105 Side Business Ideas for Full-Time Workers

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Side Business Ideas for Full-Time Workers

Business Ideas Designed for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

1.  Drone Delivery Service

Delivery by drone can save a lot of time than traditional methods such as cars, due to traffic-congested cities, or if you are traveling over rural areas. By targeting small cities first, you could establish a strong delivery service business. This would work well with small packages, quick deliveries of documents, and delivery to people’s balconies. A central home base would be needed, as well as drivers for the drones. After a while, it would be more scalable to implement artificial intelligence to operate the drones.

2.  Drone Aftermarket Part Supply

With the explosion of drone usage, people will want to customize and fine-tune their drones. By creating a store where people can buy aftermarket parts, you would serve this need.  Different parts could range from bigger rotor-motors/ blades, camera mounts, hook mounts, laser mounts, etc. Many people are starting to use drones in their businesses like security and photography, so having related aftermarket parts would serve a strong market.

3.  Drone Photography Service

Many people would like aerial shots of their yards, buildings, or events. Simply take nice videos and/ or photographs for people who don’t want to buy a drone for a one-time thing. As well, you would work with other photographers that do not have a drone to bring a complete experience to the client. Picking up a high-quality drone, insurance, and high-quality cameras can run a lot of money, so a partnership could be a viable way of getting new clients.

4.  Drone Replacement Pieces Manufacturer (3D printing)

Again, with the increasing demand for drones, there is going to be a demand for cheap replacement parts. A great way to make custom parts for any brand of drone would be to use a 3D printer. This way, you could print any part that someone needed as a replacement, and avoid the wait times for deliveries. Since drones can fall out of the sky and smash, having the on-demand part generator would be useful.

5.  Part-time Work Apps for Different Industries (gig economy)

With the growing need for younger people to have part-time work and random side jobs to make ends meet, developing an app to connect people with side jobs would be useful. Although there is some competition in the gig economy, there are a lot of cities that do not have adequate job postings or users, so there is room in this market.

6.  Laundromat Robot Automation Systems

Most laundromats these days do not require an actual human to sufficiently service the customers. If you developed a robot that could give customers change, put clothes into the washer and dryer, and fold them for the customer in an organized way, you could make a killing in the laundromat business. Since this task does not vary much by each different location, this can be rolled out on a massive scale.

7.  Fast-Food Automation Robots

With the rising cost of minimum wage, it is hard for businesses to justify keeping real employees and not switching to robots. However, if you build them now, they will be ready for the robot revolution. Fast food robots would need to be customized to each establishment, however, with smart enough computing technology, only hardware and minor programming would need to be changed. They could serve cafes, and fast food customers, all without complaining to the boss or customer.

8.  Remote Worker Consultant

The growing demand to work from home is forcing employers to allow their employees to do this. However, many companies are afraid that productivity will drop, security measures will be compromised, and overall business results will slump. This is where a Remote Worker Consulting idea can come in. To execute, you would set up remote workstations for employees that have the proper security measures, such as VPN access and firewalls, as well as productivity tracking software, this could be a great service to businesses.

9.  Electric Car Charging Stations

All major car manufacturers are developing and selling electric cars. With all this money flowing into the electric car, gas stations will slowly be replaced by electric car chargers. These chargers will also have to be conveniently located as the batteries cannot be charged instantly, yet. By installing them in residential and commercial buildings, people would have access to charge their cars. Spots at malls and sidewalk charges could be developed to reach people parking in the downtown vicinities of large cities. This large-scale business idea could be bought out by other large companies such as Shell.

10.  Chatbot Agency

There is a lot of hype and growth about chatbots. Many businesses are implementing chatbots as another touch point to interact with customers and clients, provide extra value, and use it as lead generation. Since many people traditionally use email to contact potential leads, chatbots have proven value in generating large amounts of subscribers. Some people even prefer to get organizational communications in their messenger app, because it can feel less personal than an email, and thus more willing to share their username.

11.  AI Implementation Consultant

Artificial intelligence has been taking off worldwide with new companies popping up almost daily, with millions of dollars being poured in by Venture Capitalists and other technology giants like Google. With all this hype around the technology, businesses are wanting to implement this software in their organization but do not know how. This business idea would involve working with other companies to identify reputable solutions that they could utilize, credible data to feed the artificial intelligence programs, and ways of monitoring the success of the applications going forward.

12.  Niche Sector Real Estate Investment Platforms

Many people are looking for both residential and commercial real estate as alternatives for investments, rather than the stock market. This need comes from investors looking for other places to grow their investments. This business idea would involve developing a platform for niche real estate investing. People could narrow their investment choices down very specifically, so they can have improved control over their risk and return.

13.  Cryptocurrency Consulting

Cryptocurrency has exploded in the past year with huge highs and lows from Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethercoin to name a few. This huge growth has created a lot of wealth for many people and has given this area a lot of attention. Companies are looking for people experienced in “Initial Coin Offerings”, to raise money for projects. Other retail investors are looking for advice on investing in particular currencies and like to be ahead of the curve for new currencies coming out.

14.  Cryptocurrency Investment Fund

Many investors want to get in on the cryptocurrency action. However, the current options to invest are not efficient and can be complicated. To serve this need, this business idea involves setting up a fund for the public to invest in. The fund would be the one buying and selling the cryptocurrencies, and the investors would buy into your fund with cash, like a traditional mutual fund. This would allow a lot more people to invest in the currencies using a safer method with professionals overseeing the operation.

15.  Blockchain Integrated Supply Chains for Retail Companies

With the large scandals of fashion retailers using dangerous factories and employer labor at almost slave rates, the consumer is wanting to know if they are supporting this. By building a blockchain ledger to track each transaction in the supply chain, the customer could get a great idea of who they are supporting and who they aren’t. As well, these massive retailers would know exactly where their stuff is coming from and would not have to pretend like they didn’t when there are tragic factory collapses.

16.  Blockchain Integrated Supply Chains for Grocery/ Restaurants

Although there have not been any large scandals with restaurant supply chains, many restaurants have a reputation for having fresh seafood, or certain types of foods that customers demand. Using the blockchain to track their supply chains, the owners can adjust accordingly to maintain the brand reputation and customer satisfaction. This is also a great thing to show customers and will build significant trust.

17.  Niche Co-Working Spaces

With the rise of self-employment and remote workers, there is an increase in the need for co-working spaces. Not everyone wants to work at home, and being able to come into a cool office and meet other people can be a great environment. To execute this, you could create niche co-working spaces, such as ones with unique environments like rainforests or New York-themed styles. It can create a unique experience than just having an open space for people to work. The business can target the individual entrepreneur, or it could target a group of remote workers in an area from one company.

18.  Retirement homes – Worldwide

There is no doubt that we have a global aging population. The baby boomer generation has been continuing to enter retirement. With all these people entering retirement there is significant demand for quality retirement homes. Ones that provide a great area to live, eat, potential nursing care, and is safe for them.

19.  “Edge of Town” Warehouses

An edge-of-town warehouse is a place on the edge of a city that houses items for shipment. The reason it lies on the outside of the city is to feed the over-demand of the cities, but also provide a close location for people from the rural areas to access goods. It makes distribution a lot more efficient as well. With the shift to e-commerce, these types of warehouses are only going to grow in demand. Additionally, land outside of the city will be considerably cheaper than in the city, making this opportunity more attractive.

20.  Private Electrical Generation Company

Electricity is growing in demand around the world. Electric cars and heaters are just a couple of the technologies that are becoming more popular. Many people have noticed the benefits and have put solar panels on their homes to generate electricity. This has been very effective for some, and with the private electrical generation business idea, residents could sell the power to you, and you could resell it to other people who need it. Using large and efficient batteries, the energy could be easily transported without power lines.

21.  E-Commerce Store Integration for Small Business Service

Many small businesses are starting to feel the wrath of Amazon and its shocking e-commerce influence. Additionally, there are many new e-commerce stores that are shipping from their residential households and making a fortune as well. To execute, you would help other small businesses build an e-commerce store and order fulfillment systems, you could save many people’s livelihoods who have a brick-and-mortar store.

22.  E-Commerce Fulfillment Warehouse for Small Businesses

Continuing with the e-commerce trend (don’t pretend it is not real), one could set up a warehouse for other small businesses to utilize for shipping and distribution. This would allow small businesses to effectively compete with others like Amazon, as they don’t need to spend money on distribution and warehousing costs. Several small businesses’ inventory could be shipped to your warehouse, where they pay a monthly fee for the amount of space they use and the amount and distance of their shipments.

23.  Aerial Security Company

The drone business is rising, and they are extremely useful for the surveillance of large areas at once. If you are interested in security business ideas, this one could be executed using only drones. Using several different cameras such as HD, night vision, and thermal, along with quiet rotors, you could track people in large areas that others may not be able to see. It would also allow you to be stealthy about the situation so authorities could come effectively. Using drones also eliminates the risk of human security guards being harmed by robbers or other threats.

24.  Wireless Charging Devices and Plugs

Recent technology has been approved by the FCC that allows people to charge their phones and devices wirelessly. This is going to be a technology that takes off because of its convenience. You can see it now with Bluetooth headphones which have taken off in popularity. People are always looking for ways to minimize cords because they are ugly and get in the way. With a large number of different devices out there, it creates a wide market for different wireless chargers.

25.  In-Store Facial Recognition CRM System

So many walk-in shops are dying because they cannot generate customer attention, or make the customer feel special. With the help of a facial recognition CRM system, this problem could be solved. When a previous or new customer walks into the store, it could instantly pull up information such as the customer’s social media accounts and previous purchases. This information could then be stored for further tracking. This way, customers get tailored treatment and will feel very special when entering stores. Setting up this service for business owners would save them time and bring in more money.

26.  Immigrant Educational Programs (due to aging population problem)

Worldwide, there are countless people immigrating to different countries. Many of them have significant skills that can benefit society but may be lacking certain cultural and language skills. Many immigrants also want to immerse themselves in the culture and speak the home country’s language, but it can be intimidating. By creating a friendly place to do so, people could attend your events and courses without the intimidation factor. This business idea is great if you are looking to start small.

27.  Marijuana Dispensary

With the deregulation of the marijuana industry in several states, provinces, and countries across the globe, there is a huge opportunity to open up a marijuana dispensary. Many dispensaries are already opening and making a killing. This company would be great if you wanted to set up a storefront, find some reputable marijuana suppliers, and start advertising to get people in the front door.

28.  Marijuana Experience Trips

Marijuana experience trips involve taking a small group of people on a trip where they can take a limo ride to a smoking destination. From there, you can rent fancy Airbnb hotels to host marijuana-infused dinners and desserts. After, people can try different extracts or strains for a full experience trip.

29.  Marijuana Grower

With the growing demand and up-spring of marijuana dispensaries, there is just as much demand for the stuff to be grown. First, finding access to large property that is properly zoned for the production and cultivation of this plant would be essential. Then, you can grow and supply other dispensaries with your product. If you are getting into this business idea you should be an expert or know someone who is an expert at growing cannabis.

30.  Marijuana Distributor

This one has to do with distributing the product to certain places and areas. Since it is grown elsewhere from where it is sold, it needs to be transported safely and securely. Using armored trucks to move the merchandise would be a smart choice. Setting up contracts with both the growers and dispensaries could create a great business model. Having great operational planning skills will allow you to succeed.

31.  Smart Bedding (Pillows, Blankets)

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the data being created from these products are amazing. This smart bedding company would sell bedding that has sensors safely built into the sheets/ blanket. This would allow for monitoring sleep quality, temperature, movement, and more. A great feature of temperature regulation could be developed to help people sleep better. By collecting and selling user data, one could make money. Or you could sell the products for a high price, and keep the user data for yourself to make other useful products/ services.

