B2B Definition

B2B, or business-to-business, refers to commerce and transactions between companies or organizations rather than between a business and individual consumers.

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If you’re out there in the business world, you might hear the term “B2B” thrown around from time to time. It’s a catchy acronym and it’s fun to say, but what does B2B stand for? It stands for “business-to-business” transactions. Are you interested in starting your own B2B enterprise? 

Now that you know what B2B stands for, we can dive deeper into the definition of a B2B. 

What is a B2B?

The B2B definition is pretty simple on the surface: if a business makes its money by selling products or services to consumer businesses, the selling business engages in B2B transactions. There are lots of options for a B2B business, but Market Business News (MBN) notes that many B2B businesses involve:   

  • Web development
  • Supply sales
  • Industry data

This form of business also lends itself well to e-Commerce.

Running a successful B2B business often includes special kinds of marketing and sales tactics tailored to consumer business clients’ needs. You will likely need to do extra market research to make sure your services fit with your consumer industry’s goals. 

B2B Advantages

According to MarketingTerms.com, many investors have preferred to throw their money behind B2B businesses. Consumer businesses often have more income to spend and more consistent needs for products and services than consumers shopping for their personal lives. If you start a B2B venture or add B2B to your existing business model, you could bring in a larger and more reliable stream of income. 

B2B Disadvantages

With the potential to make more money can come more responsibilities and complications. MBN notes that B2B deals can take longer to complete because you often need to speak to multiple agents from the consumer business. And you need to make sure that the appropriate members of a consumer business’s leadership sign off on the business deals they make with you. Also, depending on what you’re selling, you might have to work harder to customize your products and services for a consumer business’s specific needs. 

Many businesses want to make sure that what they’re buying can address all their major, specific needs. For example, a business that sells cleaning supplies to households could sell the same supplies to everyone. But a business that sells cleaning supplies to laboratories needs supplies tailored to effectively handle cleanup of different chemicals and organisms. Businesses want to know that you understand them before you sell to them. 


A B2B, by definition, is a business focused on serving other businesses. This type of business can be lucrative and reliable. However, developing successful products and services for your B2B and properly marketing them can take more time and money. 

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