Clean GreenClean In A FlashClean Machine
Clean QueenClean SheetClean Slate
Clean StartClean SweepClean Up
Clean Wipe AgencyCleanly LaundriesComfort Cleaners
Coming CleanConscientious CleanersContemporary Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning Business Name Ideas

Do you aspire to be the go-to dry cleaner in your town? You’ll need a name that promotes customer confidence and stands out from the competition. Here are some of our favorite dry cleaning business names. 

Daisy FreshDapper Dry CleanersDebby B’s Laundry Home
Dedicated Dry CleanDelightful Dry CleaningDepend On Us
Dependable DeliveryDependable Dry CleanersDesigner Dry Cleaners
Detailed Care Dry CleanersDiscount Dry CleanersDone Right Dry Cleaners
Doting Dry CleanersDouble-Up Cleaning HouseDowntown Dry Cleaning
Dreamy Dry CleanDrop Off Dry CleanersDry Clean Dream
Dry Clean ValetDry CleanersDry Cleaners Galore
Dry Cleaners On MainDry Cleaning DoctorDry Cleaning Dreams
Dry Cleaning GurusDry Cleaning GuysDry Cleaning On A Dime
Dutiful Dry CleaningEagle Laundry ServicesEZ Clean Laundromat
Easy-Wear Laundry ServicesExecutive Suite Shirt ServiceExpress Cleaners
Fast N’ Fresh Dry CleaningFeather LadyFirst Impressions
First Rate Dry CleanersFive Star Dry CleanersFlash Dry Cleaners
Flower FreshFly By Dry CleanersFreedom Cleanse
Fresh And CleanFresh BreakFresh Clean Laundromat
Fresh DailyFresh DeliveryFresh Start
Fresh TouchFresh WayFresh Wears Cleaning
Full-Service LaundryGang Of Dry CleanersGet Fresh
Gold Medal Dry CleanersGolden Clothe CaresGolden Shine House
Grime-Busting Cleaning ServicesHigh N Dry LaundromatHollywood Laundromat

Laundry Services Company Name Ideas

You aren’t just another coin laundry business. You saw a need: people needed someone to help them get a chore checked off their to-do list, and your laundry service business will meet that need. Now you just need a business name to suit the spotless clothes you provide.

Ideal-For-Your-Clothes CareIn The FreshInstawash Laundry
Iron ReadyJust Clean It!Drop off Laundry Services
Just Right CleanersKeep It CleanKlassic Cleaning
LaundrixLaundry 360Laundry Area
Laundry BarLaundry BasketLaundry Boyz
Laundry CafeLaundry CareLaundry Cart
Laundry DayLaundry ExpertsLaundry Hub
Laundry LadyLaundry ListLaundry Man
Laundry MasterLaundry MonsterLaundry Palace
Laundry PileLaundry RoomLaundry Shute
Laundry UncleLaundry VillageLaundry Wala
Laundry WarehouseLaundry!LaundryWise
Lean Mean Laundry CenterLemon Fresh LaundromatLet Us Launder
Let’s Get FreshLets LaundryLike New Cleaners
Little LaundryLuxurious LaunderMagic Hands Clothe Care
Magic MoppersMagic WashrMain Cleaning
Main Street Dry CleanersMean CleanMean Joe Clean
Minuteman CleanersMr and Mrs CleanMr. Cleanse
Mr. Dry CleanerNeighborhood Dry CleanersNext Day Necessities
Nice TouchNo More LaundryNot Your Average Dry Cleaners
NYC Dry CleanersOn-Demand Dry CleanersOut With The Wash
Perfect CleanersPerfect Press Dry CleanersPermanent Pressers
Pick my LaundryPicked Clean LaundromatPlatinum Dry Cleaning

Catchy Laundry Business Names

If you want your business name to stick in the minds of your customers, then you’ll need a catchy business name. Here are some of our favorites. 

