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How to Conduct a Kansas Business Entity Search

This guide should assist you in discovering the many benefits of research the Secretary of State business entity database. The function can be used to purchase a Certificate of Good Standing or research the availability of an operating name. Once your name has been registered into the database, you will also be able to take advantage of this search function to update information such as the registered agent for your company or the address of the principle office. The Kansas Secretary of State’s online portal has enabled filers and business owners to accomplish these tasks in a matter of seconds. A search can be executed in a variety of fashions, through the business entity name, the registered agent information, any key words or by the filing number. Below we’ve detailed each process.

Search by Name

Step 1- If you are aware of the business name you’d like to research, you can begin by navigating to this webpage. There you will be able to click on the Business Entity Database link followed by the By business entity name option as displayed below.

kansas-business-search-1Step 2- Enter the name into the search bar.

ks-business-search-2Step 3- You will be provided with a list generated by the contents of your search. Scroll through the results until you come across the correct business. Click on View Record to gain more detailed information and to update any information on the business.


Step 4- Once this has been accomplished, you should be presented with a window similar to the one displayed below with the option to file an annual report, update business information etc.


Search by Filing Number

Step 1- The most refined search can be done using the filing number of your company. This is of course true because it represents your entity and your entity alone. If you are aware of the identifier, navigate to this website and select the first option. The following page should look like the one below, where you will be able to select the By business entity ID number link.

kansas-business-search-1Step 2- Enter the ID number into the empty field and click Search

ks-business-search-5Step 3- If the number was entered correctly, you should be able to see all the detailed filing information immediately. Here you will be able to purchase a Certificate of Good Standing update any account information or file your annual reports.


Search by Keyword

Step 1- You should be able to find your business in the database by entering a key word that would seem exclusive to your company. To do so, click on this link to the Kansas Business Center. Follow the Business Entity Database link the the below page. Click on the third option.

kansas-business-search-1Step 2- Enter the keyword into the search bar to continue.


Step 3- You should be able to see a list of entity names immediately. Hopefully the key word was effective enough that the business that you seek is within the first page of results. When you find the company you’re looking for, click on the View Record button in the far left column.


Step 4- As you would assume, you will now be able to update yourself with the detailed filing record and business information of your company. A variety of functions can be performed on this page as well, including the acquisition of a Certificate of Good Standing and the filing of your Annual Report.


Search by Registered Agent Name/Keyword

Step 1- Being aware of the registered agent of a certain company can help you research their information further. All that is required of you is that you navigate to this website and select the link that coordinates with the information you have. Next, enter in the full name or a keyword related to the individual or entity as shown below.


ks-business-search-14Step 2- This will present you with a list of all the companies that that registered agent represents (his/her name should be found in the far right column). Click on the View Record to proceed to a more in depth look at the business’s operations and filing history.


Step 3- Once on the business summary page you will be able to research any piece of information needed as well as update the info if this is your company.


Step 1- This is a function that is extremely useful for those wishing to research the availability of their potential business name before filing with the state. In order to do this, navigate to this webpage and enter in the proposed name into the empty field.


Step 2- If the name is available, the following page should look something like the window displayed below, with the option to “Reserve this Name”.

ks-business-search-12If the part or all of the name is already registered by another business entity, it will be clearly indicated. Also, they will display all the applicable businesses below and offer a field to conduct another query using another, usable name.

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