Financial Projections Definition

Financial projections are estimates or forecasts of a company's future financial performance, including income, expenses, and profitability, used for planning and decision-making.

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Given their function, financial projections play an important role in glimpsing your business’s future. As a business owner, it’s critical you understand where your business is and where it’s heading.  

What Are Financial Projections?

With regard to financial projections, the essential definition is a forecast of the financial health of the business over time. That said, business projections have a slightly different meaning than business forecasts. Forecasts tend to show a realistic picture of a business’s future health and development prospects. As such, forecasts exclude the business’s ideal goals and focus on what will realistically happen under future conditions. On the other hand, financial projections try to show ideal outcomes and include specific financial or growth goals. Sometimes, however, the two terms are used interchangeably. 

The best way to create a financial projection is to evaluate your business’s current income and expenses. After that, compile your business’s financial needs, consider various possible future scenarios, and develop an action plan. 

Financial Projections – Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you understand the definition of financial projections, let’s review some pros and cons. 

As you can imagine, financial projections are a critical tool for businesses, and they can bring your business many significant advantages. But financial projections have their limitations as well. 

Financial Projections – Benefits

First off, financial projections create an honest picture of your business’s inflows and outflows. Another benefit of financial projections is that they help you visualize possible future market conditions and gain insight into how they will affect your business. Finally, financial projections can allow you to consider what your future business goals are and how you can make them happen. 

To help maximize the benefits of a financial projection, make sure you have accurate estimates of your current revenue and expenses. Also, confirm that you are being realistic about possible conditions. Economic conditions almost always operate in a cycle, which means that every period of economic growth and contraction will end at some point. 

Financial Projections – Disadvantages

The most obvious downside to financial projections is that they aren’t completely accurate. At best, they can give you only a general idea of what you can expect going forward. They can’t account for large and unexpected changes in your business or in the economy. In addition, accurate financial projections take serious time and effort. Hiring an economic expert to produce one can be quite expensive. And creating one yourself can divert your precious time away from more important projects. 

Summary — What Are Financial Projections?

Financial projections are a tool businesses use to evaluate their future financial conditions and profits. Financial projections also help business owners find ways to make their growth goals a reality. 

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