Math and Business Activities for Young Entrepreneurs

You might already have an idea of what you want to be when you grow up. Maybe you want to be a scientist, an astronaut, a doctor, or a farmer. Or maybe you want to be a business owner, a fashion designer, an engineer, or a pilot. Did you know that you need to learn math to do all of those jobs? Most jobs use math in some way each day. You’ll also need to use math to count up and spend the money you earn. Understanding how to use math in your daily life can help you to do well in life, no matter what type of job you want to have! Math is everywhere in our world, not just in school. When you think of math, you might just think of things like homework, but the truth is that math can be found in fun places, too, like when you’re shopping with your parents, when you’re following a recipe to cook something, or even when you’re playing games. After all, you can’t even have a baseball game without math: How would you know who won without adding up the score? The Internet also has lots of games that use math in fun ways. You can play these games whenever you’re allowed to go online to have fun while working on your math skills. You might even start getting better grades in school thanks to the extra math practice you’ll be getting!.

Math Games

  • Dunk Tank: In this game, you can learn about ratios, proportions, and variables. This fun interactive activity lets you dunk Dolores the duck, Rocky the dog, and Iggy the cat when you get the answers right.
  • Monkey Jump: Help Curious George the monkey to count the balls!
  • Ratio Rumble: Pretend you have the power to create magic potions in this game. You’ll work with ratios to see if you’re the best potion master out there. Are you ready to test your abilities?
  • Chances: This probability and statistics game shows us how the results of a random test like rolling dice can be distributed on a chart. Try rolling a lot of times or a few to see what happens.
  • Penguin Party Addition: Use your addition skills to feed the penguins! Each penguin has a number on its belly. The penguin with the right answer to the question gets the fish.
  • Chinese Dragon Game: Work on your ordering and sequencing skills knowledge while playing this game. There are many different levels, so you can work your way up and learn while you play!
  • Mint Pals’ Counting With Coins: Learn about each coin’s worth and add them up to answer the questions. Can you complete all seven levels?
  • Island Chase Subtraction: Subtraction is fun when it helps you win a boat race! See how fast you can answer the questions to win the game while getting better at math.
  • Gasha Go: Solve different types of math puzzles to fill up the toy machine.
  • That’s a Pattern: Sharpen your pattern knowledge with this fun game. After you choose your theme (space, polar animals, insects, or flowers), you can help fill in the patterns by picking the missing picture.
  • Math Racing Mania: Do you like to race cars? This game quizzes us while we drive down the road! Pick your favorite car to drive and get started.
  • Multiplication Games: Catch the Fish: Look at the fish swimming by, then pick the right fish to catch to solve the multiplication problem.
  • Fraction Matcher: Match the fractions shown in shapes and numbers to level up in this brain game!
  • Comparing Fractions: Two classes are having a bubble-blowing contest, and you are the judge. The classes need your help to figure out the winner, and using number lines can make it easier for you to see which class did better.

Business Games

  • Dollar-a-Glass Game: Have you been thinking about starting a lemonade stand? How about practicing first! With this game, you can learn about running a business, which includes a lot of different things to keep track of. Can you keep your customers happy and make a good amount of money, too?
  • Garage Sale Pricing: Sell your garage sale items to whoever will pay the highest price. You will need to count up the amount of money each person has offered to make the right choice!
  • Let’s Shop: You can’t always go to the store and buy new toys when you want to, but with this game, you can learn how to count your dollars and use them to pay for things.
  • Burger Restaurant Business Game: Run your own fast-food place in this game to learn more about how to run a business. Can you make the most money possible while keeping your customers happy?