The Cloud Tutorial Review: Easy Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the way of making, distributing, using, and maintaining business data and various organizational information. It’s about using the information in a way that increases productivity, reduces information risk, and promotes customer satisfaction. Proper knowledge management involves a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving organizational objectives by taking advantage of available data.

Several knowledge management platforms are available for use, and The Cloud Tutorial is one of those applications. The question is, “Can this app provide for the specific needs of organizations?”   Continue reading to know the answer. 

The Cloud Tutorial: A Brief Overview

The Cloud Tutorial is a knowledge base that aims to save users hours of answering the same questions repeatedly. Businesses and their customers can use this information database to find an answer fast and in real-time.

Therefore, company staff members can focus on other essential matters without the worry of wasting time answering the same questions delivered by different customers. This knowledge base helps provide organizations with a rich index of help articles to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Perhaps, The Cloud Tutorial sets itself apart from other similar applications because this app isn’t only a knowledge base software, but it also provides other useful functions to its users. 

Essential Features

Knowledge base platforms, like The Cloud Tutorial, assist business development through modern technologies. With that in mind, some of the core features of this program may help businesses in improving productivity at an organizational level. 

Some of the essential features you can find and use in The Cloud Tutorial are:

  • Fully-Customizable Interface

The Cloud Tutorial allows users to fully customize the interface, allowing businesses to create distinct-looking help desks, FAQ pages, and other online resource materials. But, this customization feature isn’t available in low-tiered options. You can also take advantage of this feature by opting for the Gold and Plus packages. 

  • Add Team Members

Managing a large consumer base can be challenging, especially if handled by a single person. Therefore, organizations that need multiple hands to cater to specific inquiries and requests of customers need to use the business’s knowledge base. 

The Cloud Tutorial allows administrators to add team members to use the software. Furthermore, you can assign access rights to individual users to grant or limit access to different features. 

For instance, your business might have dedicated representatives who gather consumer data. You can limit the accessible features of this team so the group may only use certain features that align with their core tasks. 

  • Categorize Data

Perhaps, one of the major problems of gathering big data is the difficulty in searching for specific information. The Cloud Tutorial aims to reduce or even eliminate this dilemma by allowing users to categorize and sub-categorize topics for easy access. 

Users may take advantage of search filters to find specific information efficiently. Also, this feature helps designated team members to access relevant information on-the-fly, which is ideal for consumers looking for solutions for urgent requests. 

  • Detailed Reports

The Cloud Tutorial also has a report creation and viewing feature that allows business executives to evaluate the performance of certain knowledge base articles. For instance, you can create detailed reports about one article that amassed numerous feedbacks from readers. Study the generated data to see if viewers found the presented information to be useful in solving their needs. 

  • Custom Domain Creation

Opt for one of The Cloud Tutorial’s paid plans, and you can have a custom domain for your company’s knowledge base. In other words, you can use your brand’s URL instead of the platform’s default name. 

Although the custom domain feature is also available in the free option, you can’t take advantage of the software’s other essential features, such as adding team members and customizing the user interface. 

Other useful features that you can use in this knowledge base app are flexible contact forms, SSL (HTTPS) hosting, and the import and export of files. 

Pricing Structure

At the time of writing, The Cloud Tutorial has four pricing plans, which are:

  • Free
  • Standard (USD$14.99 per month)
  • Gold (USD$49.99 per month)
  • Plus (USD$99.99 per month)

Small businesses may consider the free or standard option. In particular, the latter allows you to upload up to 250 articles and add a maximum of five team members into the account. As for the Gold option, you can upload up to 2,500 articles and add up to 50 members. Finally, the Plus option might be suitable for large and international corporations. It’s because this highest tiered option allows businesses to upload up to 10,000 articles and add a maximum of 250 members to the account.  


The Cloud Tutorial can keep in-house staff members and customers happy by providing the correct knowledge base articles in real-time. But, it’s more than a knowledge base software as it’s also a reporting tool with some communication features. Companies that want to check out some of the program’s features might opt for the free account first before moving to one of the paid plans. 

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