How to Conduct a Florida Business Entity Search

To perform a Florida business search, use the Florida Division of Corporations’ Sunbiz website, searching by business name or entity number. This search can uncover important details about a company’s activities and status in Florida.

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There are multiple ways to search for a business entity using the Florida Divisions of Corporations website. You can use the entity name, officer name, registered agent name, trademark (or trademark owner) name, employer identification number (EIN), document number, ZIP code, or street address. The Florida entity search is free of charge and can prove useful whether you’re researching the availability of a name before registering a business or if you need information about an existing Florida business entity.

The Florida Department of State business entity search can provide a wealth of information about businesses operating in the state, including their business address, annual reports, formation date, current status, EIN, info about their officers, directors, and/or members, and more. Let’s examine the various functions of the Florida Secretary of State’s entity search and the information provided.

Florida Secretary of State Contact Information

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Search by entity name

The first option for search criteria is based on the entity name. You can search using the company’s whole name, or you can look for partial names in the Florida Division of Corporations database. Type the name search into the empty field and click “Search Now” to search for corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs), and trademarks registered in Florida.

search by entity name in the Florida business search

A list will appear similar to the one displayed below, showing the company name, document number, and current status of each result. You can click on the entity name to discover more detailed information.

florida business entity name list screenshot example

On the following page, you can view such information as the EIN, formation date, current status, principal address, mailing address, registered agent name and address, the last event of the business, the event effective date, and details about the company’s ownership and management roles. You can also view PDF versions of documents filed by the company, including annual report information.

example of florida entity name report sos

Search by officer or registered agent name

You can also search the Florida Department of State’s database using a registered agent or officer’s name. The site gives you the option to search by last name, first name, or even middle initial, although the latter options can provide an overwhelming number of results.

Once you enter the name and click “Search Now,” you’ll see a list of all the limited liability companies, corporations, limited partnerships, and trademarks matching the officer or registered agent’s name. Alongside the entity name and number, you’ll see a link to the registered agent or officer’s name. Click these links to view further details about the company in the Florida Secretary of State’s database.

fl sec of state business search

Search by EIN

You can also perform a search using an entity’s EIN. Simply enter the number into the empty field and click “Search Now.”

EIN search function of the Florida business entity search

Once you enter the number, you’ll see a page similar to the one below. Clicking on the EIN will provide you with more details pertaining to the chosen business.

business search florida entity name

Specialized Search Options

The Florida business entity search also includes a few specialized search options to find limited liability companies, limited partnerships, corporations, and trademarks, as detailed below.

  • Search by document number: If you have the entity’s document number, you can use this search to find matching businesses. If the resulting page reads “Record Not Found,” you’ll need to use a different search method.
  • Search by trademark name or trademark owner: The next option allows you to search the Florida Division of Corporations trademark database. Simply use the trademark search or the trademark owner search to find the information you need.
  • Search by location: Finally, there are two options to find Florida businesses based on their locations. First off, you can use the ZIP code option to examine all businesses located within a certain area, although we will warn that there can be an overwhelming number of results in some ZIP codes. Secondly, you can use the Division of Corporations address search to find businesses based on their exact street addresses.

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