Anonymous LLC Definition

Anonymous LLC is a limited liability company where the ownership information is not publicly disclosed, offering privacy to its members.

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What is an anonymous LLC?

An anonymous LLC is a limited liability company whose owners are not publicly identified by the state. The name and contact information of the “real” members and managers are private.

An anonymous LLC isn’t a separate type of business legal entity. It simply refers to an LLC which does not have to disclose its ownership details. Other than this, an anonymous LLC is the same as a regular LLC. 

How else can you refer to an anonymous LLC? Some people might call it a confidential, secret, or private LLC.

How do you set up an anonymous LLC?

Setting up an anonymous LLC is similar to setting up a regular LLC. The only major difference is that you will need to make sure that the state in which you would like to form your LLC keeps the names and contact information of the members and managers private.

Delaware, New Mexico, Nevada, and Wyoming allow you to keep your personal information private when you form an LLC. Laws change, however, so it’s important to do research before you file.

Decide on a business name

Your name and address may be out of the public eye, but your business name won’t be. And you want it to stand out from the competition. Come up with a business name that’s catchy, descriptive, and fits you or your business. 

Use our business name checker to make sure that your perfect name is available. Then, you can either register your LLC or reserve it to snag it before someone else does. 

Choose a registered agent

The registered agent is the person or business that receives government documents and service of process on your behalf. If someone sues your business, for example, the registered agent receives the legal paperwork and passes it on to you. The registered agent needs to have a physical location in the state where you formed your business. 

Our registered agent service connects you with a professional registered agent in your state. Answer a few questions, and we’ll find registered agent service providers that serve your area. 

File the Articles of Organization

You legally form an LLC by filing the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State in the state where you want to form your business. Different states may use different names for the Articles of Organization, such as the Certificate of Formation. These documents ask you for information about your business, the registered agent, who’s filing the paperwork, and other details. 

Our business formation service streamlines the legal paperwork so that you save money and time. You answer a few short questions about your business, pick the package that appeals to you, and pay the affordable fee (plus the state filing fee). We’ll file the paperwork with the Secretary of State, putting you on track to owning your dream business.

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