25 Branded Merchandise Ideas For Your Business

Months after creating the perfect business name, training staff, and setting up a website, many brands find themselves still unknown and unrecognized. Surely, it’s a situation that you wouldn’t want to be in. That’s why you have to find out how to effectively deliver your brand’s message to your audience when creating your marketing strategy. 

Of course, you’ll need to try different tactics since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in marketing. One of the marketing techniques that you’ll likely try is branded merchandise. If you’re looking for more information about branded promotional products and some merch ideas, you’re in the right place.

What are branded products? 

Would you believe if someone tells you that it’s possible to get people to advertise for your brand while paying their own money for it? Well, you should, because it is, indeed, possible. How would you get a person to do it? The answer is branded merchandise. 

Branded merchandise is virtually any item that’s printed with a brand’s name or logo. They’re also called promotional items and are commonly distributed in events, such as conventions. It’s an excellent tool for establishing brand identity and can quickly generate brand awareness for a business.

The good news is that creating branded merch has never been easier, especially with the increasing number of companies, like Pixels, offering print-on-demand services.

Most popular branded merchandises

Look around you, and you’ll notice that a good number of people you’ll meet outside your house, on the street, and when walking on the subway wear or use branded merch. Also, 81% of them actually keep those items for more than a year. Promotional products, no doubt, can take your brand into the world.  

If you’re planning to incorporate branded merchandise into your overall marketing plan but don’t know where to start, here are some promotional product ideas worth checking out:


Bags have plenty of space for brand logo or company name. That’s why marketers often choose them as promotional items. This is especially true for tote bags. 

Tote bags can use different materials. Depending on your budget, you can go for canvas, recycled plastic, cotton, or polyester, among others. Additionally, tote bags are a great option because customers will likely use them because they’re reusable.

Pair of sunglasses 

Promotional sunglasses are also worth considering. Every time the sun comes out, and people take out this branded item from their pocket or bag, they’ll see your logo and be reminded about your brand. What makes sunglasses even better is that you can hand them over to people of all ages. Hence, your business enjoys widespread exposure as a result.


When you have notebooks, pens should be there, too; you just can’t separate them. Pens benefit your brand the same way as notebooks. Also, pens can be used by your customers for long periods. That’s why using a pen makes sense if you’re looking for inexpensive but useful branded merch.


One of the best-branded products you can have for your business is promotional tshirts. That’s because they’re highly desirable and valuable items. Also, it’s something that people use regularly. It means that promotional clothing will leave a good impression on your customers and give your brand ongoing advertising.


Pair your branded tshirts with branded beanies. These promotional products are especially a great idea during the chillier months. All you need is to have your brand’s logo embroidered or printed on the front, and customers will be reminded of your business every time they need to keep warm. It’s a win-win scenario for you and your customers if you think about it.


If you operate in an area or place where the rain and the sun can be very harsh, branded umbrellas should be one of your promotional items. Branded umbrellas can be given to your best customers and even your business’s best workers.


A mug or coffee cup may be a classic promotional product, and it’s a classic for a reason. That’s because many people love coffee as it jumpstarts their day. Every time they fill up your branded mug with coffee in the morning, they’ll be greeted by your logo or a quote reflecting your brand’s personality.


Custom vinyl stickers, as branded merchandise, are also a great way to advertise in new markets or get a brand in front of new customers. 

Branded stickers can be given as a gift during special events, or you can sell them at your retail store. When selling them at a store, make sure to place the stickers in the area where customers or store visitors are most likely to make an impulse buy or last-second purchase. 


If you want customers to see your logo and interact with your brand frequently, choose notebooks as your promotional products. As you know, many people use notebooks at work for taking notes. This means they may use your branded merch often, too, helping them remember your business.

Lunch box

Promotional lunch boxes are perfect for ensuring that your customers or people you meet at special events are reminded of your brand every mealtime. Like other branded merchandise mentioned so far, you can give a branded lunchbox to your clients as gifts, hand them out at events, or sell them on your store or online. 


