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For Indiana entrepreneurs, the challenge of figuring out the best business to start in Indiana is one of the biggest hurdles to opening your own business. Typically, the best business to start in Indiana is one that draws on your personal strengths and local business trends.

We like to help small business owners like you brainstorm ideas to answer questions about what are the best businesses to start in Indiana. Once you’ve chosen a business idea and are ready to get started, our Indiana business startup resources can help you get up and running quickly.

The Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Indiana

The best business to start in Indiana might be something you’re passionate about or something that fills a need in your area. Below are seven types of good business ideas in Indiana that can be very profitable for small business owners. 

Idea #1: Food Truck

Indiana has many college towns and larger cities, so why not open up a food truck? The already popular phenomenon of food truck dining has skyrocketed as a safe, socially distanced eating option during the pandemic. If you have some cooking skills and are located in a college town or business hot-spot, the best business to start in Indiana might be serving up grandma’s secret recipe. But be sure to check any local health department regulations or other permitting requirements.

With the help of our partners at Avalara, we offer a Business License Report Service. Our comprehensive Business License Report tells you what licenses and permits you need to obtain to operate your food truck so you don’t have to comb through thousands of regulations.

Idea #2: Customized Tours

Indiana boasts some of the best colleges (and college rivalries) in the nation. This makes for great tourism, particularly if you love basketball or football. Why not claim a piece of this booming tourism industry for yourself? Some great business ideas in Indiana could include providing customized college town tours, depending on your interest, location, and expertise. 

Idea #3: Content Marketing

Businesses all over the world need high-quality content to boost the profiles of their websites. From the comfort of your home in South Bend, you could offer online content marketing to businesses as far away as Seoul. With a little computer savvy, some creativity, and a fast internet connection, this could be one of many good businesses to start in Indiana.

Idea #4: Short-Term Property Rentals

The short-term rental industry is as hot as can be. In a state full of college students, sports fans, and business travelers, offering affordable accommodation might be the best small business in Indiana to start right in your home. Just be sure to check state and local tax and zoning laws before listing your property on popular websites. 

Idea #5: Agriculture

Indiana is one of the nation’s top corn-producing states. As a major agricultural center, Indiana is a terrific place to start your family farm. If you’ve got the expertise to raise crops or animals, whether as an artisanal or a large-scale producer, Indiana’s ample resources and state and federal government support for farmers could make agriculture the best business to start in Indiana. 

Idea #6: Professional Services

A specialized license can put you on the path to the best business to start in Indiana. As a licensed hairstylist or personal trainer, you may be able to create a lucrative business using your professional license. Just make sure to identify the best place to start a business in Indiana before opening a shop in a small town that already has 10 salons! 

Idea #7: Home Improvement

Have you ever developed an obsession with one of those home improvement shows on TV? You’re not alone. In fact, Americans are projected to spend over $600 billion on home improvements by the end of 2025. If you’ve got the skills and tools, the home improvement business may be the best small business to start in Indiana. However, you may need to obtain your general contractor’s license or another professional license before you can begin.

Additionally, you may need to obtain permits before offering your services. To do this, you may need to obtain an Indiana Certificate of Existence to show that your business entity is in good standing with the state before you can apply for permits and licenses. Our helpful service can do this for you, taking one more task off your plate so you can focus on business first and paperwork later.

Why These Are the Best Small Businesses to Start in Indiana

These businesses are good businesses to start in Indiana because:

  • You can start many of them as home-based businesses 
  • Many of them don’t require a lot of expensive equipment 
  • You can run most of them with just your laptop and a fast internet connection or equipment you already have
  • Most of them are part of in-demand or growth industries in Indiana
  • They can have significant staying power

The best business to start in Indiana draws on your own expertise. Capitalizing on your unique skills and knowledge can bring you not just financial success but also personal satisfaction. That alone can be worth its weight in gold.

Best Cities in Indiana for Starting a Business

The best place to start a business in Indiana depends upon a number of factors. Some of the most popular and potentially lucrative places to start a business include:

  • Indianapolis
  • Fort Wayne
  • Bloomington
  • Carmel

Each city and county has unique benefits and attractions. Check to see which area might be right for you and your business.

Why Form Your Business with Us?

We help your business take care of the paperwork so you can get to work faster. And once your business is off the ground, we can help you keep it legally compliant with our Worry-Free Compliance Service. We can also help you amend your articles of incorporation as you grow, or provide you with an Indiana Operating Agreement Template that you can customize to your LLC as you get started. Our award-winning catalog of business support services can help you manage your invoices, find business inspiration, and organize your important documents. We’re here for you throughout the life of your business.

We Can Help

Forming a business entity is the first step in achieving your Indiana business goals. Whether you want to start a limited liability company (LLC) or form a corporation with your new business idea, we make it easy to compare business structures. Additionally, our Indiana LLC formation service and Indiana Corporation formation service can help you get your entity formed fast. We also offer a comprehensive suite of business services, like our Indiana Registered Agent Service, to help you along your business journey.

Now that you’ve formed a company, what are some of the most profitable business ideas in Indiana?


  • With a strong agricultural industry and many universities, Indiana has a diverse economy and no shortage of talent. Indiana has good personal and business tax rates and is attractive to businesses from high-tech manufacturing to farming and everything in between.

  • Indiana business owners tend to grow their businesses by researching their markets. Many also take advantage of the business resources and business opportunities available in the state or offered by the state and local governments.

  • There are many franchise opportunities available in Indiana in various industries. Make sure to do your research before committing to a franchise.

  • The best online business to start in Indiana depends largely on your business skills and business resources, just the same as any brick-and-mortar business. However, a business owner can find a lot of success with online sales.

  • There are many choices for the best business to start in Indiana when you want to work from home. Online sales and certain food services can be great options for a home-based business.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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