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Small business
bank account

Keep your money organized, simplify your accounting, and establish
credibility with your customers and suppliers.

Kickstart your business with a bonus from $100 to $500*

Earn $100 or $200* when your Small Business checking account is opened and earn a $300 statement credit* when you open a small business credit card. Now you’re in business!
*with qualifying activities

A business bank account helps you separate your business finances from your personal. To get one you’ll need to have a business entity (like an LLC) with an EIN.

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Benefits of a business bank account

Untangle your money

Untangle your money

Keep your business and personal finances separate with dedicated accounts.

Receive online payments

Receive online payments

A business bank account allows you to receive online payments via debit & credit cards, and bank tansfer (ACH).

Build credibility

Build credibility

Present your business professionally and build trust with suppliers, vendors, and customers.

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What is a business bank
account and why do I need

One of the first things you should do after forming a business is to open a business bank account. This makes it easier to separate your personal and business finances. It also helps keep your business organized, simplifies accounting, and establishes credibility with your customers and suppliers.

Untangle your money
Automate your bookkeeping by importing all transactions into ZenBusiness Money and other popular financial management solutions.

Build credit
Start building a credit profile for your business to make it easier to get a line of credit, a loan, or a credit card.

Share access
Easily delegate bank-related tasks like bookkeeping, payroll, and payments to other employees or consultants in the future.

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