32.  Smart Beds

If you have smart blankets, you are going to want a smart bed. The beneficial thing about having a smart bed is it could tell you if you have healthy sleeping habits, are getting enough rest, etc. It could also adjust to the correct firmness and height from the ground. All these features could assist a person in having a more restful sleep at night. This business idea would take the ability to use the internet of things sensors and wires to create a bed that could safely measure this feedback.

33.  Smart Athletic Clothing

Although some small companies have already entered this space, many athletes are looking to gather more data on their performance. With smart clothes, you can do just that. A great niche to target would be to appeal to the average athletic person who wants to have this data to perform at a higher level. Since there are already major players in the high-performance athletic space, it may be hard to enter. Thus, the average athletic person would also not require a lot of advanced analytics, allowing the manufacturing and design of the clothing to be cheaper.

34.  Smart Home Consultant

Again, with the growing demand for the use of the internet of things technology, and the benefits of efficiency it can bring, being a smart home consultant is a great business idea. Many people do not have the knowledge or time to learn how to set up their house (while still looking great and not with messy wires) with smart home technology. However, many people would love to have it in their house. By approaching homeowners, you could find clients that want their ordinary homes converted into smart homes.

35.  Smart Hotel Experience Consultant

The hotel industry is always looking for ways to innovate and impress its guests. They always want to look like they are providing the most innovative and extensive guest experience. This would involve developing concepts for individual hotel rooms that make people’s lives easier, by using the internet of things technology. This may be blinds that slowly open as the person wakes up and goes on their phone in the morning. This could also mean brewing the coffee as soon as the wake-up call is made. All these little things are possible and can make the guest experience that much better.

36.  Data Broker

This business idea was inspired by a post about how to become an entrepreneur. The data broker idea involves buying and selling data from customers, machines, or really anything that generates data. The key to this idea would be buying data from one company that another company may find extremely useful but didn’t have access to before. This would really help companies looking to implement artificial intelligence software, but do not have the reputable data to input into the software to make it worthwhile.

37.  Data Mining Company

The data mining company would mine data from public profiles and sites off the internet, and compile this into certain categories that could then be sold to others. The data mining company sounds similar to the data broker, however, the data mining company would be the one selling data to the data broker in this case. There are many businesses that need customer data but do not have the equipment and skills to get that data.

38.  Augmented Reality Art Studios

The growth of augmented reality is allowing for some interesting experiences for people. The art studio would involve renting space with large wall space for the “virtual” art, and lots of walking space to have areas for centerpieces. Gallery goers would get a pair of glasses for the experience or use their phones and download an app. They would also have to ability to pick different themes, attracting wider audiences. Overall, I see augmented reality art galleries joining the community (although not replacing actual art galleries).

39.  Rent a Dog Therapy Service

Many people would like to have a pet, but they don’t want the burden of having to take care of the animal forever. I don’t blame them. That’s where this service comes in. You could “rent” your dog out to someone for a couple of hours so they could take them for a walk, hang out, and enjoy each other’s company. This is not too different than hiring someone to walk or babysit your pet. By building an app and investing in online marketing, many people could use the service without there being huge costs.

40.  Animal Café

Continuing from the inspiration of animals, many people are not allowed to own pets where they live, or do not want one forever. Instead, people prefer to go to an animal cafe. This has become more and more popular around the world, however, locations are rare, so there is room to grow. An animal cafe can be themed for cats or dogs, and the animals can come from near shelters and enjoy the company of humans while they meet and have coffee. People love this because it fulfills their want to interact with animals, without the demand of owning one and its costs associated. The costly part would be finding a cafe/ space to rent and feeding the animals on-site.

41.  Payroll Automation Artificial Intelligence

There are many parts of the payroll system that could be replaced with artificial intelligence due to the repetitive nature of the tasks involved. Although costly to develop, this type of software would solve the needs of many businesses. A lot of the data changed and managed by payroll administrators could be taught to a robot. For example, if a certain employee had a benefit change, the machine would automatically know when and how to change that employee’s pay to match the benefits change.

42.  Car Mechanic AI Diagnostic

Imagine a tool that the consumer or mechanic could plug into their car to understand what was wrong with it. The AI Car Diagnostic would be a tool that anyone could plugin to the main computer of the car to tell if there is something wrong, and how to fix it. There are so many computers and advanced technology in cars these days, more advanced tools need to be made for the consumer. This business idea would take a lot of research and development, however, it would make people’s lives a lot easier. One would need to be careful of car manufacturers using technology to transmit car data back to them so they can monitor this too. A clear threat to this idea.

43.  On-Demand Car Service (IoT Technology)

With the number of sensors and technology that can transmit data over far ranges, these sensors could send data to a company that does on-demand car repair services. If it was due for its quarterly servicing, then the shop would be notified and they could send some crew to fix up the car while the person is at work, sleeping, or making dinner. This would make it much more convenient for people with busy lives and kids, and who don’t have time to take their car to the shop, and spend hours waiting.

44.  Electric Car Spare Batteries

Similar to how people carry extra gas in their trucks if there is an emergency, this idea would cater to the electric trucks of the future. Tesla has already introduced an electric truck to the market, and I see other huge car manufacturers doing the same. The power is incredibly comparable, if not more powerful because of its instantaneous characteristics. This opens up the market for the development and sale of spare electric car batteries.  By marketing them to people who already have electric cars, you may see success.

45.  Office Administrative Artificial Intelligence

Many office administrative jobs could be replaced with artificial intelligence due to the repetitive nature of each task. Again, the AI business would take a lot of research and development, and the office admin AI would need to be very customizable to each business’s needs. Almost every small business that operates in the office can benefit from a machine office administration tool because it would be a much more cost-effective option in the long run.

