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How to Conduct an Oklahoma Business Entity Search

Welcome to ZenBusiness’ tutorial on the Oklahoma business entity search; a function made available on the Secretary of State website to research the various business details of all entities, past and present. We always suggest that businesses use this tool to research the availability of their given name in hopes of avoiding a rejected filing. There is even a name availability search option within the entity search specifically designed to narrow the results of the inquiry to names of active businesses and on going reservations. One may choose to simply navigate to the website which contains this function and submit their name into the field as presented. That being said, it is wise to narrow down the potential search results by clicking on the Advanced Search link within the page. Doing so will allow you to relay the exact parameters of your query to spend as little time as possible navigating through the search results.

Search by Name

Step 1- Searching by name is the most common manner in which you will investigate the Secretary of State name database.  Clicking on the Advanced Search link on this website will present you with the ability to narrow down your search further. The following name restrictions are available for use:

  • Search all
  • Search active
  • Name availability
  • Search banks
  • Search churches
  • Search domestic cooperatives

Once you’ve made your selection you may enter the name of the entity into the search field and click Search.


Step 2- A list should appear below the search field of all the names that match the metrics of your search. Depending on the parameters, you may also see expired businesses as well as name reservations. Click on the filing number to proceed to the business details page.


Step 3- On this final page you will be able to review all information currently on file with the Secretary of State as well as the options for further action at the bottom. If you wish, you may easily print the page by using the link in the top right hand corner.


Search by Filing Number

Step 1- Searching by filing number is always the most effective way of limiting your search results. Simply navigate to this webpage, open the Advanced Search window and select the Filing Number Search option. After this, you will be able to submit the number into the provided field and click Search.


Step 2- If submitted accurately, your search results should display just the one result. To gain access to the entity’s details, click on the filing number in the far left hand column.


Step 3- The business details will list the jurisdiction, termination date, registered agent information and the like. You will also be able to order documents or file a document by using the links at the bottom of the page.


Search by Registered Agent or Name of Person

Step 1- Searching by an individual involved in the business, or by the registered agent, involves essentially the same info. First, navigate to this website, and click the Advanced Search option. Select the search by registered agent, or name of person option, and submit their full name into the fields provided. If the agent is a business, you will need to specify that by using the bubbles at the top of the window.


Step 2- A list of entities will emerge with the filing number on the far left followed by the entity name, entity type and individual/business name with which you performed the search. Click on the filing number to gain access to the information on file with the Secretary of State.


Step 3- On top of all the information found on the previous page, you will be able to review the registered agent’s detailed info, the status and the jurisdiction. You may perform a number of additional actions using the buttons found at the bottom of the window as well.

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