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How to Use the ZenBusiness Discount Code

We all want the same thing: for this discount code to be as easy to use as possible. That’s why you don’t need to clip any coupons or enter any complicated codes on the website. Let’s briefly walk through the process, shall we? Once you click on the link:

Step 1)

On this first screen, you simply need to select the type of business you want to form and choose which state you’ll start your company in. After that, click the “Start Now” button, which takes you to the next screen.

Step 2)

On this page, you’re presented with three options for your LLC formation, which we’ll break down in more detail in the next section. Once you’ve chosen which of the three packages you want to purchase, it’s on to the next page!

The next two pages are extremely simple, as all they require is providing ZenBusiness with your name, email address, and phone number. We doubt anyone needs any further explanations for these pages, so let’s skip forward to the next one:

Step 3)

This page varies a bit depending on which formation package you selected.

At ZenBusiness, our turnaround times are based on each state’s capabilities and also on which package you purchased. The “Expedite” speed is included with the Pro package, while the “Rush” speed is included with the Premium plan.

The next screens also vary based on which package you’re building from. If you chose either the Starter or Pro package, these following pages offer you the opportunity to add additional features from the higher-priced packages on an a la carte basis.

Depending on your package, you’ll scroll through up to five of these upsells before reaching the next page, which asks you to come up with a name for your new business entity.

Finally, the next two pages ask you to review the information you’ve input to this point. If you selected the Starter or Pro packages, ZenBusiness will offer some more upsells on these pages to outline the value of the higher-priced packages, as well as an opportunity to purchase every add-on feature one more time. These pages are also where you’ll see your estimated formation date.

From there, there’s only one step left, which is entering your payment information and creating a password to protect your ZenBusiness account.

Quick Review of ZenBusiness

You’re always welcome to take a look at our comprehensive ZenBusiness LLC review, but we’ll also do a quick rundown of our service on this page.

Main Advantages of ZenBusiness

➢ We’re one of the most affordable business formation service providers in the entire industry.

 ZenBusiness receives outstanding customer feedback.

 We’re a socially conscious organization that partners with nonprofits to help lift disadvantaged entrepreneurs out of poverty.

Biggest Disadvantage of ZenBusiness

 We don’t have the level of track record that LLC websites like LegalZoom have. While this isn’t exactly a disadvantage, some entrepreneurs do prefer a more established service provider.

ZenBusiness LLC Pricing & Features

Starter = $0 + State Fee

➢ Name Availability Search: ZenBusiness will search through the business database of your formation state in order to determine whether the business name you want is available, or if it’s already claimed by another entity.

➢ Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization: These documents are the forms required by the state to formally create your new LLC. ZenBusiness will draft your Articles of Organization, then file them with your state of formation.

➢ Statement of the Organizer: This form identifies the owners of the business and frees the LLC organizer from liability. In some instances, this document can be helpful in acquiring a business bank account (especially if you formed your LLC anonymously).

➢ ZenBusiness Money Essential: This is the free version of the ZenBusiness Money platform, including automatic expense tracking and tax deduction tagging.

Pro = $199 + State Fee

Includes everything from the Starter package, plus…

➢ Worry-Free Compliance: This feature includes ongoing compliance assistance (such as annual reports), along with two amendments per year. Plus, if you ever miss a filing deadline with your state, ZenBusiness will help you regain your good standing.

➢ LLC Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is a document that outlines the ownership structure of your business, along with laying some ground rules for the way your company will operate. ZenBusiness will create your custom operating agreement.

➢ Expedited Filing: ZenBusiness will process your order before customers who purchase the Starter package. Note that this does not include expedited service from your state government – it simply prioritizes your LLC formation in ZenBusiness’ internal process.

Premium = $299 + State Fee

Includes everything from the Pro package, plus…

➢ Domain Name Registration: We will obtain a domain name for your company’s website and include a domain management dashboard tool.

➢ Rush Filing Speed: ZenBusiness will prioritize your LLC’s document filings above those of Starter and Pro package users.

➢ Domain Name Privacy: This feature helps keep your personal information from becoming publicly available as a result of your domain name filing.

➢ Business Email Address: ZenBusiness provides Premium customers with a business email account (with 5GB of storage space).

➢ Business Website: In addition to privately registering a domain name for your company, ZenBusiness will also help you set up a business website.

Best LLC Service

Take it from real customers

The call system was efficient and the…

The call system was efficient and the person who helped me was very kind.

