How to Conduct an Alaska Business Entity Search

To perform an Alaska business search, access the online search tool of the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing. This search can provide valuable insights into a company’s background and operations in Alaska.

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Conducting a business entity search with the Alaska Secretary of State can provide you with a wealth of information regarding registered businesses operating in the state of Alaska. You may search business entities by name, number, official, or registered agent through the Alaska Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing.

The search can provide publicly available info about an Alaska corporation, limited liability company (LLC), nonprofit, limited partnership (LP), or limited liability partnership (LLP). There’s no charge for searching the business database.

The Alaska business entity search results can tell you an entity’s name, if it’s an active business, whether it has a doing business as (DBA) name (also known as a fictitious business name), when its next biennial report is due, its mailing address and physical address, Alaska business license ID number, registered agent information, and other business details.

Alaska Department of Commerce Contact Information

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Anchorage, AK 99501-3587
(907) 269-8125
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About the Alaska Business Search

An entrepreneur might find the business search tool from the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development invaluable for several reasons. First, it’s an essential resource for conducting due diligence and market research, offering detailed information on existing businesses in Alaska. This helps entrepreneurs understand the competitive landscape and identify market trends.

Additionally, when choosing a business name for a new company, this tool assists in verifying the availability of the name, helping ensure uniqueness and legal compliance. Using the tool as a business name search is invaluable for entrepreneurs looking to start a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation in Alaska. It can help guide you through the business name registration phase by informing you if your desired business name is available or not.

The search tool is also beneficial for identifying potential partnership or investment opportunities, as it provides insights into businesses that align with an entrepreneur’s goals and interests. Understanding the legal and compliance status of competitors or potential partners is another key aspect, helping entrepreneurs navigate legal complexities and maintain good standing with the state of Alaska.

Furthermore, analyzing the types of businesses registered with the Alaska Secretary of State can inform entrepreneurs about industry trends, growth areas, and market gaps, guiding their business strategies. Finally, it serves as a potential networking resource, offering contact information and business details crucial for building professional relationships and collaborations. Overall, this tool aids in strategic planning, providing a comprehensive view of the Alaskan business environment.

Search by name and number

Visit the Alaska business entity search website and click either the first blank field to enter the entity number or the second field to enter the name of the business you’re trying to look up. If you want to determine whether a business name is already in use in Alaska, this tool can tell you whether any registered Alaska business has claimed the name or not.

After entering the name or entity number, you can select the entity by clicking on the six-digit number. Before selecting it, you can view the business entity type, its name, its entity number, and its status with the state.

On the details page, you can view the company’s entity type, entity number, current status, date of formation, duration and expiration status, home state (if it’s a foreign entity), next biennial report due date, mailing address, physical address, registered agent information, officials, and all previously filed documents. The documents can include business formation documents, biennial reports, and more.

Search by official

Go to the Alaska business search website. You can enter the entity number in the first field, or you can search by the official’s name. To do so, you’ll enter the individual’s last name in the second field and their first name in the third field. Or, you can simply enter the business name into the second field and hit the “Search” button.

If you don’t know the official’s exact name, you can check the “Starts With” box to enter a portion of their name. The Alaska business search tool will then scan the database for the names of all officials whose names begin with that portion.

On the next page, you can view the entity type, entity number, business name, officials’ names, and officials’ titles for each search result. Click on the entity number to view the official’s card and more related information.

Search by registered agent

On the Alaska business search website, enter the registered agent’s name, with their last name on the second line and their first name on the third line. Or, if you know the agent’s entity number, you can input that information on the first line instead. You can also check a box that limits the search function to only include registered agents who are currently serving Alaska businesses, cutting inactive former agents out of the search results.

On the results page, you can sort through the entities based on the registered agent’s name or entity number. Click on the entity number and it will bring you to the details page where you can learn more about the business.

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