How to Conduct a Utah Business Entity Search

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This webpage has been created to assist individuals in the process of performing a business search in Utah. The business entity search function provides the means to research the business details of registered entities and to check the availability of an operating name prior to registration. The search tool can also be used by business representatives to purchase a Certificate of Existence. Search results may be filtered by utilizing the multiple search methods available, each of which has been described in more detail below.

Utah Secretary of State Contact Information

Mailing Address:
SM Box 146701
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6701
Physical Address:
Heber M. Wells Building
160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Search by Utah Business by Name

Step 1- Performing a search by business name is a commonly used method of researching the details of an entity. To begin, navigate to this website where you will be able to enter a business name into the entry field. Click Search to proceed.


Step 2- Each entity containing the word(s) used in your search will be displayed on the following page. From here you can scroll through the various entities until you find the business name in question. Also displayed is the entity’s status, business type (limited liability company, corporation, doing business as and name reservation) and location. Click either on the name of the entity itself or the Details link on the right to view a more in-depth description of the business.


Step 3- The following page will provide you with all the information currently on file in the state. You may, at this point, update the business information, purchase a Certificate of Existence, and view the various details of the entity.


Search by Utah Entity Number

Step 1- Searching by an entity number will provide you with the most direct search as there is only one number assigned to each business. Navigate here to access the online search function. Enter the number of an entity into the search bar and click Search by Number to continue.


Step 2- You should receive results of an individual entity specific to the number previously supplied. Various details are displayed here regarding the entity’s status, type, and location. Click on the business name itself or the Details link on the right to view a more in-depth description.


Step 3- On this final page you will see a description of the entity’s location, status, and filing history. From here you can update the business information or purchase a Certificate of Existence by clicking the corresponding link on the right.


Search by Executive Name

Step 1- Searching by executive name begins by navigating to this website. Supply a name into the provided entry field and click Search.


Step 2- $3.00 fee must be included in order to complete a search by executive name. Use one of the available payment options to supply this fee.


Search for Name Availability

Step 1- Checking the availability of a business name is an important step in the registration process of new entities in the state. Begin by navigating here to access the online search function. Supply a name into the entry field and click Search.

SC-Search-1Step 2- In the event that a name is available for use, you will see results similar to the first image shown below. The second image shows results of a name already on file and currently unavailable for use.





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