5 Creative Promotional Product Ideas For Marketing Startups

Most startups need to come up with ways to get remembered. If you are attending trade shows, networking events or meetups, you should consider giving away some promotional products to create your business brand. Potential customers are much more likely to remember your startup if you give them something that they can take away with them. To help you with this marketing goal, we put together a list of promotional products that you can give to anyone.

Multi-functional Pens

Of course, you can always put your startup logo on the side of a pen. Potential customers might remember you while scribbling notes, writing checks or signing a piece of paper. However, you can take it one step further by giving away pens that have a built in light or stylist. With the added functionality, customers are much more likely to use your pen as a stylist for their phone, tablet or touch screen laptop. Moreover, they are likely to keep it and remember you.

Branded USB Flash Drives

Especially for tech startups, you can give away flash drives. They are relatively cheap to order. Then, you can upload a white paper, demo or image of your product line. Subsequently, customers will be reminded of your brand when carrying the flash drive as well as when they are at their computers and using it. Of course, this might be the best time to remind them to check out your website and purchase your products or services.

Ironed Wooden Coasters

Almost everyone needs a coaster at home or at their desk. Give away a branded wooden coaster. You can order them with your logo or make them yourself using these ideas for branding irons. The coaster is a cheap item that can have a very professional touch. Additionally, customers will probably throw it in their bag or pocket since they are so easy to carry too.

Custom Pop Socket Designs

Popularly, pop sockets are a great promotional item because they go on the rear side a phone case. Since you already know that you customers check their phones multiple times per day, they have the chance to see your logo and brand daily. Moreover, they carry their phone with them everywhere they go so others are more likely to see your brand too. When other people see it, that’s just free marketing for your startup. These small plastic items are great promotional giveaways.

Company Apparel & Gear

Moreover, people wearing your logo can help spread the word about your startup. Try giving out t-shirts or hats that have your company on them. As long as the size is right, your customers might wear them at home, work or with friends. Of course, this would be great promotion for your startup since they are likely to know more people within your target audience. Even with a slightly higher price point, the marketing rewards could be well worth it.

These creative promotional product ideas take everyday items and turn them into marketing materials for your startup. You can start with something small like a pen and then move on to other items like flash drives, coasters or phone accessories. Ultimately, you can get creative with the company apparel that you give away to targeted customers and see the results. Using these ideas, your startup has a much better chance of being remembered by customers.

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