Pleasin’ PolishPound Of FreshPress And Clean
Pressed And ReadyPressed PerfectPrestige Dry Cleaners
Pristine LaundryProper Care CleanersPumping Iron Dry Cleaners
Quality Dry CleanersQuarter-Hour Dry-CleaningQueen Clean
Quick Clean ServicesQuick Turnaround Dry CleanersRevamp Dry-Cleaning
Rinse Repeat Dry CleanersRoyal Dry-CleaningSame Day Dry Clean
Shining Clothing CareShining Wears ServicesSmart-Clean Laundromat
Smarten-upSolutions HomeSparkles Dry-Cleaning
Spic-And-Span Dry CleanersSqueaky Clean Wash and DryStarched
Starchy SolutionsStay FreshStripped Clean
Suit And Tie Dry CleanersSuper Spin LaundrySuper Washer!!
The Clothes SpinThe Dry Cleaning PeopleThe Dryteam
The Exclusive LaundryThe Executive Dry-CleaningThe Ironing Board
The Laundry BasketThe Laundry Hamper

Cute Laundry Business Name Ideas

Does your laundry business have a cute, cozy aesthetic to help make the laundry routine a little less tedious? You’ll want a cute business name to match. Here are some of our favorite cute names.

Bubble Bliss LaundrySnuggle Suds LaundromatPuddle Ducks Laundry Service
Fluffy Fold LaundryWhisker Winks WashLittle Laundry Llamas
Cozy Clean ClothiersPitter Patter LaundryTwinkle Tidy Wash
Hug & Tug LaundryPeachy Clean LaundretteLullaby Laundry
Cheery Cherry WashhouseBlissful Baskets LaundromatFrolic Fresh Fabrics
Giggles & DetergentBubbles & Bows LaundrySprinkle Spin Laundry
Happy Hearts Laundry HubCuddly Cloth CareRainbow Rinse Laundry
Fairy Dust LaundromatSnuggleNest Laundry ServicesSparkle Spots Laundrette
Magic Mittens LaundromatWhimsy WashersDainty Daisy Laundry Service
Sweet Pea SudsPixie Dust LaundromatWaddle Wash Co.

Classy Laundry Business Name Ideas

You’re going to create a fresh laundry brand that’s elegant and classic. You need a classy business name to match. Here are some of our top high-end laundromat business name ideas. 

Regal Robes Laundry ServicePrestige Cleaners & TailorsLuxe Laundry Lounge
Aristocrat Apparel CareElite Fabric CareSovereign Suds Laundromat
Opulent Outfit WashMajestic Cleaners & LaunderersVelvet Valet Laundry
Couture Care Laundry ServiceImperial Laundry Co.Platinum Press Dry Cleaners
Grandeur Garment GroomingSummit Suit SanitizersLavish Linen Laundry
Noble Knits Wash HouseSilk & Satin Laundry ServiceBeacon Fine Fabric Care
Esteem Cleaners & LaunderetteDistinguished Dress CareExquisite Ensemble Laundry
Vogue Valet CleanersParamount Laundry PavilionSupreme Steam Laundry Services
Infinity Iron & LaundryElegance Laundry EmporiumGentry Garment Care
Renaissance Robe RevivalOasis Organics Dry CleaningLegacy Laundry Lounge

Eco-Friendly Laundromat Name Ideas

In today’s business environment, a large number of customers are prioritizing brands that promote eco-friendly, green practices, even to clean dirty laundry. If that’s your business, you’ll want to have an eco-friendly business name to advertise your services to your potential customers. 

GreenClean Laundry Co.EcoWash SolutionsPurePlanet Laundry
EarthyClean LaundromatNatureFresh Laundry ServicesEcoSuds Washing Place
GreenSpin LaundretteBioBreeze LaundromatRenewWash Eco Laundromat
SereneSteam Eco CleanersEcoNest Laundry LoungeAquaEco Laundry Services
LeafyFresh LaundretteSolarSuds LaundromatCleanConscience Laundry Co.
Nature’s Cycle LaundryZenith Eco CleanersEverGreen Laundry Hub
Oasis Eco LaundryPureFlow LaundromatHarmony Wash House
BluePlanet Laundry ServicesEcoBliss LaundromatGentleWaves Eco Laundry
EcoElite Laundry ServicesCrystalClear Eco WashGreenHaven Laundrette
TerraWash Eco LaundromatSpringEco Laundry ServicesVitality Laundry Co.

How to Name Your Laundromat Business

Would you rather create your own business name? Coming up with a memorable name for your business can be a lot of fun, but it’s also important to make sure that your name meets some specific legal requirements. The exact requirements will vary from one state to another, though. We’ll walk you through the most common requirements. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect business name. 

