Why Choose Worry-Free Compliance?

Starting and running a business can seem like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when you think you’ve taken care of everything, something else pops up. It might be a customer crisis or a supply chain problem, or a host of other issues that demand your immediate attention.

Handling these day-to-day needs helps your business succeed. But focusing on those urgent issues can make you forget about business compliance deadlines that are required to keep your LLC or S corporation in good standing with your state. 

That’s why you need ZenBusiness Annual Worry-Free Compliance (WFC) service.

Worry free? Yes, please!

Let us handle the stressful legal requirements to keep your business compliant. There’s a reason we call it “Worry Free.”

Compliance requirements are ongoing

Establishing the legal structure for your business can be overwhelming when you try to do it alone. Without help, it’s easy to overlook or misunderstand some of the required formation steps. That’s why so many people turn to ZenBusiness to form their business. The guidance and support they receive simplifies and speeds the process, and our customers frequently cite how we take the worry and stress out of starting their business.

However, what many business owners don’t realize (or forget) is that some compliance tasks aren’t “one and done.” Depending on where your business is registered, there are ongoing annual or biennial filing and reporting deadlines. 

Annual Compliance Made Easy

When you subscribe annually to our Worry-Free Compliance service, you can stop fretting about missing these deadlines. We have your back. Here’s how our Worry-Free Compliance service helps:

  • Relieves your stress over missing compliance deadlines or making costly errors  
  • Files your annual report filing and two yearly amendments (all you have to do is pay the state filing fee)  
  • Sends you alerts and updates to help ensure you don’t miss any deadlines or pay costly fines for being out of compliance with your state
  • Provides expert support should you still miss a filing event and need to regain good standing and LLC protection from your state

“Having ZenBusiness take the maintenance responsibilities off my plate made the process easy. With their compliance services, I can be confident that I won’t miss a state filing deadline or run into problems with paperwork.” – ZenBusiness Customer, Ryan Putt

Consequences of Non-Compliance

To stay in good standing with your state, you have to file the required documents on time. Failing to do so can put your business in bad standing with your state. If your business falls out of good standing with your state, you may face any or all of these serious consequences: 

  • You could be fined
  • You might lose your business name
  • You could lose your liability protection
  • You might be prevented from operating legally in your state

Once you’ve formed your business, it’s crucial to keep track of needed documents and filing deadlines. But complying with regulations and staying in good standing on an ongoing basis can be difficult because of all the day-to-day issues vying for your attention.

That’s why our Annual Worry-Free Compliance service is such a stress reliever for business owners. Your annual subscription will help you stay in good standing with your state by emailing you proactive alerts about upcoming compliance events. It also files your annual report and up to 2 amendments for you.

“ZenBusiness made the process of forming an LLC quick and painless, and the user dashboard to keep track of deadlines and business documents is very helpful and user-friendly. Their registered agent service is initially all I was looking for, but I ended up finding their other services incredibly helpful as well.” – ZenBusiness Customer, Jane Farstrider

Ongoing Protection and Assistance

An annual subscription to our Worry-Free Compliance service provides you with the peace of mind that you’ll be alerted to those future state deadlines and have important filings completed for you on time. 

But if you somehow still miss a deadline or forget to file an annual report, your Worry-Free Compliance service provides support and a detailed action plan to help your business retain its good standing.

“Worry-Free Compliance is a no-brainer!” – ZenBusiness Customer, Oscar Bocanegra

Add Worry-Free Compliance to Your Business

Let us help you with state compliance and annual filings so you stay in good standing. Worry-Free Compliance allows ZenBusiness to conduct a yearly audit determining the documents and steps needed to keep your business compliant. We’ll help you stay in good standing with your state so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

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