16 Worthwhile Ideas For Your Website Popup

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16 Worthwhile Ideas For Your Website Popup

Website popups are probably one of the most controversial features you can implement on your Website. While some find them annoying, many marketers swear by them. In reality, they are one of the best possible calls to action a Website can have. There are many different ways to implement popups; however, one of the best possible tactics for popups is to display them as a visitor is about to leave your site, also known as exit popups.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your popups, today’s article will be right up your alley. Read on for some popup ideas that you can implement on your Website.

1. Offer a Discount

When visitors are on their way out the proverbial door, they might have been interested but not significantly enough to pay for a service or product then and there. Having a discount in your exit popup gives both you and them a second chance.

2. Include Content Upgrades

The offer of a content upgrade seems to be fair in exchange for an email address, provided that it goes in hand with the blog post. It can have a significant impact in converting your sales as well. Use these wisely because these are among the most prevalent exit-popup hacks on the Web.

3. Consider Offering a Free Trial

Are you in the business of a service-driven niche? Well, offering a free trial run of your services may seem like a loss for you in the long run, but there is a reason so many places have them. They do work. Having a good product that is virtually unheard of maybe off- putting when there is a price tag involved. Giving it away for free for a limited time can turn you a profit with various applications like referrals and testimonials, and build your authority.

4. Offer More Value

Sometimes all it will take to make that final sale and get that golden email is to offer something on top of your normal offer. Treating your popup as a way to upsell a product or service can be beneficial, as people may have felt that your normal sale was a not quite robust enough for their dollar. Ever wonder why you hear, “Would you like fries with that?” Sometimes, it’s just that easy.

5. Get Personal

With Websites becoming more robust themselves, perhaps hitting users with a popup that just asks new visitors their names and directing them to the most recent article would be a nice change. You can then use their first names in a different exit popup and make them feel as though your offer was created specifically with them in mind.

6. Take Advantage of Surveys

People by nature are very opinionated. Not all opinions are the same. Using a survey in your exit popup can help you create better content overall and finesse the way your site looks and acts, which in turn can lead to a drastic increase of your sales.

7. Use the Word “Wait”

It must have been ingrained since birth; we all seem to stop in our tracks at the word “wait.” How you follow it up can have a significant impact for your visitors as well as for you. Do it wrong, and people will stop coming by; do it well, and you may very well have opened up a floodgate.

8. Make Them Laugh

Adding a bit of humor is just another way of being personal and will help to filter your dream clients. The same thing could be said about using funny kitten or puppy images with compelling copy, as you are pulling on emotions to help seal the deal.

9. Use a 2-Step Opt-in

Turning your text into links that lead to your main opt-in form has proven to be more effective than simply including a popup on your site. In this case, the link is closely related to the topic your readers are already engaging with, and once they click on that link that offers additional content on it, they are presented with a nice popup form that allows them to enter their email address and sign up for your email list. In most cases, people will follow through since they already initiated the process of signing up.

10. Use Simple Yes or No Choices

You either want something or you don’t. It’s as simple as that. Giving your visitors a simple choice makes it easier for them because too many choices mean that they will most likely not make a choice at all.

11. Use Your Social Proof

Do you have hundreds of followers, thousands even? Put those numbers to work for you. It proves that you are socially acceptable and not just the new kid on the block. And strangely enough, people tend to relate more to numbers than words online. If you have a large following, it makes it that much easier to believe you are truly credible, which does half of your converting for you.

12. Use Your Credentials

Showing off some credentials can be a really smart move. This includes putting up the logos of places where you have been featured or including some testimonials. People tend to follow a crowd for psychological reasons. Why not put it to work for you?

13. Use Animations

Nowadays, most popup forms offer some kind of animation effect. They either slide on the screen or they bounce around to get noticed. Considering implementing a similar strategy to improve your conversion rate.

14. Invite Them to Follow You on Social Media

People have learned to stop handing out their email addresses because of the amount of spam they receive. It was a lesson learned during the infancy of the Internet, so opting for a different path to start off with is a good choice. If you are active on social media, then it’s just another way to eventually get the emails you want. Having them like your articles or products or services, or asking them to follow you on your social media platform(s) of choice, is usually a lot easier than getting them to hand over their email addresses. It will add to your growing list of social proof in the long run.

15. Assume the Close

OK, it’s been a hard-learned lesson that we should never assume something. Well, in your exit-intent popups, it very well could be a completely different story. Instead of offering a way out of anything, just offering them a basic or advanced package of your services or goods could work out quite well.

16. Use Compelling Button Copy

Consider changing the words on your submit buttons to include a more personalized call to action. This means you should generally avoid words like “Submit” or “Download.” Instead, try using words such as “Get My FREE Report” or “Download My eBook.”

There you have it! 16 simple, yet highly worthwhile ideas for your Website popups.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal, tax, or accounting advice. If you have specific questions about any of these topics, seek the counsel of a licensed professional.

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