How to Conduct an Indiana Business Entity Search

To perform an Indiana business search, access the Indiana Secretary of State’s website and search by business name or entity ID. This search can reveal important details about a company’s registration and current status in Indiana.

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The Indiana business search, a service provided by the Secretary of State’s office, is a critical tool for anyone seeking detailed information about companies in the Hoosier State. This article guides readers through the efficient use of this tool, an indispensable asset for business professionals, investors, and researchers. Whether you’re verifying the status of a local business, exploring new investment opportunities, or conducting market research, the database offers a wealth of information at your fingertips.

The tool’s ability to provide insights into a company’s history, compliance, and current standing makes it a valuable resource for understanding the diverse and evolving business landscape of Indiana. From the bustling industrial sectors to the innovative tech startups, this research tool opens a window into the state’s economic activities and opportunities. Join us as we explore how to navigate this essential search tool for a deeper understanding of Indiana’s business environment.

Indiana Secretary of State Contact Information

200 W. Washington St., Room 201
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Office Hours:
8:00am – 4:30pm

The state’s corporation search offers a convenient way to find businesses based on their names. You can refine the results by choosing one of the three options at the top of the page and searching for names that contain or start with the search term, or you can solely request the tool to produce exact matches.

indiana business search

There are also four other ways to use this tool. You can enter the company’s Business ID or filing number, search by registered agent name, or input the name of an incorporator or governing person of the entity. Simply enter the info into the associated field on the state website and peruse the filters in the “Advanced” section.

This section allows you to refine your research with six filters: entity type (corporation, LLC, etc.), current status, name type, street address, city, and ZIP code. Once you’ve set up any filters you might want to use, click the “SEARCH” button at the bottom of the page.

indiana business advanced search

Viewing Indiana Business Results on the State Website

You’ll see a list of businesses that contain the word(s) you entered on the previous screen. The info available on this screen includes the Business ID, business name, name type, entity type, principal office address, registered agent name, and current status. Scroll through the results until you find the entity you’re looking for, clicking on its Business ID number to review its details.

indiana business search results

Finally, the “Business Details” screen displays a wealth of data about the corporation, LLC, nonprofit, or other entity you selected previously. The info on this screen includes the company’s creation date, formation jurisdiction, expiration date, business entity report due date, incorporator info, registered office address, and details about its governing individuals (officers for a corporation, managers for an LLC, etc.).

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll also see options to view the company’s filing history, name history, and assumed name history, as well as a button to request a certified copy of the entity’s formation documents. The filing history tab provides links to all business entity reports the company has filed, as well as access to its formation documents. Meanwhile, the name history tab is where you’ll find any info about name changes in the company’s history, and the assumed name history tab informs you whether the entity has any doing business as (DBA) names.

indiana business details

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