How to Conduct a New Jersey Business Entity Search

Check out our guide on searching the New Jersey Secretary of State site.

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This webpage will show you how to perform a business entity search of the Department of State’s database. Within each tutorial we will take you through all the various steps involved in the process to either gain more information about an existing entity, or to check the availability of a desired entity name. For those looking for name availability, this can be done in just a few seconds with a search through the records to see what names are already of file. Regardless of your reasoning behind performing this search, these tutorials will surely be of use to you. Start by scrolling down to get started.

New Jersey Secretary of State Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 300
Trenton, NJ 08625
Physical Address:
125 W State St
Trenton, NJ 08608

Search for Business Name in New Jersey

Step 1- To check the availability of an entity name in New Jersey you must first navigate to this website. You will then be able to type the desired name into the search bar and click Search. For this tutorial we will use the fictitious name “John Smith Landscape”.


Step 2- If the name you have entered is available, you will see a notice like the one shown below. If it is unavailable, you will see a list of all other entity names that conflict with yours.


Search by NJ Business Name

Step 1- If you are trying to obtain information on a New Jersey entity already registered, you may do so by first navigating to this website. Here you can type in the business name into the search bar and click Search.


Step 2- The information will be displayed on the next page, like the picture shown below. Here you will see all entity names that contain the word(s) used in your search. Additionally you can view the entity id, type of entity, city of incorporation and the date of incorporation.


Search NJ SOS by Keyword

Step 1- It is possible to search for an entity’s information by typing in a keyword. Begin by navigating to this website and typing the keyword into the search bar and click Search.


Step 2- You will be taken to a page with information similar to the image shown below. The business name being displayed on the left as well as the entity ID, city of incorporation, type of entity, and date of incorporation being displayed on the right.


Search by NJ Entity ID

Step 1- To begin a business search using an entity ID you must first navigate to this website. Continue by entering the entity ID into the search bar and click Search.


Step 2- Here you can view the entity’s information on a page like the one shown below. The business name is located on the left. The entity ID, city of incorporation, type of entity and date of incorporation are all shown on the right.


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