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What is the best business to start in Washington? The state of Washington can provide a great foundation for many small businesses. With low energy costs, abundant technological innovations, and rich land, small businesses can easily thrive in this North Pacific Coast state.

If you want in on what this state can offer to small business owners, we can help you figure out the best business to start in Washington. If you have your business idea ready to go, we can also help you start your business quickly and run it well. We have multiple business development resources and services that can set you up for success from start to finish. 

The Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Washington 

What’s the point of starting a new venture if it’s not going to be a successful business? Your strengths and passions are good deciding factors when it comes to choosing a business purpose, but the market and state characteristics can help you figure out the best business to start in Washington. Below is a list of seven types of businesses that could make you a success in our great state!

Idea #1: Sales of Agricultural Products

The products of Washington’s lands are bountiful. The state’s agricultural industry brings in more than $20.4 billion in revenue a year, and 89% of the state’s farms are small farms. Business owners can do well selling fruits and vegetables to a large customer base. If you have a decent plot of land and a green thumb, you could thrive in Washington’s booming agricultural industry. 

Idea #2: Electric Car Charging Stations

Washington is a leader in renewable energy. As a leader in this field, the state has a strong focus on reducing its dependence on fossil fuels by encouraging electric car use and building a large and accessible electric highway. You can become part of this electric highway and make money by setting up a fee-based car charging station in an underserved area or hub for electric cars. 

Idea #3: Ridesharing

What’s another way to provide creative solutions for customers’ transportation needs while running a lucrative business? Start a ride-sharing business. The sharing economy has grown rapidly in a short amount of time, and it’s teeming with opportunity. Starting a business in the sharing economy can also help you utilize resources you already own. You can earn profits as a business owner by becoming an independent contractor with existing ride-sharing businesses, or you can build your own.

Idea #4: App Development

These days, our phones and computers can handle so many of our needs and wants. You can take advantage of our growing dependence on mobile devices and computers by developing an app. Your app could address an everyday need or be solely used for entertainment. 

Idea #5: Commercial Fishing

Not only is Washington’s land rich, so is its marine life. According to the Washington State Department of Commerce, Washington is a top seafood producer. The state is second only to Alaska when it comes to seafood shipments. Starting a commercial fishing business can be a great way to take advantage of one of Washington’s top natural resources.   

Idea #6: Information Technology Services

Washington state is a famous technology hub, and home to some of the most notable tech businesses worldwide. The state’s information and communication technology industry has brought the state over $103.5 billion in revenue. With a large, talented technological workforce and a collaborative technological community, you could make a name for yourself with a technology consulting business. You could also form your own technology startup.

Idea #7: Professional Services

With so many growing industries, Washington’s economy is primed to support many business owners who want to offer their professional services to individuals or other businesses. The best small business in Washington may be clear for you if you possess a special degree or certification. You can put your training to work by opening a business that offers your professional services. 

Why These Are the Best Small Businesses to Start in Washington

Choosing one of the above options can help you arrive at your best small business to start in Washington because they: 

  • Have a relatively low cost of doing business
  • Are part of lucrative industries in Washington State 
  • Can utilize resources you already have 

Regardless of industry trends, you’re often best served when you start a business based on what you do well.

Best Cities in Washington for Starting a Business

What’s the best place to start a business in Washington? Some of the best places include:

  • Seattle 
  • Vancouver
  • Franklin County

Entrepreneurs might want to call one of these places home for their new enterprise because they can find a strong business community, a fast-growing population, and helpful business resources. And don’t forget that there may be available grants for women to start a business in Washington. So be sure to check into any financial assistance for all entrepreneurs, women, or minorities before opening your doors.

Why Form Your Business with Us? 

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Not only is it important to wisely choose the type of business you plan to run, it’s also important to choose the right business structure. It’s often smart to run a business as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. You can build your business under one of these structures without a lot of fuss if you use our Washington LLC or Washington Corporation Formation Services. If you still need help deciding what kind of business structure best fits your needs, we can help you compare all business structures

We’re here to help you make the best business decisions and execute them well, so let’s take a look together at good businesses to start in Washington. 


  • Washington state is home to booming businesses partly because it’s at the forefront of technological advances, has a strong business community, and has an abundance of natural resources.

  • If you want to increase your business income and market presence, there are many ways to do it. It’s often important to do research about the market needs where you’re located to better reach potential clients. It’s also important to keep your business legally compliant. You want to make sure you have the right business licenses and other necessary paperwork so you can avoid setbacks.

  • Because big businesses flock to Washington, there can be many franchising opportunities in the state. It’s important to reach out to specific companies to find out if they offer franchises and what their terms are.

  • You have a lot of options when it comes to eCommerce in Washington. If you know how to develop software, Washington is a great place for you to start an eCommerce business that sells your technology to others. If you lack technological savvy, you could choose to sell handmade goods or apparel online.

  • Because the sharing economy is so big, a ridesharing business is one home-based business you could start relatively quickly.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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