Commercial Mail Receiving Service Terms

Last updated on November 15, 2021

By engaging ZenBusiness as your mail receiving agent, you affirm that you have read PS Form 1583 and that you agree that ZenBusiness may act as your agent and accept mail on your behalf. In addition, you agree to the following:

  1. Customer Obligations. It is your responsibility to update ZenBusiness with respect to  any changes to your contact information or mailing instructions. If any information you provided on the PS Form 1583 changes, it is your responsibility to submit a revised PS Form 1583 to ZenBusiness. 
  2. Remailing Schedule. With respect to first class mail, ZenBusiness will remail or forward your items to you on a weekly cadence. Non-first-class letters will be remailed or forwarded on a monthly cadence. Mail received the week of Thanksgiving will be held and remailed or forwarded the following week. Mail received during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day will be batched and remailed or forwarded in a single shipment. 
  3. Packages and Restricted MailZenBusiness is authorized to accept business mail on your behalf. Personal mail and packages or large parcels should not be sent to ZenBusiness. If ZenBusiness accepts a package or large parcel on your behalf, ZenBusiness reserves the right to charge, and you agree to pay, for the additional postage required to resend or forward the package to your attention. Mail cannot be remailed, forwarded, or returned to a non-U.S. mailing address. 
  4. Force Majeure.  ZenBusiness will not be responsible for any remailing or forwarding delays, nor will it issue any credits or refunds for such delays, if it is unable to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement because of: (i) labor disputes and shortages; (ii) fire, flood or water damage; (iii) natural disaster or extreme weather; (iv) actions or decrees of governmental bodies; or (v) other causes beyond ZenBusiness’ reasonable control.
  5. Payment. If ZenBusiness is unable to charge your card on file for the mail receiving services, you will have five (5) business days to update your payment information, or risk cancellation of said services. 
  6. Termination of ServicesYou expressly waive any obligation on the part of ZenBusiness to remail or forward any mail it receives for you once ZenBusiness stops acting as your agent, and instead agree that ZenBusiness may return such mail to the sender.