46.  Personal Companion/ Shopper for Elderly

There is a growing aging population worldwide. This is especially apparent in North America and Europe. With this change, there is a strong demand for elderly companionship. Many of these retirees’ children are all grown up, with many not having the time to take care of their parents. By visiting and spending time with them, and even going to do their shopping, you could provide them support and help them defeat boredom. It is also bad for people to be alone and do nothing for a long time, so this would help against this too.

47.  Elderly Specialized Nurse Mobile

Another demand with the aging population is healthcare. Many elderly people have healthcare issues that need to be addressed by doctors and nurses, regularly. However, many seniors also have a hard time with mobility. Having a mobile nurse service catered to the elderly would provide significant value. This business idea would also relieve the pressure off of the relatives because they know their parents are taken care of. Hiring a nurse, or if you are a nurse yourself, could be quite a low cost in the beginning as you build a customer base. It could be charged on a subscription basis or a per-trip basis.

48.  Pill Dispenser + App

This is another idea related to the aging population, and the complicated medications that can sometimes come with age. A nurse or a relative could fill the pill dispensing device with the different pills and then set the times for them to dispense. Multiple feeders to contain different pills would be needed. The only thing the user would have to do is walk into the kitchen to eat or get a cup of water, they could check if it’s time to take their pills, and they would know by checking to see if they have been dispensed. This would save a lot of time and frustration for people trying to remember to take their medications with multiple alarms, etc. You may find some inspiration for this business idea from an expired patent.

49.  Home Builder (Shortage of housing everywhere)

There is a shortage of housing, specifically on the coasts around the globe. Many large cities, and the smaller cities surrounding them have a housing shortage. This housing shortage is causing prices to rise dramatically, along with people unable to live in the cities where they grew up in. Executing this business would take a lot of investment and guts, but you could make a fortune and house the people that need it most. There are two approaches, one is to build large skyscrapers and sell the condo units. This can house a lot of people. The second is to build residential homes just outside of the major cities for people to live in. Each way would produce different challenges, and each would also have a different payoff. If you see a shortage of housing in your city, this may be a great opportunity for you.

50.  Energy Efficiency Home Creator/ Consultant

With the shift from fossil fuels to green and clean energy, many people are wanting to make their homes more sustainable. Many have bad windows that emit all the heat, old heaters that take significant amounts of energy to run, dripping faucets, massive shower heads, etc. The list could go on. This low-cost business idea would involve approaching homeowners and consulting with them on how you or they could improve their home to be a more energy-efficient place. This could work with being a consultant for home builders that are looking to create energy-efficient homes, or it could work with working with homeowners of existing homes to refresh them in a sustainable way.

51.  Innovative Actuarial/ Underwriting Insurance Services

New technologies, products, and services are popping up everywhere and they can’t break into the markets without proper insurance. For instance, Uber wouldn’t be a service without some insurance company providing the underwriting services and insuring random drivers, in random cars, at random times. Only one company usually does it, Lloyds. There aren’t many other competitors, and this leaves this business up for grabs.

52.  Smart Home Building Parts

The smart home is coming to the mainstream market. Home builders are incorporating many aspects of the internet of things technology and other gadgets into homes to make them smart homes. With all these builders and consultants designing and implementing smart homes, they are going to need high-quality parts, since they charge high prices for the house. This would involve working with suppliers from around the world to get the best of the best sensors and gadgets to supply the home builders with. You would make a profit by applying a margin to the goods sold. By positioning as selling the highest quality, you will position yourself in the market before it becomes crowded. Learn how to start your smart home installation business now.

53.  International Job/ Career Finder

Many people are looking abroad for work. With work Visa rules changing, especially in the United States, some countries are making it easier and harder to get work. This is allowing for people to travel and work at the same time. It has also become quite popular among university graduates, as sometimes it is hard to find a job in their hometown. Looking abroad, people may find opportunities elsewhere. With this business idea, you would help these people find or change their jobs/ careers by taking it internationally. It can be difficult for some to work out the applications needed to go abroad while looking for a job and doing interviews.  This service would relieve that pain, and organize it all for the person.

54.  International Relocation

The international relocation service also caters to the need of people wanting to work abroad. If a family or a group of people are going to relocate to a new location, it can be difficult to fly to those places, find housing and accommodation in a nice area, pack and move everything, and know the surrounding area. The international relocation company would help people do just that, and relieve the stress of moving far distances. Also, having them settle in with tours of the area, and organized events to meet neighbors and locals would be a great addition to the service.

55.  Spontaneous Vacation Planner

People love taking vacations, but sometimes they don’t have the creativity or want to plan a really different experience. This is where this business idea of a spontaneous vacation planner comes in. By planning and developing fun and awesome experience trips for people, it would take the hassle out of the planning, and they can sit back and enjoy their trip. To make it more cost-effective, you could make the trips for sale on a last-minute basis. This would allow the business owner to receive the last-minute sales prices, and just piece the trip together. A lot of people take last-minute trips because of the deals and the spontaneous trip part would entice people further.

56.  Impact/ Social Investment Funds

Investors are looking for alternative ways to make money. Many wealthy and affluent people are wanting to create change with their money too. That is where the impact/ social investment fund idea comes in. There are only a couple of other firms creating them, while many more investors are wanting variety and newer funds to enter the picture. To start, one would want to approach investors that could provide capital to fund the initial seed money of the fund. Then, you could approach the public to get public investors after you have established your major holdings from your seed money.

57.  Customer Intelligence Systems for Businesses

Small and large businesses are always looking for ways to increase sales. A customer intelligence system would help them do just that. The system would analyze the customer database system to identify which customers are loyal, which ones are not, what customers shop for sales only, etc. Then, different sales messages and strategies could be developed to market to these different types of customers that exist in the small business. This business idea would take a little more capital to start unless you have the skills to execute, then it could be built on a low budget. Building a template system, and then working with other companies and software may be the best approach to provide customizability.

