How to Conduct a North Carolina Business Entity Search

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This tutorial is meant to instruct business representatives of the usefulness of the business entity search function. Within this page, we will cover the various search methods available; by corporate name, by registered agent, by Sos ID and by company official. You may want to consider performing a search using any of the previous mentioned pieces of information to ensure that the name of a North Carolina LLC or corporation you plan on filing with is usable in this state. Also, many business owners and the like use it as a portal through which they can purchase a Certificate of Good Standing/Existence. However, you will be required to activate an online account in order to take advantage of this function.

North Carolina Secretary of State Contact Information

Mailing Address:
PO Box 29622
Raleigh, NC 27626-0622
Physical Address:
2 South Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

Search North Carolina Business by Name

Step 1- To search a NC entity by name, you’re going to need to begin by navigating to this webpage and submitting the entity name into the provided field. You may also choose, in the drop down menu, the search type.


Step 2- Once the name has been entered, on the subsequent page, you will be able to identify the entity in question within the generated list. Click on the company name to gain insight into that entity’s business details.


Step 3- On this page, you will be able to review all information currently on file with the Secretary of State. You will also be able to, if you are signed into your online account, purchase a Certificate of Existence or similar document if you so wish.


Search by Registered Agent

Step 1- To search by registered agent in NC, navigate to this webpage and choose the registered agent option from the second drop-down menu. This will enable you to choose the search type and the entity type (individual or organization). Supply the name of the agent into the field and click Search to continue.


Step 2- The results of the registered agent search will differ slightly from that of the search by corporate name. You will be able to review the individual/entity name on the left and see the total number of represented businesses in the right hand column. Click on the name to view the agent information.


Step 3- The agent information is simply a list of all the businesses that they represent. You will be able to get a few pieces of info just based on this page. However, if you’d like to review each entity’s detailed filing history, you will need to click on the entity name.


Step 4- Here, you will be able to view document filings, file an annual report, amend a previous annual report, order certificates, or just generally gain insight on the business in question.


Search by Company Official in North Carolina

Step 1- Searching by company official is similar in nature to searching by registered agent. First, you will need to enter the individual or entity’s name into the provided field on this webpage.


Step 2- A list of individuals/entities should appear based off the metrics of your search. Click on the name to review the businesses associated with that company offical.


Step 3- To gain insight into the business details of the entity you’re researching, you will need to click on the entity name in the far left hand column.


Step 4- The entity’s business details will be presented on this webpage. This particular page will allow you to perform a number of actions depending on the status of the business.


Search North Carolina Entity by SOS ID

Step 1- Search North Carolina by Sos ID, the number assigned to each entity upon registration, will allow for the quickest search possible. Simply navigate to this webpage, choose the Sos Id search type and enter the number into the empty field.


Step 2- The search results should be limited to just the one business. Click on the name of it to review the business details.


Step 3- Like in all instances, you’ll be able to review all information currently on file with the Secretary of State. If this is a business that you represent, you’ll have the opportunity to file the annual report or request certificates on this webpage.


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