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How to Conduct an South Dakota Business Entity Search

These tutorials will take you through the steps of performing a business entity search of the Secretary of State’s database. There are multiple options available to execute this search, making the whole process quick and easy. You may search by business name, business ID, entity details, or registered agent. Through this search function you will also be view registered agent information, file annual reports, view stock information, and much more. It is also a great tool for prospective business owners who would like to view the availability of a desired entity name. Regardless of your reasoning for performing a business search, these tutorials will cover everything you need to know. Scroll down to get started!

Search by Business Name

Step 1- Begin by accessing this website. You will then be able to type in your entity name in the search bar and click Search.


Step 2- All entities containing the word(s) of your previous search will be shown.  Here you will see the standing of the entity, type, state of formation, and business ID #. To find out more information on a specific entity, click the business ID # on the left.


Step 3- This page will allow you to view the business details of the entity being searched.


Search by Business ID

Step 1- To begin, navigate to this website and enter your business ID into the search bar. Click Search to continue.


Step 2- Your results should be limited to just the entity that you previously entered. Click the business Id number on the left to access more information.


Step 3- Here you will see all the details pertaining to your entity.


Search by Entity Details

Step 1- To begin your search, load this webpage and specify the type, standing, and filing date of your requested entity. Click Search to continue.


Step 2- All the entities that match your search will be displayed similar to the image shown below. To gain access to more information on your requested entity, click the business id number on the left.


Step 3- Your entity’s details will be displayed on the following page.


Search by Registered Agent

Step 1- Begin by accessing this website and entering in your registered agent’s name into the search bar.


Step 2- All the entities represented by a registered agent who’s name resembles the one entered on the previous page will be displayed here. Click on the business ID number on the left to gain more information on your entity.


Step 3- You will be able to review all business details on this last page.

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