How to Amend a Kansas Articles of Organization

Discover why amending your Kansas Articles of Organization is vital for compliance and adaptability. Dive into our guide below for expert insights.

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No matter what kind of business you run, change is bound to happen. For Kansas limited liability companies (LLCs), some of these changes must be reported to the Secretary of State’s office to stay legally compliant by filing an amendment to your Articles of Organization. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Let’s walk through the process of filing a Certificate of Amendment in Kansas, and how we can help.

What are Kansas Articles of Organization?

Articles of Organization is the necessary document that, once accepted, officially establishes your Kansas LLC. It includes basic records like the name of the LLC, its mailing address, and contact information for its registered agent/office. Kansas uses these records to regulate and monitor the businesses that operate within its borders. Every LLC must submit Articles of Organization before being formally established.

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Step 1: Determine if you need to change your Kansas Articles of Organization

Kansas law requires that LLCs maintain updated Articles of Organization to remain in good standing. 

There are several reasons for this requirement. For one, The public and the state both need up-to-date information for the business. Moreover, keeping your Articles of Organization current helps ensure your LLC’s Kansas registered agent receives important legal and financial documents. 

Failing to keep your Articles of Organization current can lead to several major consequences. Critically, your LLC won’t be able to get a Kansas Certificate of Good Standing. This document certifies that your business has complied with all applicable Kansas regulations and laws. On top of that, it also authorizes your business to transact business. Consequently, it’s hard to overstate the importance of this certificate. Without it, you can’t work with customers, open a business account, or receive a business loan. 

Step 2: Identify what to change in your Kansas Articles of Corporation

To update your LLC’s Articles of Organization, you will need to complete a Certificate of Amendment. Under Kansas law, you must file a Certificate of Amendment if you want to change any of the following details of your LLC:

  • The LLC’s name
  • Whether the LLC will be a professional association and corporation
  • The address and name of the LLC’s registered office and registered agent
  • Whether the LLC is a series LLC

Beyond this, you must include any other significant changes that you and your other LLC members or managers want to make in the company. Once you’re done, file your Certificate of Amendment with the Kansas Secretary of State Business Services department. 

Kansas law requires that all Certificates of Amendment include details like the name of the LLC, the address of the registered office and agent, what changes will be made, and the LLC’s business entity ID number.  Furthermore, an authorized person must sign and print (or type) their name.  

Step 3: File your Kansas LLC amendment

Once you’re ready to submit your Certificate of Amendment, you can file the form in person or by mail with the Secretary of State’s office. Unfortunately, while you can file Articles of Organization online, you can’t file a Certificate of Amendment online. 

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Kansas Certificate of Amendment vs. Restated Articles of Organization

Kansas law makes clear that LLC owners can both restate and amend the LLC’s Articles of Organization. The difference between a Restatement of Articles of Organization and a Certificate of Amendment is subtle. Both documents can list amendments to the LLC’s original Articles of Organization.

However, a Restated Articles of Organization is best for integrating the Articles of Organization and multiple Certificates of Amendment (that have been submitted over time) into one document. That way, any officer or member of the public can see the effective rules in one document, rather than having to search for multiple Certificates of Amendment.  

Unlike the other documents we describe in this guide, you have to create your own Restated Articles of Organization. You must indicate that the document is a Restated Articles of Organization in a heading or introductory paragraph. You’ll also need to include:

  •  The LLC’s current name
  •  Whether the name has been changed
  • The LLC’s original name
  • The date that the original Articles of Organization were filed

As with the Certificate of Amendment, an authorized person must sign the Restated Articles of Organization.

Kansas Certificates of Amendment vs. Certificates of Correction

Another form you can file to make a Kansas LLC amendment is a Certificate of Correction. 

You can use Certificates of Correction to correct defective documents and incorrect information, including the Articles of Organization.

We can help you stay on top of Kansas compliance requirements

We know that taking care of compliance tasks can be stressful. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do to keep your business up to date, we are here to help. Through our LLC amendment service, you can make the changes you need to your LLC’s Articles of Organization effortlessly.

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  • No, you don’t need to have an attorney to file your Articles of Organization. However, an attorney can answer any legal questions you have while filling out the form. Please remember that the Secretary of State won’t give you legal advice.

  • You can report almost any potential change on a Certificate of Amendment.

  • No. You must submit annual reports whether or not you amended your LLC’s Articles of Organization.

  • It will take several days for the Secretary of State’s office to receive the form. After processing the document, the Secretary of State will mail the form back to you.

  • To learn more about what confirmation you’ll receive if you file by mail, contact the Kansas Secretary of State’s office.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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