4 Brilliant Startup Business Ideas For Students

By Gary Roberts

We all know that it takes money to complete college. These days, tuition and other expenditures are increasing every year. Also, most of the students have classes scattered during the day and even at night. You must be thinking: Is it possible to do a job in such circumstances? That’s why a majority of the students are deciding to establish their own business.

Moreover, the initial step to start a new business is to think of a great idea. Usually, students can do idea brainstorming sessions with their friends to come up with a business idea that would change their life.

For a business to become successful, you need ideas that are not only improvements or incremental features of a popular business plan. But your business must solve real problems that people face in their daily activities. To accomplish this, you need to have a deep understanding of the problems that you are willing to solve with your unique idea.

If you think in the right direction, you may come up with a billion-dollar idea. Successful people do not have special powers; you can always take inspiration from them before starting something of your own.

To help you with your start-up, we have compiled a list of creative ideas that you can easily incorporate into your life.

1. Event management

Undoubtedly, many students get to participate in their school’s social events. What’s better than finding a way to capitalize on them. Event management, promotion, and consulting startup are in demand all the time. During college years, countless off-campus events take place in the community.

With your limited time and skills, you can easily start networking with the local venue owners and the musicians. By acting as a connection between the entertainers and venues, you can bridge a gap. To run an event management company, you need a small team to plan and execute great events. Also, for on-campus promotion, there are several tactics that you can use.

Furthermore, guerilla marketing tactics are perfect to gain publicity. This marketing strategy includes passing out fliers, using posters, and talking to the students one-on-one to spread the word on the entire campus. As a plus point, we can utilize social media platforms or create a site to become accessible to everyone.

2. End of tenancy cleaning services

People have to opt for the end of tenancy cleaning service to avoid the stress and uncertainty that comes when they need their initial deposit before the agreement expires. By leaving their place shining for the next tenants, you can get a good amount of cash. People do not clean their homes as required. Because of this, their place starts looking old and dull.

To transform their place completely into its pristine state, they hire different services. Regardless of the type of home, you must deliver excellent quality service for everyone to generate revenue. Especially, rental students need it more often. Because, as the semester ends, they must leave the house.

Afterward, they need deep-cleaning for their entire house. This includes scrubbing the walls, cleaning the appliances and windows, removing alcohol stains from the carpet, and much more. The professional cleaning services charge more than £200 ($250) per day for this service.

Therefore, you can provide this service at a reasonable price. With hundreds of students doing this every month in various universities, you can cover all your expenses in no time.

Don’t forget to make your business official by starting an LLC. Top business incorporation services like ZenBusiness (the #1 LLC alternative to services like MyCorporation and MyCompanyWorks) can take care of the paperwork.

3. Bookkeeping services

The first thing that pops into our minds when we hear the term bookkeeping is numbers, math, accounting, and finance. However, this is not the actual scenario. You don’t need to be a business major to opt for this start-up. If you have a basic knowledge of accounting and decent computer skills, this job is perfect for you.

All businesses must maintain bookkeeping records. Thus, companies need someone to limit costs and manage this work for them. For such companies, hiring a student is a better option than getting help from an expensive expert. Luckily, you can find software to lessen your burden that costs somewhere between $5 to $70 per month. You can market your services to these companies through job listings, referrals, or by networking with people.

To offer bookkeeping services, you need to keep all the records of the financial transactions. Similarly, you have to prepare financial statements like balance sheets and income statements.

You can start by charging $60 per hour for your services. Depending on the complexity of the work and your experience in this field, you can expect your fee. Yet, it is good to start at a lower price. After learning some skills, you can freely increase your prices.

4. Delivery services

It is a start-up that requires a very low budget. Delivery services that offer running errands, picking up takeout, and going grocery shopping for a busy individual is another way of making money faster. The top food-delivery services are making good revenue by doing tasks for others. