How to Conduct a New Hampshire Business Entity Search

Check out our guide on searching the New Hampshire Secretary of State site.

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Before filing for registration, we recommend that business representatives utilize the name availability search to ensure that their New Hampshire LLC or corporation name has not been registered by another entity. You may also use this function to review any particular registered agent’s represented businesses, the general filing history of a certain entity or any information available on file with the state offices. Regardless of your reasoning, this search tool should serve your purpose. Scroll down and discover all the ways in which it can be utilized.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Contact Information

107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

New Hampshire Business Entity Search by Name

Step 1- This search method is the best way to check the availability of your operating name. You must first navigate to this website and submit the chosen name into the search field. You will be able to choose between the following options in regards to search parameters:

  • Starting With
  • Sounds Like
  • Exact Match
  • All Words
  • Only Active Corporations
New Hampshire Secretary of State business entity name search form.

Step 2- A list will emerge on a secondary page displaying all the entities that match the submission in the first step. To gain insight into the business details of a particular entity, click on the highlighted name or the business ID.

New Hampshire SOS business entity name search results example.

Step 3- All information on file with the Secretary of State in reference to the detailed filing history and general business info will be shown here.

NH SOS business entity name search result details page.

Business Entity Search by NH SOS File Number

Step 1- Searching by file number is the quickest way to research the entity information of a particular business. You can simply navigate to this webpage and submit the ID into the provided field.

New Hampshire Secretary of State business entity file number search form.

Step 2- The search will then direct you immediately to the business information as there should only be one business ID for each entity on file with the Secretary of State.

NH SOS business entity filing number search result details page.

New Hampshire Business Search by Registered Agent

Step 1- The search by registered agent is a useful tool, not only to update yourself with a particular entity’s business info, but also to research the businesses that each agent represents in New Hampshire. Submit the name of the individual or entity into the field on this webpage and click Search to proceed.

New Hampshire Secretary of State business entity search by registered agent form.

Step 2- This subsequent page should display the list of all agents who’s name resembled that of the one you’re inquiring about. Click on the name to continue.

New Hampshire SOS business entity search by registered agent results page.

Step 3- This next page will present to you, all the businesses that the agent represents in this state as well as a few basic pieces of information pertaining to each business. Clicking on the business name will allow you to review the entity details of each.

New Hampshire business entities by register agent search results.

Step 4- Again, all information available to the public has been submitted on this page for each entity.

NH SOS business search by registered agent details page.

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