Hygiene is always a concern these days, whether at home or in the workplace. That’s why offering branded sanitizers can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Mouse pad 

Mouse pads have a huge canvas that you can play around with when designing them. Some put a fun graphic on a mouse pad; others simply print their logo or tagline.


Custom branded plants are a fun promotional giveaway. They’re also environmentally friendly, making them ideal for businesses that want to promote eco-friendliness as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Companies have many options for a branded plant––from printed seed packets that customers can grow themselves to desktop plants inside a branded pot.


Branded headphones allow your business to cancel out the noise coming from your competition in style. Many members of your customer base will find branded headphones useful––from students to office staff to family members who use a laptop or computer regularly for studying, work, and entertainment.

Power bank 

This product is a bit on the pricey side, especially if you choose those with added features, such as wireless charging and LED flashlights. However, portable chargers are lifesavers. That’s why everyone uses a power bank, making it great for generating brand awareness.

Face mask 

A promotional health and wellness package wouldn’t be complete without a branded face mask. Face masks send a positive message and show your customers that you care for them in a time of health crisis. They’re also useful for your staff or team members. Don’t forget to personalize the masks with your logo!

Stress ball

It’s essential to maintain mental health during a pandemic. That’s why many businesses are leveraging stress balls in their marketing campaigns. Thus, branded stress balls can be included in your promotional wellness package.


PopSockets are some of the most popular mobile phone accessories right now. They help hold a phone, and they can also work as a phone stand. Additionally, branded PopSockets are a great way to express a business’s appreciation towards its business partners or customers while also providing marketing value.


Keychains can also be useful during outdoor trips. It’s especially true when they can be turned into a mini flashlight. By offering them as branded merch, customers will have a very compact flashlight to carry during picnics. The best part? They can also attach their car’s and house’s keys to it.

USB drive 

 USB drives are extremely useful for storing and distributing content, so your customers will surely love them. Also, because the world is becoming increasingly digital, they’ll use it every day, getting your brand logo in front of them regularly.


Custom branded mints are a refreshing promotional merchandise option. They’re also affordable, which means buying in bulk is possible. 

Many types of mints can be custom branded, including strong mints, cool caps, peppermint, spearmint, and mentos. There are also sugar-free options that are perfect for customers who want to stay away from sugary products. Just add your logo to these mints or the mint tin, tube, or dispenser, then you have the perfect pocket-sized promotional treats that your customers will surely love.


Bandanas are flexible promotional items that can serve as wraps or masks. They can even be used as dog bandanas. 

In a pandemic (coronavirus), bandanas are also a fashionable way to help prevent germs from spreading while boosting awareness around your brand. This is because your customers can use them as an everyday face covering. 

Branded bandanas are easy to distribute as giveaways at events. You can also sell them at your store or online. The best thing about these bandanas as promotional products is that they’re washable, reusable, one-size-fits-all, and unisex. Surely, your customers will use them for a long time, displaying your logo or brand message in front of other people every time they wear it.


Coasters personalized with your logo or brand message is another ideal promotional product. They can be colorful with endless design possibilities. It’s no wonder why businesses frequently use them as marketing material during trade shows, conferences, and events. 

Promotional coasters are extremely effective branded merchandise due to their utility for social events, conferences, and even everyday use, not to mention their low price. In fact, their basic function of protecting tables and desks means that your brand will gain repeated exposure from regular use.

Gift bag 

Custom branded gift bags help promote your brand through functional packaging. With gift bags as promotional items, you can provide an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers when they’re purchasing products from you or other retailers to be given as gifts. 

Branded gift bags are especially effective during the Christmas holidays when shopping for gifts gets into full swing.

Beach ball 

A branded beach ball is the last (but certainly not the least) promotional item that can help your business grow. It’s an excellent way of combining marketing with fun, especially in the summer months.

It’s possible to sell them, but they’re best given as gifts to potential customers or distributed to existing clients and business partners as a token of appreciation.


Branded merchandise brings many benefits to a brand. That’s why you have to think of it as an extension of your business. It should reflect your brand personality, as well as your product or service. Of course, offer meaningful promotional products––those that your customers will really find useful.

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