Brochure Definition

A brochure in business is a small, printed document that provides information about a company, its products, services, or promotions in a concise and visually appealing format, often used for marketing and informational purposes.

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If you want your business to have customers, you need to reach potential customers with information about your products and services. There are many ways to get the word out about your business, including brochures. How can you use brochures for advertising your business? Let’s talk about it. 

What is a brochure?

A business brochure, by definition, is an advertising tool. A brochure is a very tangible advertising tool that gives potential customers information about what your business does. A brochure explains who you are and what your company provides in the way of products and services. It also tells potential customers how to contact the company. 

Lisa A. Pennisi, Yenti Gunawan, Amber Lee Major, and Alexis Winder point out in their University of Nebraska Lincoln NebGuide (NebGuide) that brochures are physical items often meant to be left in racks and on shelves and tables in public places. Some companies even mail brochures to potential customers. All of this means that brochures need to be designed to catch the eye and adequately inform readers about the purpose of your enterprise. 

There can be many brochure benefits, but you also need to be aware of the drawbacks of using this type of marketing. 

Using a Brochure: Advantages

As NebGuide’s brochure definition points out, a brochure is a small, tangible piece of marketing that potential customers can hold in their hands and take with them. A customer doesn’t need internet access to see your advertisement online. And a customer doesn’t have to be in a certain part of town to see your billboard. 

A customer can keep your brochure in a pocket or bag and use it as a handy reminder of where they can find you for the services they need. You can also easily gauge the success of your brochure design and content by checking how quickly your brochures disappear from the racks and shelves where you placed them. 

Using a Brochure: Disadvantages 

Brochures are great, physical pieces of marketing that patrons can carry in their pockets. But let’s face it, a patron will likely throw a brochure away at some point. Or, a brochure may end up forgotten in the junk drawer of a person’s home. Opting for physical brochures instead of online, radio, or television marketing also means you’re producing more waste. Lastly, consistently creating and printing brochures can be costly and time-consuming. 

To make your brochure worth the time and money it takes to produce, you want to ensure that it reaches and inspires the right customer base. This is no easy feat. For tips on how to create a successful brochure, check out our article, 14 Ways to Make Your Sales Brochures Effective


Brochures are marketing tools that your customers can keep with them and reference whenever they need your products or services. The use of brochures could have a lot of impact on your sales and revenue. But brochures can be costly, produce waste, and take a lot of effort to produce and distribute successfully. 

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