Corporate Kit Definition

A corporate kit is a physical or digital collection of essential documents and tools that a business uses to maintain and organize its important records, such as corporate bylaws, meeting minutes, and stock certificates.

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Corporate Kit Definition

A corporate kit is an embossed binder used to hold important documents from your company’s formation. It’s a way to keep everything related to the formation, organization, and management of your business at your fingertips. 

You can create your own corporate kit, buy a pre-made one, or not use one at all. Though the contents may differ by seller, a corporate or LLC kit usually includes the following features:

  • Copy of filed formation documents (Articles of Incorporation or Organization)
  • Operating agreement or corporate bylaws
  • Meeting minutes
  • Stock/membership certificates
  • Transfer ledger
  • Corporate seal

Corporate Kit Benefits

Though no state requires you to have a corporate kit, you must maintain records of many of the documents associated with your business. This binder is an easy way for a small business to keep track of these papers. You can always add other things to it, such as documents you will need for taxes. It might also look professional when you’re meeting with banks, investors, or other entities who may need to review some of this information.

Corporate Kit Disadvantages

The primary reasons not to invest in a corporate kit are that they can be expensive and they’re never legally required. As a modern-day business owner, you may choose to maintain all your records in electronic format, in which case you wouldn’t have any use for a physical binder. Or, if you do print hard copies, you can keep them in a shoebox so long as you don’t lose track of any required documentation.

Considerations When Purchasing a Corporate Kit

If you want to buy one of the corporate kits available online, it’s best to wait until you receive confirmation that the state accepted your corporate filings. Corporate kits typically contain customized documents and supplies that you won’t want to reorder if something goes wrong. For instance, a corporate seal might reflect the corporation’s name, year of incorporation, and state of incorporation. If your name is rejected or your filing is delayed until the next calendar year, you will have to redo your seal.

Another important consideration is whether you want a corporate kit at all. Keep in mind that no one needs a decorative binder and seal to operate their businesses in compliance with legal requirements.

We can help

If you form your LLC or corporation with us, you have the option to purchase our Business Kit. It includes the following (note that this kit doesn’t contain a corporate seal at this time):

  • Welcome letter
  • Table of contents
  • Packet of ZenBusiness documents (including formation evidence, Statement of Organizer (SOO), operating agreement, owner certificates)
  • Modern portable folio that you can easily put into your bag for the trip to the bank
  • Compliance checklist 
  • ZenBusiness sticker and gift

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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