5 Slam Dunk Marketing Ideas Influenced by the NBA Playoffs

By Julianna Corso Eldemire

With the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs in full swing, entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to learn a thing or two about marketing may be able to glean inspiration from this year’s playoffs. For the CEO and business owner who wants to make a field goal related to marketing, here are five slam dunk marketing recommendations influenced by the NBA Playoffs.

1. Make a free throw by latching onto the playoffs

Just like the Portland Trail Blazers found success in round one of the Western playoffs, businesses have found success with embracing holidays and trends. For example, for Valentine’s Day, some businesses may add hearts to their logos or offer special Valentine’s Day treats to show love to their clients. Why not do the same thing for the NBA playoffs? For example, if you own a coffee shop or a restaurant, you could have a product campaign around the playoffs—especially if your business is located in the same city as one of the competing teams.

2. Nail a three-point shot with your customer base

Knowing your audience is something I cannot stress enough. If your customer base is 75% full of sports enthusiasts, then your content should be focused on that—connecting your brand to your customers and to what your customers want. Knowing your audience will help you market to them and can get them excited about what you have to offer. Know how to reach them and know what to share.

3. Make a fast break with boosted social media content

Nearly everyone is watching the NBA Playoffs and everyone is on social media, including your favorite basketball stars. NBA superstar Steph Curry has over 25 million followers on Instagram alone. While it should be obvious that having a social media presence for business is good, boosting your posts is also a smart idea. If you have the budget, use it to boost one of your posts to the audience of your choosing. What this means is that more people will see it. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose demographics, interests, geography, and behaviors.

4. Rebound with text messaging

As previously indicated, social media is popular, but some people may not want to be marketed to that way. Text message marketing is an alternative. For those who have grown weary of social media, text message marketing can be a surefire way to reach your audience in real time. An added bonus is that your clients will have to opt in to this, which means that they are subscribing to your content because they want to receive it. It also eliminates the risk of your content ending up in a spam folder. Now that’s what I like to call a slam dunk!

5. Run the play with a strong strategy

Popular NBA teams such as the 76ers and the Bucks don’t make it to the playoffs without having a strategy. When it comes to effective marketing, it would behoove you to have one as well. Be sure to define your goals and focus on what makes you unique from your competitors. Think of it as a guide on how you will use content to address your audience. How do you think the Houston Rockets made it so far? They have been the closest competition in the West for the Golden State Warriors. It all comes down to being strategic.

Julianna Corso Eldemire is a Senior Marketing and Public Relations Strategist at Moxē.

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