58.  Blockchain Healthcare Information Sharing

Blockchain technology is changing the game when it comes to providing safe and reliable data feeds. For instance, the technology could provide a significant use for patients. This would allow multiple doctors to have safe and secure access to your medical records, and it would be recorded for whoever opened up the case.  For instance, a person may have a family doctor but may need to see a different doctor while abroad on a trip. This new doctor would be able to see the patient’s medical history, and the patient would not have to go through the long process of explaining and talking about everything all over again.

59.  Blockchain Operated Energy System, Peer 2 Peer Power Buying/ Selling

This idea involves setting up a blockchain ledger in local communities to allow for fair and cost-effective energy distribution and sale. With the rise of solar panels, and people actually generating enough electricity to feed power back to the grid, many are looking at alternatives to how they can profit and help others too. By creating a system that fed the excess electricity to a community power grid, the energy could be stored and used by other residents as needed. Thus, removing the reliance on the main power grinds all the time. Every little bit of energy put into the grid and taken out could be tracked. This would set up and manage these processes, and take a fee for all this.

60.  International 3D Printing Distribution Company

The rise of 3D printers has created a lot of business opportunities for people to print and distribute complex products around the world, in a cheap and efficient matter. People have set up open-source 3D printing networks that you can access. You could help companies set up and manage the 3D models of the complex parts they have, as well as the printing process, getting it in the hands of where it needs to go. For example, if a company had a complex part it needed for a different employee across the world, they could simply upload their printing file to the 3D printer in that employee’s area, and have it printed and picked up. This idea would manage all the logistics and file creation for a fee of service.

61.  Fitbit Analytics for Different Types of Athletes/ Sports

Data freaks are always looking for ways they can track themselves or see how their performance is doing. With Fitbit, many people get to see if they have reached their step goal or their sleep goal for the day or week, but not many people aggregate the data to provide useful insights to see how that person lives. This company would work with the consumer to do a deep dive into Fitbit’s data analytics to see where improvements could be made. This business could be tailored to the mass market consumer to improve their health and see how they are doing at a more in-depth level. It could also be targeted towards the high-end athletic spectrum, and other smart clothes and devices could be incorporated into the analytics.

62.  Smart Collars for Pets

Again, people love data, and they also love their pets so the two fit perfectly. This business idea would involve creating a collar that could track the pet’s temperature, vitals, health, calories burnt, activity for the day, etc. Animal owners can become obsessed with how their animal is feeling, especially if they are not home all the time to be with them too. This creates the perfect market for smart pet collars. It will give the consumer the peace of mind they need with all the data sent to their phone. More investment would be needed in the beginning but a high price could be charged for these collars.

63.  Pet Friend Robot

A lot of pets sit at home all day, waiting for their owner to come home. What if your pet didn’t have to wait all day to get some play time in? The pet friend robot is the product that solves this. A basic robot could be developed that makes the sound of the animal you are trying to keep company, as well as play with them for fun. Although expensive, pet owners would feel less guilty leaving them at home when they have to work late. They could simply check in through the robot’s eyes to see how the animal was doing.

64.  Virtual Clothing Showrooms

What if you could walk into a clothing store, choose 10 different items, and try them all on within 5 minutes? This is what a virtual clothing showroom could do. By uploading what the clothes look like to a room full of special projectors, you could stand in the middle and see what it would look like on you without having to put it on. This idea is not low-cost and would take a lot of research and development to make happen, however, I believe it would be a massive success. Creating one for the home would be the real game changer too, with the revolution of e-commerce and online shopping. If you chose the consumer route, a portable device you steam to yourself would need to be made, otherwise, you could charge retail outlets a fee for installing the virtual clothing showrooms.

65.  Augmented Reality Fashion Showrooms

With the rise in augmented reality, there could be augmented reality fashion showrooms in the future. What if you could pick a certain theme for the type of fashion you wanted to see? Then you could walk around blank mannequins with your phone or special AR glasses to see the different fashion designs. A business could be made on helping designers and fashion companies make these AR models of the dresses. This could also branch into the event space, and one could host AR fashion shows for the fashion community. The AR aspect of it makes it more versatile to more visitors. If they wanted to see last season’s styles or only a certain designer or type of clothing, they could choose and have much more variety and choice in what they see. This could also help reduce fast fashion by holding onto styles for viewing long after they have been released and lessen the demand for new styles.

66.  Augmented Reality Educational Courses

Again, AR business ideas are becoming very profitable due to their interactive and captivating nature. The AR educational course developer company involves creating educational courses and tools for people to learn in a more in-depth environment.  For example, students studying to become doctors could do virtual procedures that would help them train for the real world. There are a lot of different courses that could be taught that would make education a lot cheaper and less risky. No longer would pilots have to learn their first steps in the actual plane. They could do an augmented reality course to learn, and then step into the plane.

67.  Smartphone Repair

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and if you haven’t ever dropped and broken it or had a problem with the thing, then you are one of the few. Although not new, the smartphone repair business would do very well in rural areas since the main competition is located in the cities. If you have knowledge of smartphones and like tinkering around, this is for you.

68.  Rare Record Shop

Records reached all-time high sales in 2016. This means there is still strong demand for them. To position yourself differently in this market, this business idea could be based on only rare records. This business could be a brick-and-mortar store to give it that old-school feel, or it could be e-commerce based. The tricky part of this business model would be finding rare records for prices that are not too high, so you can resell them and make a profit. However, with the strong demand, higher prices can be asked for.

69.  Virtual Assistant

Looking to work from home and help other business owners with their day-to-day tasks? The virtual assistant is perfect for that. Working from your computer, you would manage your clients’ simple and time-consuming tasks so they can do more productive things in their business. The startup costs for this business are extremely low, and all you need is a laptop and some business cards to start networking. This type of assistant is in strong demand as people start their own businesses, or need help when taking it to the next level.

