How to Amend a Illinois Articles of Organization

Explore why amending your Illinois Articles of Organization is vital for business compliance and adaptability. Dive into our guide below for expert insights.

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It’s only natural that you’ll need to change your Limited Liability Company (LLC) as time goes on. If you need to make an Illinois LLC amendment, then you might need to amend your LLC’s Articles of Organization. Not sure how to start? No problem. Let’s take a closer look at how to file an amendment to your Illinois LLC’s Articles of Organization, and how we can help.

What are Illinois Articles of Organization?

Articles of Organization include the vital details of your LLC. The state uses this information to maintain up-to-date records on the businesses operating within its jurisdiction. No LLC can do business in Illinois without valid Articles of Organization. 

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Step 1: Determine if you need to change your Illinois Articles of Organization

Illinois requires that LLCs maintain updated Articles of Organization to remain in good standing. 

Updated Articles of Organization allows the public to have accurate contact information for the business, ensures that your LLC’s Illinois registered agent can serve the LLC with essential documents, and gives Illinois a way to monitor businesses that operate within its borders.  

Failing to notify the state of your Illinois LLC amendment can cause trouble down the road. For one, your LLC won’t be able to get an Illinois Certificate of Good Standing. Without this document, it’s more difficult to verify that your company is authorized to operate in Illinois. This means that your business could have a difficult time applying for a business loan, opening a bank account, and contracting with purchasers. 

Step 2: Identify what to change in your Illinois Articles of Organization

The key to keeping your LLC’s Articles of Organization updated is to submit Articles of Amendment. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, the changes you need to report in your Articles of Amendment include:

  • The admission or withdrawal of a manager;
  • A change in the address of your LLC’s records office or place of business (or registered office);
  • A new name for your LLC;
  • The date that the LLC is supposed to dissolve;
  • The duration of your LLC—i.e., whether you intend your LLC to last perpetually or temporarily; and 
  • Any change to the registered agent.

You’ll also need to state the effective date of your Articles of Amendment. The appropriate Illinois agency to file the Articles of Amendment with is the Secretary of State, specifically, the Department of Business Services, Limited Liability Division. 

Step 3: Gather information for filing your Illinois amendment

Illinois law requires that all Articles of Amendment include:

  • The name of the LLC;
  • The text of each LLC amendment; and
  • A statement that the amendment was approved as required by Illinois law or the LLC’s Operating Agreement.

An authorized individual has to sign the Articles of Amendment. As you consider your amendments, remember that you need to be as specific as possible about the amendments you’re making to your business to avoid rejection by the Secretary of State.

Step 4: File your Illinois LLC amendment

Finally, it’s time to submit your amendments. You can file amendments online through the Illinois Secretary of State’s online business portal, only if the amendment is a name-change amendment. All other amendments have to be resolved in person or by mail. 

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What’s the difference between Illinois Articles of Amendment and Restated Articles of Organization?

Illinois law also allows business owners to restate the LLC’s Articles of Organization. Restated Articles of Organization operate like Articles of Amendment because they can list amendments to the LLC’s original Articles of Organization. Unlike Articles of Amendment, however, Restated Articles of Organization serve to definitively clarify an LLC’s Articles of Organization after multiple changes have been made over time. So Restated Articles of Organization are best to use if you’ve repeatedly made Illinois LLC amendments over time. You can find the Restated Articles of Organization form online and you can file it in person, by mail, or by using Cyberdrive Illinois.

If you don’t know whether your LLC needs Restated Articles of Organization or Articles of Amendment, our Worry-Free Compliance service might be a good resource to help you navigate the process.

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Every business needs to make changes from time to time. Although this process can be complicated, we are standing by to help. We offer an amendment service so that you can make the changes you need to your LLC’s Articles of Organization. Our Worry-Free Compliance service provides even more help. Not only will we alert you to critical filing deadlines, but we will also give you a hand with your annual filings. Our service even includes two free annual amendments and lays out a course of action if your LLC ever falls out of good standing. Looking for something else? Take a look at our full slate of formation and compliance services and see how we can help you grow your Illinois LLC today! 


  • It isn’t necessary to have an attorney to file your Articles of Organization. However, if you run into legal questions along the way, an attorney will be able to answer those questions. The Secretary of State won’t give you legal advice.

  • The potential changes you can report are almost unlimited. Some examples include changes to the business’s address, membership structure, and date of expiration. You can also change whether your LLC expires on a certain date or exists perpetually.

  • No. Annual reports are forms that you have to submit every year, regardless of whether you make any changes to your LLC’s Articles of Organization.

  • It could take several days for the Secretary of State’s office to receive the Articles of Amendment if you’re filing by mail. However, if you file a name-change amendment online, the filing process is almost instantaneous.

  • You’ll receive confirmation after you file a name-change amendment on Cyberdrive Illinois. To learn more about what confirmation you’ll receive if you file by mail, your best bet is to contact the Illinois Secretary of State’s Division of Business Services at (217) 524-8008.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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