SiteTrail Press Release Service Review

If your company needs to issue a statement to the media, you’ll want to find a reputable press release service to help you out. A press release is a great way to announce a new product or service offering, respond to public criticisms, announce a product recall, expand public knowledge of your business, and much more.

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SiteTrail is a top pick for any business that wants professionally written and distributed press releases. Let’s dig into the details and see if this is the right company for your needs!

When Should My Business Distribute a Press Release?

Before we get started, it’s important to understand when your company should draft and distribute press releases. Each industry has its own norms, and guidelines could vary from what we’re about to say. Still, we feel like the following instances are generally advisable events for press releases.

  • Introducing a new product line: If your company is releasing a new product or service, you should issue a press release to spread the news.
  • Responding to criticisms: A press release is a great way to improve your brand’s image after it takes a hit.
  • Generating news coverage: One of the most important things a press release can do for your business is influence journalists to write news articles about it.
  • Improving SEO rankings: When you use a reputable service to distribute your press releases, you can also generate strong SEO value which will improve your company’s ranking on Google searches.

SiteTrail Press Release Service Review

SiteTrail is an outstanding option for any business looking for a professionally written and distributed press release. We’ll quickly review some of its pros and cons before diving further into the details of its services.


  • Writing service included
  • Reasonable price points
  • Solid SEO tools
  • Google News indexing and RSS syndication


  • Somewhat confusing pricing model with dozens of plans
  • Limited distribution targeting
  • Only indexed on Google News (no AP, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

The Details of SiteTrail Press Release Service

With SiteTrail, you have your choice from dozens of different press release service packages, although they mostly revolve around five core plans, ranging from a one-time $399 payment all the way up to a recurring $6,000/month subscription.

We love how SiteTrail includes writing service with most of its packages, taking another time-consuming item off of your plate. In addition, it includes solid SEO tools considering its reasonable price points.

Overall Pricing and Value:

With SiteTrail, you have your choice of more than 50 different packages for press release services. That said, the company has five main offerings, as follows:

  • Unlimited Press Releases ($199/month): This package includes 24/7 access to Google News so you can distribute your own press releases whenever you want to.
  • Press Release and Editorial News ($399): SiteTrail’s journalists will write a press release and a news article for your business. Includes distribution via press release wire, as well as a news publication.
  • Weekly Editorial News ($899/month): SiteTrail will write a news article for your business on a weekly basis, then distribute it on Google News.
  • Premium Brand Awareness ($4,950): This plan includes three news articles and two press releases with embedded links that follow back to your website. This package boasts 120 million viewers for your company’s press releases and news items.
  • Accelerated SEO, PR, and Google News ($6,000/month): With this package, your business will receive 14 high-quality pitch articles spread across nine or more major media properties per month. This plan provides plenty of earned organic links.

Overall, these price points are slightly lower than average compared to competing companies. Especially when you consider that writing services are included (in most packages), SiteTrail presents a solid value proposition.

Track Record:

We were unable to find much information about SiteTrail’s background, either on its own website or elsewhere. We discovered that the company has served more than 6,000 customers so far, but that’s about it regarding background info.

When it comes to customer feedback, SiteTrail earns high average rating scores, albeit with a relatively small volume of reviews. The company maintains a strong 4.7 average rating out of 5, but we wish there were more than 23 reviews available.

Overall, SiteTrail is a less experienced company than some of its competitors, but it still has enough of a track record to be a legitimate option for your press release services.

Customer Support:

SiteTrail has a bit of an odd proposition for customer support. The company does not seem to offer phone support, as we were unable to find a phone number anywhere on its website. The primary means to access SiteTrail customer support is filling out its online contact form.

The other option is to schedule a video call with one of two SiteTrail representatives. You can choose the company’s CEO, but this option costs a whopping $10 per minute ($450 for 45 minutes)!

The other choice is with SiteTrail’s head of customer success, who offers free calls but with extremely limited availability. While the exact hours seem to vary, at the time of this writing, the only options were from 9-11 am Monday through Thursday, along with 11:30 pm to 2 am Sunday through Thursday.

What Are Customers Saying About SiteTrail Press Release Service?

While SiteTrail doesn’t boast hundreds or even thousands of customer reviews as some competitors do, it’s impossible to find fault with the quality of reviews it does receive.

We were disappointed to only find 23 reviews of SiteTrail’s services online, but for a relatively young company, that’s not a red flag either. We were pleased to see that the company has an excellent 4.7/5 average score. SiteTrail’s satisfied customers frequently discuss how impressed they were with the effectiveness of the company’s services.

All in all, how you feel about SiteTrail’s customer feedback relies largely on whether you prioritize a large quantity or a high quality of reviews.

Our Final Thoughts

SiteTrail is an outstanding option for any entrepreneur seeking professionally written press releases. We also appreciate this company’s reasonable price points and solid SEO tools.

If you’d like to take a look at some SiteTrail competitors, or you want to see a general overview of press release services, check out our complete guide on this topic.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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