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If you aren’t ready to form your LLC or Corporation, reserve a business name with the state. Reserve your business name so no one else can take it while you are getting ready to start your business.

Prevent others from registering your name for $50.

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Benefits of reserving your business name

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Includes Name Search

Ensure your intended name is available based on each state’s standards.

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Gives You More Flexibility

Reserving your name early gives you more time to set up and start your business.

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Locks in Your Name

Secure your business name for a specific period of time – often 120 days.

What is a business name reservation and why do I need one?

Finding the right company name is one of the most important steps in starting a new business. Most states will allow you to reserve your business name if you aren’t ready to form an LLC or corporation. This prevents others from registering the name and ensures it will be available when you’re ready to start your business.

Business name reservation requests are typically valid for 120 days, but those requirements and the amount of time needed to secure your business name will vary from state to state. ZenBusiness has you covered with business name check and reservation services available in every state!

Guidelines for choosing a business name

Portray the right image.

Carefully consider what you want your name to stand for and communicate to your client and customers.

Do not be “deceptively similar” to existing companies in your state.

States will require that your business name be easily distinguishable from existing businesses. Make sure the name you want for your business is available first, by performing a business name search in the state.

Clearly identify your business type (Inc, Corp, LLC).

Most states require that your name includes an identifier for corporations (Inc, Corp), limited liability companies (LLC), and so on.