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How to Conduct an North Dakota Business Entity Search

This tutorial has been designed to guide you through the business entity search function available on the Secretary of State website. We recommend that you take the time to utilize this tool prior to filing for registration as it gives you a comprehensive list of all businesses on file with the state. Through this list, you will be able to deduce whether the name you plan on operating under is indeed unique to you, and in turn, ensure that your filing will be accepted when you submit it to the Secretary of State. Once registered, you can use this inquiry to gain access to any company’s filing history and general business information.

Search by Name

Step 1- Searching by, or for, a business name, is the most practical way of investigating the availability of your proposed name. To begin, navigate to this webpage and submit the name into the provided search field.


Step 2- The following page will have a list of all entities on file with the Secretary of State whose name matches, or contains, the information submitted on the previous page. Scroll through the results until you’ve landed on the entity you’d like to investigate. Once found, you can click on the entity type (e.g. Corporation) to proceed.


Step 3- This page will display the business entity details, the principle office and registered agent info as well as give the option to file an annual report in order to remain in good standing.


Search by System ID

Step 1- Searching by system ID will allow you to refine the search results to one individual entity. To begin, navigate to this webpage and submit the number into the second of the two search fields.


Step 2- As previously stated, you will see only the one search result when using the system ID. Click on the entity type to view the business details.


Step 3- On this page, you will be able to review all information currently on file with the Secretary of State that is available to the public. This page will also give you the opportunity to submit your annual report through a fill-able PDF should you be using the business entity search function to do so.

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