The Importance of Leisure Time When You’re Self-Employed

Self-employed workers usually have to commit more time and energy to running their business, which comes with added stress and worry. When your income is solely dependent on you working, it can be difficult to switch off. As such, the importance of rest, recovery and leisure time becomes even more important for a number of reasons – what are these and how can you get a bit of R&R?

Why is it different for the self-employed?

In an office job, you might be able to switch off when you leave the building at the end of the day. But for the self-employed, it can be difficult to create these boundaries. Having leisure time is important though. It can help you recharge your batteries and work more effectively the next day. Economic studies show that an optimal amount of leisure will boost productivity. And besides, if you’re working hard then you want to enjoy your free moments too!

Different activities to try


Spending time in nature has great mental health benefits and can be a good stress reliever. Being around nature can lower blood pressure, improve immune system function and increase self-esteem, as well as many other wellbeing benefits. There are plenty of activities in the garden to keep you entertained too. Learning more about how crops grow in a garden cloche and gardening techniques can give you something to focus on besides your work worries.

Physical activity

Physical activity can help to relieve stress and spend time with other people. Whether you play in a team or with a partner, or exercise on your own, physical activity will help to give you a different purpose outside of work. You could take up running or get a gym membership. Alternatively, you could try and find a local sports team to join!

Plan regular holidays

It can be tricky to take time off when you’re self-employed for financial reasons, but you have the freedom to make your own timetables – so plan regular holidays and travel or relax where you can. There are few things more relaxing than finishing a long journey and settling down in an idyllic location to finally switch off. Take advantage of being your own boss and allow yourself more holidays!


Socialising can help you switch off and think about different things. Make sure you socialise with other people outside of work so you can converse about different topics and do things that make you happy with people that make you happy.

Switching off is one of the most difficult things when you’re self-employed – but relaxation is possible. Just make sure that you have time for the above activities, and you should find yourself getting that all important breather from work.


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