70.  Elderly Computer Setup & Assistance

Sometimes it can be hard for friends and family to always visit their grandparents or parents on the weekends or in their spare time. This business would cater to serving the elderly and helping them set up the computer, camera, and Skype so it could be activated with only a few clicks or by voice recognition. This would allow them to easily use computers and other software without the learning curve. As well, they would be able to see friends and family more often when they are not able to make the commute. This business would be an extremely lost cost to start if you are tech-savvy and enjoy helping people set up equipment.

71.  Lyft for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers spend hours driving all over the country to deliver goods. What if they could pick you up as a passenger for part of the ride to make money, and you could pay them knowing it is safe and cheaper than taking the coach bus or plane? For this business idea, you would need to develop an app and market it to truck drivers with the chance to make some extra money while driving. Each driver would need to be verified similarly to other ride-sharing apps. However, with the number of truck drivers on the roads daily, there is no shortage of rides that could be given through this app. This would be targeted toward people who need a cheap ride and that don’t need to be dropped off at their exact location due to the trucker not wanting to leave the route too much.

72.  Human Walking Partner Company

People are getting lonely, especially in big cities. That is where the Human Walking Partner company would come in. People would sign up through an app or website for you to take a long walk with them, talk about their day, problems, or really whatever they wanted to talk about. The main goal would be to keep them company. I know this sounds absurd, but there are a few people doing this and making a killing! This means there are more people that would do this but haven’t because they have not heard about it before. You could charge people per hour, and you could have a great recurring revenue for people who continually take walks and want your companionship.

73.  Virtual Companion Services

Another business idea coming from companionship is a virtual companion service. This could be developed into Virtual Reality or it could be just a webcam chat. It would involve having to talk to people who are lonely or just want someone else to talk to. By listening to them, and talking to them about their interest and feelings, they will feel better. This service is popular in larger cities as people tend to be more lonely in larger cities. You could charge by the hour or by the call. It is a low-cost business idea that would not take too much to start. All you need is a high-quality web camera, microphone, and some money for marketing, and you could be off to the races.

74.  Rural-Area Internet/ Cell Providers

The Internet is being declared a human necessity, and there is a growing need for connectivity to the internet, worldwide. Providing internet specifically to people in rural areas would solve the problem of people having poor or no connectivity. There are many grants and programs that will support these types of businesses as the governments know how essential the internet is to everyone. This idea would require investment into infrastructure to carry the wires, or investment into radio stations to carry signals from place to place. However, you could charge premium prices due to the convenience you are providing to people, and fixing a huge problem.

75.  3D Printed Casts/ Molds for hands

Many casts and hand or joint braces are made by hand. This is very inefficient and it does not guarantee a perfect fit for the best comfort and healing abilities. 3D printing the brace or cast could prevent this problem because you can get an exact scan of the person’s limb using cameras. From there, it would print from a 3D printer, and you would have a perfect-fitting brace. No more fiddling around with your physiotherapist or doctor about the equipment not fitting properly or healing you in the timeframe that it should. For this business, you could set up cheap stations for this to take place in the doctor’s office. An empty closet would be enough space to hold the scanner and printer. Maintenance and material management could be another value-added business idea.

76.  Tunnel Transportation System Company

Transportation on the roads these days can get bad with traffic accidents, jams, and a lot of wasted time. In the major cities, this is becoming an environmental issue with so many cars at a standstill on the road. Elon Musk was the first to start this, however, no industry or niche should have a monopoly. The buyer should have choices and this creates an opportunity to start a different tunneling company. The first customers you could target would be large cities or growing smaller cities facing transportation issues. This idea would require large investments, but the prices you could charge per project would be astronomical. If you have a strong engineering background, this may be a great idea to pursue if you are into large-scale ideas.

77.  Solar Home Installation System Company

With the growing use of electricity along with rising costs, people are always looking for ways to save money, and maybe even make some more. Solar roofing provides that solution by saving them money on their house electricity bill, and maybe even making money by selling that electricity to a community power grid or back to the main system. To set up this business you would need to know how to install solar panels on people’s homes, so they look great and work well. You would also need a reliable supplier of these solar panels. A payment plan could be created so more people could afford it since it can be costly to have solar installed.

78.  Craft Beer Brewing Company

Unique craft beers are on the rise, and there is continued demand to match this. This continued demand brings rise to the idea to start your own craft brewing company. By taking a unique approach such as brewing it using only certain types of ingredients or only sourcing from a certain place (sustainable/ organic sourcing), a craft brewery business could be a great opportunity. Maybe you live in Asia, Africa, or India and see a lot of expats in the area, you could set up a craft brewery to serve these expats as they will have already acquired the taste for craft brews.

79.  Social Analytics/ Reporting Company

Small businesses are in need of social media help. However, their efforts may go untested and therefore may not reap the most benefits they could by tweaking or changing certain things. The social analytics and reporting company could be hired by small business owners to go into their social accounts and pull out in-depth analytics in a nice and easy-to-read report. This report could go in-depth on what is working, what isn’t working, and why.  Many small businesses would find this extremely useful because they may not have the money to hire someone full-time, but they could hire you to do quarterly reporting with recommendations. If you have a strong background in social media and analytics, this would be a perfect business idea for you.

80.  AR Room Design for Homes Mobile App

Imagine a mobile app that could help design how furniture was laid out in a house, without having to move the furniture to picture it. If you took 3D scans of furniture for furniture companies, then interior designers could use this app and see what would fit and look bad or good using this app. It would save a lot of photoshop time, and the customer could be more involved in the process, making it more personable. There are two routes for this. One would be to make the app and charge a fee for people to download or subscribe to it. The second would be to charge furniture developers to 3D scan their pieces of furniture to put into the app.

81.  Podcast Management Company

The podcast management company is quite self-explanatory. The explosive growth of podcasts leaves room to help people in their podcasting journey and process. By managing people’s shows, you would take care of the editing, quality, art, and uploading of the podcast, so the person hosting it would just need to talk. This would save entrepreneurs and other podcast hosts a lot of time that they could put towards making more content. This business would make money by charging a subscription fee to manage the podcast, depending on the number of episodes they are wanting to produce.

