14 Ways To Make Your Customers Love You

While not everyone may have a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, most of us are probably engaged in another relationship – the one between our business and our customers. Times have changed, and in today’s markets, a quality product isn’t enough to stand on. You have to engage customers and build brand loyalty in order to grow your business. In short, you have to make the customer fall in love with you.

So, the question then is this – how do we do that? Well, for starters, take a look at these 14 great ideas to make your customer fall in love with your business:

Listen To Them
When customers give you feedback, listen and respond if necessary. Once you have their feedback, take steps to ensure that their concerns are addressed.

Have Competent Staff
Nothing is worse than interacting with someone who doesn’t know how to do their job. Make sure all of your staff know what they’re doing, or know how to handle the situation if they don’t.

Treat Them Like People
A customer is a person, not a number, a stat or a walking bank account. Treat them that way, and it will make a difference.

Say Thank You
This may sound simple, but many companies never do it, and you can be sure that customers notice and appreciate when you do.

Interact With Them
People like to know they’re being heard, so when someone talks to your business on social media sites, talk back! A one-sided conversation does nothing to help build customer loyalty.

Be Honest
Honesty really is the best policy, especially when it comes to dealing with customers. Be open and honest, whether the conversation is good or bad, and your customers will respect you.

Give Them Things
It sounds a bit underhanded, but it’s always true that people like free stuff. Offer a free add-on, extra discount or two-for-one special and your customers will love you for it.

Be Overachievers
Positive reviews rarely begin, “They did the minimum amount required to get my business.” Go the extra mile for your customers, and leave them with nothing but great things to say about you.

Admit When You Mess Up
This goes with the honesty tip – when you mess up – admit it, fix it, and move on. Trying to deny or cover up problems will only ever make things worse in the long run.

Stay Connected
Once every few months, get in touch with old customers and let them know about any new products or services that may have become available since they last did business with you.

Keep Your Promises
If you say something will be in stock, or be ready, or be done at a certain time, deliver on that promise. Keeping your word will also help you keep your customers.

Reward Loyalty
Plenty of companies offer incentives and discounts to attract new customers, but don’t forget that you already have a base of loyal customers as well. Offer them deals and specials as well, or risk losing as many customers as you gain.

Surprise Them
Who wouldn’t love to get a gift card or special deal out of the blue? Keep your customers on their toes by doling out rewards when they least expect it.

Give Back
People love to feel like they’re making a difference, so give a donation of money or time to a local charity using a portion of your sales.

These are just a few ways to make sure your customers love you as much as you love them. What are some of your favorite ways to show some affection?

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