15 Ways To Promote Your Business For Free

Promotion and marketing is a constant process for small businesses, but the cost of getting your name out there can sometimes add up quickly. To offset that, make sure you’re getting all the free promotion that you can. Not sure where to start? Try some of these ideas:

Reach out to local media.
Coordinating a promotion with a local radio or TV station can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Try to find a local media outlet whose target demographic is fairly close to your own.

Social Media.
Social media is free, and it’s pretty much the best place to find potential customers. Pick the platforms that you think will give you the most benefit, and get posting!

Get involved in community groups and associations.
This lets you network while also giving you a chance to help out in your community. Don’t be “that guy” that’s always talking about his company – let the conversations come naturally.

Using constant branding.
Make sure that everything you do for your business is promoting your brand – the more consistent you are, the better chance that people will notice.

Generate more referrals.
Get in touch with past clients and offer them an incentive to send you referrals – maybe a cut of the sale, or a discount on future work.

Get listed in directories.
Directories are a good way to make sure people know that your site is out there. Don’t just add yourself to any old list though – be sure it’s relevant to get the best return.

Network online.
Get out there and make yourself known! Comment on other peoples’ blogs and articles, write guest posts for other sites, or take part in Tweetchats and Google Hangouts.

Use Q&A sites.
Answer sites like Quora are a great place to show off your expertise. Help people with their questions, and you’re sure to generate some leads.

Cross promote.
Contact other brands that share your demographic and brainstorm some cross promotions that will benefit both of you.

Build an email list and mail to it.
An email list is a great tool, because everyone on it has already expressed at least a small interest in your business. Use this tool to keep people informed about new products, specials and all other relevant information.

Distribute regular press releases.
Press releases are still a good way to get information out to the public. Make sure yours are interesting and informative or they’ll get lost in the crowd.

Run sweepstakes or giveaways.
A giveaway is an awesome way to get people excited about your products. Chances are, some of the people who didn’t win will still buy something from you, especially if the prize was something you sell!

Work on improving conversions in all areas of your business.
Spend some time identifying your weakest converters and work on improving them. This can include your website, phone or in-person sales, business cards, conferences, etc.

Donate branded products to a charity event.
Ok, this one isn’t completely free (you have to pay for the products) but it does give you more than one benefit. Not only are you getting your company name out there for people to see, but you’re also giving back to your community.

Offer a free class or seminar.
Everyone loves free stuff, so use that as a hook to get people to visit your site. A free seminar will give users some great tips or information, but probably leave at least a few of them wanting more.

Bonus Tip: Send thank you notes.
Showing gratitude will make the likelihood of getting return customers much higher. If you have time, a handwritten thank you card will be more beneficial than a form letter.

What are some of the ways your company gets free promotion? Let us know in the comments section below.

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