Website Definition

A website is an online platform or digital space where companies can showcase information, products, and services, and engage with customers and clients on the internet.

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A website is a collection of digital pages on the World Wide Web and accessible through the internet. A website is created by an individual, company, organization, or governmental entity to convey specific information or provide services. The advantages of a website include that it’s a group of pages that are hyperlinked to each other to make a collection, and that collection is related to a common domain name. Broadly, each website is related to an individual topic, purpose, issue, idea, company, product, or service.

What is a Website?

A website is associated with a specific domain name that is published on the World Wide Web via a web server. A web server is a type of computer that’s connected to the world via the internet. The web server computer will store digital pages within a specific collection. Via the World Wide Web and the internet, other internet-connected computers can access the webserver and view the website and its individual pages by inputting the specific “address” of the domain name. A website example includes what you’re currently looking at right now! Users can use web browsers to reach web servers all over the globe, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft’s Edge browser. 

Most websites have a home page which is the main landing page for the site. From there, the home page will have hyperlinks to other pages that are all linked together. For example, a website benefits a specific company because it’s used to promote the business, sell its products or services, and provide general information about itself to the public. When you first put the company’s domain name into whatever browser you’re using, their website’s home page will first appear. Usually, there will be drop-down menus and other hyperlinks to the various other pages on the website that the company wishes to promote, such as a listing of products being sold and ways to purchase them online, for example. The home page and each subpage use a specific computer coding language that allows for written texts, pictures, and videos to be viewed on the web pages. 

Types of Websites

Static Websites

A static website or web page is when the page contains information, pictures, video, or data that stays the same for all who view the page. It would be similar to handing out a paper brochure to a hundred people in a group. In this case, a website is a digital brochure where each person sees the same information with no interaction happening between the page and those looking at it. Static page information can be changed, updated, or deleted as many times as the owner of the website desires. But there will still be no dynamic interaction between the page and individual users. No matter how much a static website is changed, all users will see the same information. 

Dynamic Websites

A dynamic website is one that changes itself automatically, based upon the specific individual viewing the page. Website and web page developers use various software systems and web application tools that allow dynamic websites to be created almost immediately and present specific information and data requested by the individual user. Think of the paper brochure being handed out to a hundred people, but the brochure automatically changes for each person depending upon their individual needs. A simple example of this would be a weather website that will automatically display the current weather in your area after you input your zip code or physical address.


Website definition: A website is a digital tool that anyone can use to display information and data to anyone with internet access all over the world. With the internet and the World Wide Web, any individual, group, business, or organization can promote themselves.

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