82.  Interactive Concert Consulting Company

Artists want to stand out from the crowd when they do their performances, it is another way they can grow their fan base and reach more intimate levels with their already existing fans that attend. To execute, you will need to work with the artists to create gear and lights that are given to the concertgoers, making the concert interactive. For instance, everyone would get a bracelet that lights up at certain times or calls a lucky fan on stage with a certain color. These things can make it interactive and take the concert to the next level. This idea would be low-cost to start as you would not need to spend a lot of money hiring people or buying products. Your main focus would be on creating the strategy for the artist and their team.

83.  App for recording and changing view of camera on video calls

Skype, Google Hangouts, and Blue Jeans are just a few of the video calling apps that one can use for free. However, if you are wanting to customize the view of the video call screens you cannot, and it can be frustrating if you don’t want to view it that way. People who do online interviews have this frustration too. A solution would be to make a web application that can convert the video feed to any screen size or shape you like. This would help people create a better interview by changing how much of the people’s faces could be shown versus the material they are covering on PowerPoint slides. If you have programming skills this business idea would be low-cost and easy to start.

84.  Augmented Reality Multiplayer Gaming Apps

AR multiplayer games have already taken the world by storm, and the Pokemon app was a great example of this. Imagine if you could hold your phone up around the monopoly board and see properties come to life. Or how about playing poker with no real poker chips, only virtual chips you could see through the gaming app? An AR “board game” could bring back life to the board game with the younger generation, making it fun to do with friends. Initial investments in developing the AR code would be essential unless you were proficient in AR coding. The benefits could pay off well for the investment. Board games have historically done extremely well when they were in their prime. I believe AR is just warming up too.

85.  Search Engine for Faces

There are search engines for words, but what about a search engine for faces? To execute this business idea, you will need to develop a search engine that has the ability to search regular and social media websites for people’s faces. Using facial recognition software, this could be achieved. A strong background in computer programming would be needed to execute this, along with knowing how search engines work. On the contrary, if you have those skills, it would not take a lot of capital to start this idea.

86.  Rate my Freelancer Website

There are a lot of freelancers out there using multiple websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and maybe even their own personal site. There are reviews for the freelancer’s work on each site, however, it does not do justice by only looking at one platform if they offer services on multiple platforms. The Rate my Freelancer website would solve this by aggregating all the reviews for the specific freelancer. Potential clients would then be able to see a holistic picture of this person’s services and how people perceive them. This could also help freelancers gain business by having the top recommendations across multiple platforms, etc. Again, with some coding skills, this business would be low-cost to execute.

87.  Farm-to-Table Operations Company

Many restaurant-goers are demanding more sustainable and healthier options when dining out. If currently established restaurants try to change their image or their supply chain, they may have significant work ahead of them, in addition to managing the regular day-to-day business operations. That is where the Farm to Table Operations business comes into the picture. To execute this business idea, one would work with the restaurant to design a supply chain that is more sustainable, and that gathers the food supplies within a 100-mile radius from where it is being raised, to arrive at the plate to serve. This would save business owners a lot of time figuring out the logistics and sustainable suppliers when trying to pivot their services.

88.  Virtual Personal Trainer

Although not a revolutionary new idea, it is picking up in demand because people live such a busy life, they don’t want to spend 20 minutes commuting to the gym and back. With the virtual personal trainer, the client can work out from their own home, and you can help manage their workouts, meal plans, and motivation all through video calls and online chats. This saves people a lot of time commuting, and it can also save them money because the virtual personal trainer can be more efficient and charge less due to no gym fees needing to be paid. If you are already a personal trainer or looking to start a personal training business, this is a great low-cost option that is uniquely differentiated.

89.  Corporate Fitness Class Leader

Health in the corporate office is becoming a priority for many companies. Their employees can become more productive and help drive the company to new heights if they are healthy and in good shape, allowing their brains to execute quickly. The Corporate Fitness Class Leader business would cater to this by providing daily classes in an empty office space in the building, or in the own companies office space. You could run workouts for employees, paid for by the company. With the growing trend of employers paying for their employees’ gym pass, this could also be a great way to help them reach their health goals in a group setting.

90.  Disabled Parking Availability App

Imagine if you had a disability that only allowed you to park in handicapped parking stalls. This would be an inconvenience in your life, always trying to find parking and driving around until a spot is open. This company would solve this problem by having a sensor on the handicapped stalls that would notify the app if it was taken. The user could check the app and find out if where they are going has an open spot for them, instead of driving there only to be disappointed that they cannot park. To make money a per month charge could be applied, or a one-time download fee.

91.  Downtown Parking Valet Service

In a rush in the downtown vicinity of your city and need to make a meeting but can’t or don’t have time to find any parking? A parking valet service could solve this issue for people. By setting up a location downtown where you can pick up people’s cars, you could drive them around to a requested area to find parking. Once the parking is found you could drop a pin on the mobile app for the service, and the person who owns the car would get a message letting them know where their car is. This service would also be great if parking meters needed to be refilled but someone couldn’t do it. They could simply press the app and get the valet service to restock the parking meter.

92.  Secure Baby Monitor

So many baby monitors out there can be hacked into by someone sitting in a car outside your house. Once hacked, they can control the camera, monitor noise, and even access the internet to perform other hacks through the device. These security flaws are a major issue for baby monitors and almost defeats the purpose. What if the hacker shut off the audio when the baby was crying? See what I mean? This business idea would develop and sell secure baby monitors that could not be hacked into so easily, giving parents the proper peace of mind they wanted in the first place. To start, it would not cost a significant amount of money. By licensing another company’s baby monitors, you could add some encryption abilities and be off to the races without significant product development.

