15 Tips For The True Boss: How To Motivate Your Team

There is a key disconnect between and employer and the employees when it comes down to satisfaction in the workplace. And it’s usually due to a lack of motivation. Businesses do encourage their people to chase after the money or to get a promotion. However, there’s not much there to promote a real feeling of satisfaction and pride. Employers need to realize that by neglecting to motivate their people, they may be harming the business.

All it takes is a few words from the manager to transform the challenged and overwhelmed employees. They become a resilient team that’s engaged and hopeful. Every good leader knows that it’s not necessarily the words used to communicate the message, it’s the way it’s done. These words can cause a deflated team to just coasting or a team that’s fired up to get ready to go.

Once the employees are fired up, the combined knowledge, energy, and skills of this motivated group will be able to accomplish everything they set their minds to. Try these 15 ways to motivate employees so they can give their best at work.

1. Don’t underpay

When deciding what to pay an employee, check around and see what other companies are paying. Find businesses in the same geographic area and industry to compare.  A lot of employees would be willing to leave their job if another company offers them 5% more. Don’t underpay or good people will leave. Good pay is a great motivator for any employee.

2. Provide a stimulating workplace

Employers don’t have to spend much money to make the workplace a more enjoyable space to be working in. Everyone wants an environment that’s exciting and fresh.

3. Offer training

When employees are given the opportunities to be trained in new skills, they will become more useful to the company. Provide everyone with any training they may need to advance in their career. They will become more knowledgeable regarding the newest technology and the news in the industry.

4. Provide Feedback for Employee Motivation

One of the strongest motivations for employees is being told how well they are performing at work. They want to be told when their project was completed well and if the employer is disappointed in the result.  It’s important that this information is conveyed immediately after the completion of the task. When receiving this feedback, they become motivated and will strive to do better the next time. This should take place weekly to keep them motivated.

5. Inspire happiness

To keep the team positive and enthusiastic, let them be happy and their happiness will be infectious. Watch the employees and see if they’re happy with their work and with the boss.  Just as happiness is contagious so is unhappiness. Keep them happy!

6. Encourage – don’t punish

We all make mistakes because we’re human. We learn a valuable lesson from making mistakes and won’t do it again. When a team member makes an honest mistake, encourage them for the next time. Don’t ever punish them.

7. Make goals

Employees waste more time on the job because they don’t understand; what work is a priority over the rest. It’s up to the leader to work with the team and set goals that are clear. Then clarify the goals to everyone, what their priority is, and the role the team is to play in reaching them.

 8. Don’t micromanage

There isn’t anybody who wants to work under the watchful eye of a micro-manager who second guesses their every move. After providing the team with the goals, leave them alone and let them work out the logical way to complete them.

9. Keep any meeting short

Most meetings are a waste of time for the employees, and they disrupt their work too much.  Create a schedule for meetings and give it to the team in advance. Only invite those whose attendance is required. Always begin on time, and end the meeting as soon as possible.

10. Positive consequences

Everyone loves working for rewards, not counting a salary, and it’s a great motivator.  Employees need to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done. A good idea is to give the employee a thank-you card along with a small gift. This is for the employees who go beyond the company’s expectations.

11. Help improve their career

Most employees want to learn more at work in order to get promoted, work in a different department, or a manager’s role. Spend some time with them and find out the changes they want to make in their jobs. Get them involved in training and help them with their future plans.

12. Lead by example

In order for employers to successfully lead a team, they need to bear the responsibility for their own actions, their team’s actions, and the achievement of their own goals. So they need to step up so their team will follow and respect them. Create a working environment where the employees can choose motivation.  It begins with the leaders, and they are the ones that enhance the experiences of the team.

13.  Address employee concerns

Employers should have an open door policy and encourage members of the team to enter and ask questions or address concerns. Make sure the employee receives updates about their concerns as they need to know the problem is being addressed. Even if it can’t be resolved, the interest taken by the leader will be greatly appreciated.  It can’t be emphasized enough; the feedback is the most significant action taken.

14.  Foster collaboration

There are a large number of employees who don’t feel that their boss appreciates their input into the company. Leaders need to encourage their employees to participate fully by asking for their suggestions and input on how to improve things and do them better. Question them and listen to what they say. If possible, it’s wise to implement their suggestion or solution.

15. Make Time for Motivation

If possible, leaders should spend a few minutes, every week, with each of their employees.  This is a key factor in motivating the team and employees to look forward to interacting with their employer. Then set up a quarterly schedule so employees can get some valuable moments and attention from the leader. This is a terrific motivator and can make their day.

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