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How to Conduct an Vermont Business Entity Search

This guide has been designed to walk business representatives through the business entity search function on the Vermont Secretary of State website. We always recommend that filers perform an inquiry of this nature to ensure that the business name they plan on using when registering is not already on file with the Secretary of State. Furthermore, the search can be used to gain access to the filing history and business details of any Vermont business entity. The Corporations Division of the Secretary of State website has made it possible to search by name, filing number and business ID and they’ve gone to the trouble of incorporating an advanced search feature to refine the results generated from the query.

Search by Name

Step 1- To search by name, navigate to this webpage to enter the name in question into the first search field. You may choose between Starts With, Exact Match and Contains. You will also be able to request that the results also show businesses with similar sounding names. Click Search when ready.


Step 2- A list of names generated by the metrics of your query will appear on a secondary page. Should you be investigating the availability of your proposed name, a large list like the one presented below will most like indicate that you will need to select an alternative business name for use in Vermont. If you’d like to review the business details, click on the business name of the entity found in the far left hand column.


Step 3- Here you will be able to review all the information that has been made available to the public regarding the entity in question. You will also have the option to review the filing history, name history and shares (if applicable) by selecting the links at the bottom of the window.


Search by Business ID

Step 1- The benefit of searching by business ID is that it will provide you with a singular search result. Enter the ID into the appropriate field on this webpage and click Search.


Step 2- As previously mentioned, there should just be the one result displayed. To review the business details, click on the name of the entity.


Step 3- Here you will be able to view all information on file with the Secretary of State for public viewing.


Search by Filing Number

Step 1- Like searching with the use of a business ID, searching by filing number should produce a singular search result. The difference between these two search methods is the ID represents a business entity while the filing number is used to identify a particular filing made by the entity (e.g. annual report). Supply the number into the correct field on this webpage and click Search.


Step 2- You will be privy to a certain amount of information regarding the business entity here. To gain access to more, click on the name of the entity found in the far left hand column.


Step 3-  All the business details of the entity including the filing history and the name history will be made available on this final page.


Step 1- The advanced search on this webpage is an option that allows you to refine the search results with the use of the following parameters:

  • Business type (e.g. domestic profit corporation, foreign professional limited liability company)
  • NAICS Code
  • Business status (active, cancelled, delinquent etc.)
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Registered agent name
  • Principle name

You may use the above search options on their own or in combination with eachother. The idea is to provide as much information pertaining to the entity as possible so that you can spend the least amount of time searching through the results. For example, we used the business name, business type and registered agent name to perform our advanced search.


Step 2- Because of the amount of information we gave, we were able to keep the search results to two thus finding our entity immediately. If you find yourself in this position, click on the name of the business to gain access to their detailed info.


Step 3- On this page, you will be able to review all information available to the public pertaining to the business in question. Click on the various links through the page to access other filings and data.

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