93.  Recipe Dictation App

The recipe dictation app would solve the problem of trying to look at a recipe on your phone or tablet while you have messy hands and are cooking. Many times when people are cooking and want to re-read the recipes, they need to put down what they are doing, wash their hands properly, and then look it up. To fix this, one could develop a mobile app or web application that could read out the recipe from commands the cook says. Allowing them to continue cooking with interruption, while also being reminded of the next ingredient.

94.  Tiny Home Building Plans Business

Tiny homes are exploding in popularity. With the cost of housing rising significantly everywhere, people are looking for alternatives to save money. Also, the thought of a mortgage for many young people is scary and daunting. Tiny homes are a great solution to that. They are low cost to buy, around $30 to $50 thousand dollars, instead of a regular house costing at least $300,000. To execute, you would develop plans for the lot and the tiny houses for people to live in. It would be similar to a residential house building, except on a much smaller scale. This business would take more time to develop profits, but each project’s revenue would be large.

95.  Ice Bar

Global warming is melting away the earth. Due to this, people are becoming more aware of the cold experiences they can embark on. There are a few ice bars worldwide, but many of them are remote, so getting to them is an experience in itself. Why not start your own ice bar in your city? I can guarantee, with almost certainty, that there is not an ice bar where you live, and opening one up would be a unique experience for many people. It would operate as a regular bar, except, you could charge a lot more for their entry. Providing warm winter jackets and other clothes would be essential for the guest’s comfort too.

96.  Line Spot Seller App

Lines are only getting longer as the population grows. There are already people out there making a lot of money by holding line spots for people, and then selling the front-of-line spots to the people who didn’t want to wait, but would rather pay. To start, you would benefit from finding every launch event in your city, and then go find friends or family who would be willing to make $100 or $200 to camp out at the front of the line for a day. Once the event comes to opening hours, you could sell the front spot for $1,000. This is not uncommon for Apple, Supreme, EA Games, and other companies that do huge releases for people to pay that much for the front spot.

97.  Personal Data Analytics

The growth of personal data is becoming enormous. If I was to download and print all the data that Facebook had on me, I would probably have over 1000 pages of data. That is only from one website. Imagine the amount of data one would get from all the sites they interact with. To execute, you would provide analytics and insights about people’s data from these sites, and organize it into an easy-to-follow report. This could help give insight to people trying to improve certain personal branding aspects in their life. One could charge on a per-report basis or an overall comprehensive fee that would cover all the person’s personal data (Fitbit, social media, computer usage, car, etc).

98.  Booze Delivery After Hours

Partiers often complain that liquor stores are not open late enough. To solve this, you could open up a liquor delivery business, specializing in after-hours delivery. This would solve the problem of people going to get liquor when they are closed, and you could deliver so there is no threat about drinking and driving. Like any other delivery service, this would be quite low-cost to start, as you would only need yourself, your car, a GPS, and the ability to buy alcohol. From there, you could make a quick website and advertise to people who search for liquor stores during the hours they are closed.

99.  Artist Manager

Who says artists need to be starving? These days, artists are becoming empowered to pursue their craft and passion by creating art. As an artist manager, your company would operate similarly to an actor or sports agent. You would manage and the artist’s art releases, venue showcases, and art shows, all for a fee. Many times the artist is busy creating and does not have as much time to promote with few hours left in the day. Thus, you could help 10X the artist’s goals by getting them into the art shows and venues that they would not have the connections or time to pursue.

100.  Tiny Home Plans Developer

Another tiny home plan developer. This idea is perfect for someone with engineering or previous home plan development skills. Many people who are looking to obtain a tiny home have the want or skills to build the house themselves. For this business, you would develop and sell the tiny home plans to the people looking to build them. This would take out the guesswork of having a structurally sound building. Also, this could be a low-cost business if you already have home planning development skills or engineering background.

101.  Futuristic Landscaping Company

The futuristic landscaping company is a modern spin on the age-old business. This type of landscaping company would go to the next level. Installing sensors with the irrigation systems, and in the soil or ground, one could monitor irrigation systems and their maintenance needs by switching on a computer. If a pipe bursts, you could set up systems to automatically shut off so there is no flooding. The system sensors could be connected to weather devices so it would automatically run more or less depending on if it was going to rain or not. The sensors could also keep tabs on the plants to make sure they are getting enough water and to notify the system to turn on if they are not. This idea is a medium cost due to the startup expenses to begin the landscaping company, as well as the other materials to make it futuristic.

102.  Drone Rescue Company

You may have seen this business idea already taking shape. However, just because one person has done it, does not mean that you cannot do it in your area. The drone rescue company would set up “lifeguard” drones on the beaches and coasts where people swim and fish. When disaster strikes, this drone could be deployed to save a group or a single person’s life, without risking other human lives in the process. It would take some initial investment, but worthwhile contracts could be developed with the cities.

103.  Cryptocurrency Exchange

The large use of cryptocurrency will change how people operate when they travel. Some people may try to use these special currencies when they travel, and governments may start to release their own cryptocurrencies as things progress. This business would cater to that by providing a point of exchange for cash. Many places in Asia have solely cash-based transactions, so these currency exchange booths would be popular, as not many people accept this type of currency yet.

104.  Mall Gaming Stations

This business idea has only really taken off in China, however, I can think of several times when I wish there was a gaming station when I was dragged to the mall. The mall gaming station idea would involve setting up immersive gaming experiences for mall-goers, while their partners shop. By approaching malls for space, and charging customers on a per half-hour basis, you could make a great income from these machines if placed in multiple locations.

105.  Braille Integration Service Company

The braille integration company came to me when I heard that there was an award-winning restaurant that won due to its ability to cater to the blind. That got me thinking that almost every restaurant I have been to is not suitable for blind people. The purpose of this company would be to provide braille integration services for any business. This could involve putting braille on the counter to tell prices, having a braille menu, etc. This could be a very low-cost idea, especially if you could develop the braille yourself.

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