Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Reviews Monitoring

The opinion of ordinary users becomes especially important in if you run an eCommerce business on Amazon. Fresh research data say that 79% of customers trust online reviews just like their personal recommendations. Therefore, testimonials are a powerful tool for marketers and data analysts, but you can benefit from it only if the metrics are right. In this post, we are going to talk about how to work with reviews on Amazon.

Top 5 Metrics to Be Guided by on Amazon

Instead of tearing around, we recommend that you stick to the well-defined criteria when you monitor Amazon product reviews or ask professionals to do that for you.

1. Average Rating

The average rating is not really just an arithmetic average. Amazon analyzes several factors at once: the date the review was published, the rating of usefulness, and the presence of at least one confirmed purchase. The average rating is a good indicator of assessing future sales, as it influences the purchase of new customers.

2. Relevance

A BrightLocal study found that almost 50% of respondents always check the number of reviews on the company’s website. At the same time, many customers believe that reviews lose their relevance after 3-6 months after being published.

3. Most Helpful Comments

Quantity is crucial, but quality plays even a more significant role. Potential buyers read comments with great interest. Amazon even offers them the ability to rate the relevance of a comment by clicking the “Helpful” button.

4. Customer Assessment

Some online tools allow you to identify and extract opinions from the text. This is how Amazon works as well. In addition to determining the opinion, this analysis allows you to highlight the main characteristics of the reviewed review, for example:

  • Text polarity: whether the person expresses a positive or negative opinion;
  • Topic: what is being discussed;
  • Key message: what opinion serves as the main foundation.

By analyzing KWs in comments, you can identify topics that often come up in product discussions. Studying them is extremely useful. This helps to determine which aspects of the product are most interesting to customers or what caused dissatisfaction in them.

What’s Next?

You should stick to the above five KPIs when analyzing your customers’ comments on Amazon. This will allow you to better understand their expectations, identify areas for improvement, and track competitors’ performance. Only in such a way, you can achieve success in your niche and offer a solution that meets the needs and expectations of the audience it is targeted toward. Like any major e-commerce platform, Amazon shouldn’t be left behind. Instead of making blind steps, develop an all-covering promotion strategy.

By Josh Scott

Josh Scott works as a careers consultant and has experience working with students as well as older people looking to make a major career change.

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