Step 1: Determine the brand positioning of your laundry business

Before you dive into brainstorming a business name, it’s helpful to decide on your laundry business’s unique selling proposition — what makes you stand out from other laundry businesses in your area. For example, you might focus on being a 24-hour service, or you might prioritize low prices or a luxury experience. 

Ideally, your laundry business name should reflect your brand position, telling customers a little bit about what they can expect from your business. So narrowing down your niche will help guide the brainstorming process.

Step 2: Brainstorm laundromat names

Now it’s time to get creative and brainstorm some laundromat names. There are lots of different ways to brainstorm; one of our favorite ways to start is to come up with keywords associated with your business. For example, if you’re focusing on convenience you might decide to add “24-Hour” or “Express Laundry” or “Clean” to your keyword list. 

There’s a wealth of possibilities here, but with a strong list of keywords you can start to play around with words and generate ideas. Pulling your keywords for inspiration, you might make word associations, try to come up with alliterative names (words starting with the same sound), or something else. The goal is to be creative and think outside the box. 

Use a laundromat name generator

If you’ve tried coming up with your own business name and you just can’t seem to get the creative juices flowing, you might try using a business name generator. These tools can suggest business names for you when you input keywords. 

To get the most out of a name generator, it’s recommended to assemble your keyword list and then play around with the keyword combinations you input into the generator. Each time you type in a combination, the keyword will generate new name options. So start with one word, then another, and then add different combinations until you get some names you think your target audience will like.

If you pick one of the generated names, you could add a custom, personal touch like your name or a nod to your locale. But more importantly, you must do your homework to check that the name is unique. 

Step 4: Confirm availability of name

From a practical and a legal standpoint, you need to have a unique name, so you need to run some checks. 

Legally, you’re required to check that your name doesn’t match the names of registered businesses in your state. You also can’t infringe on federally protected trademarks or state ones. To check that your name is unique, you should run a business name search and trademark search on your state’s Secretary of State website (or similar site). Follow this with a trademark search with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Generally speaking, if you type your desired name into these searches and it doesn’t produce any matches, then your name is probably available. If it does match something, you’ll need to make edits so your name is unique. 

Checking Online Availability

An online presence is vital for today’s small business owner, and your business name plays into that. To build a website, you’ll need a domain name (ideally one that matches your business name). You’ll also want social media platforms to connect with customers, advertise your services, and so on. 

When possible, it’s best to get a domain name and social media handles that match your business name. This makes it easier for customers to find you online, and it also promotes brand continuity. If you need help, ZenBusiness can help you search domain name availability and register one.

Step 4: Select your best laundry business name 

Whether you use a business name generator or come up with your business name on your own, you’ll need to cut your list down to a shortlist and ultimately pick your favorite. 

At this stage, it’s a good idea to get some feedback about your name ideas. Ask friends, family members, and even potential customers what they think about your name ideas. What do they like about your name ideas? What would they change? Do they have any ideas? Are there any unintended negative connotations to your name, or does it evoke positive emotions? 

Running a little “focus group” or social media surveys for your business name can be a great way to take your name from good to great. You might even find that a customer suggests the perfect name for you. 

After you’ve gotten feedback, you might have a few options left or just one name that’s made the cut. If you do have a list, it’s okay to pick the one you like best. After all, it’s your business name; the perfect brand name is the one you like best! 

Step 5: Reserving Your Laundromat Name

By now, you’ve put in a lot of hard work to create the perfect laundromat business name. You won’t want that work to go to waste, so it’s time to protect your name. There are a couple different methods to do this, each with pros and cons. 

The most straightforward way to claim your name is to register as an LLC or corporation under that legal name; then the state will require all other business names to be unique from yours. This process varies from state to state but it usually entails filing the Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation and paying a filing fee. If you’re not quite ready to file this paperwork, you can also buy yourself some time with a name reservation instead. 

If you want to pull out all the stops and get the best possible protection for your name, you can file for a trademark with the USPTO. This process is notoriously time-consuming and complicated, but it will protect your name nationwide (and give you legal recourse if anyone infringes on it in the future). 

What if I don’t want to register as an LLC or corporation?

If you’re looking at a sole proprietorship or partnership for your laundromat’s legal structure, you can’t register with the state to claim your name. Another potential option is to register a DBA, or “doing business as” name. Typically, states don’t protect DBAs for exclusive use (although this varies). But registering does add your name to your state’s formal records, which might discourage someone else from using it. 

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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