– Brey Noelle



– sakol

Excellent customer service on Zen…

Excellent customer service on Zen Business from Hudson and Tymeka. Real human beings that acted in my genuine interests and made things easy to correct quickly. Much appreciated

– Daniel Marmar

over 400,000 customers agree!


  • Yes, and it’s one of the best in the industry. While many competitors have vague refund policies or even refuse refunds outright, ZenBusiness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • While ZenBusiness does offer many other services, this discount is only applicable to business formation service.

  • There are two major variables when it comes to determining your total cost. The first is which of the three ZenBusiness formation packages you select, and the second is how much your state charges as a formation fee. State fees vary considerably from state to state.

    Some states like Kentucky have fees as low as $40, but some other states like Massachusetts charge as much as $500. In other words, even with our ZenBusiness discount code, it’s not possible for us to nail down how much your exact expenses will be.

  • LegalZoom is arguably the most popular company in this industry, as they’ve served millions of customers over the years. However, that does not mean they’re an affordable option. ZenBusiness offers LLC formations for less than LegalZoom.

Customer Support Quality

ZenBusiness has solid customer service with three different ways to access our support representatives: by phone, via email, or through our online web chat feature. We pride ourselves in offering responsive and helpful customer support, whether you’re a first-time customer or someone who has been with us for years.

Our reps are knowledgeable about our products and services, and we’re always courteous and willing to help. It’s important to us that we continuously strive to improve our customer support every day.

ZenBusiness recently expanded our hours of customer support availability to add Sundays. You can now reach us from 9 am until 9 pm ET on weekdays and 11 am to 8 pm ET on Sundays.

ZenBusiness Customer Reviews

In short, customer reviews are a big positive for ZenBusiness.

Most of our online reviews can be found on Trustpilot, as this site hosts more than 10,000 reviews of ZenBusiness’ services. Impressively, 97% of our feedback is positive, as our clients clearly enjoy the combination of low prices and fully featured services offered by ZenBusiness.

Still On the Fence About ZenBusiness?

It’s totally fine to be uncertain about which online LLC formation service is the right choice for your unique business.

After all, there are a ton of options out there, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, we’ve done countless hours of research on this topic, reviewing and comparing all of the best LLC formation services.

If you feel like you still need some more information, we have some resources that could help you finalize your decision.

You can always take a look at our full-length ZenBusiness LLC formation review, which examines every important aspect of our services. Beyond that, we invite you to check out some of our comparison guides, which take a head-to-head view of the competition between ZenBusiness and our top competitors:

ZenBusiness vs IncFile

ZenBusiness vs IncFile: Like ZenBusiness, IncFile is currently offering a free business formation service.

IncFile has formed more than 800,000 business entities since it opened back in 2004. As for ZenBusiness, we’ve been around since 2015  and have already processed 400,000+ LLC formations.

ZenBusiness has a few distinct advantages in this competition. Our embrace of technology to automate several crucial parts of the formation process gives us a tech-savvy edge, and it’s tough to beat our dedication to giving back to the communities we serve.

ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom

ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom: ZenBusiness has a number of significant advantages over LegalZoom. First and foremost, ZenBusiness is far superior when it comes to pricing, as we can save you $79+.

Additionally, LegalZoom does not include ongoing compliance assistance in any of its formation packages, meaning you’ll need to spend more money to acquire this feature.

That said, there is one primary reason why some entrepreneurs choose LegalZoom over ZenBusiness: if you prioritize experience and customer volume, LegalZoom has noteworthy advantages in these areas.

ZenBusiness vs Northwest Registered Agent

ZenBusiness vs Northwest Registered Agent: Northwest Registered Agent offers personalized customer support, and their support reps are far more knowledgeable than the typical “call center” employees that staff most companies’ support teams. Thankfully, ZenBusiness isn’t “most companies,” and we feel that we compete on even footing with Northwest in this regard.

ZenBusiness has a far greater volume of positive customer feedback, even though Northwest has more experience. Overall, Northwest is a good option, but we feel that its advantages over other companies largely don’t apply to ZenBusiness. This is especially true when you consider pricing: Northwest charges $225, while we will form your LLC for free (just pay your state’s fee).

Where Can I Learn More About ZenBusiness?

If you would like some more information before using the ZenBusiness discount code, we invite you to read through our full-length review of our services. We also have some valuable information about our competitors in our guide to the best LLC formation services.

Of course, you can always contact ZenBusiness and ask us any remaining questions you might have. Our support team is ready and waiting to help you figure out if ZenBusiness is the right choice for your business needs.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.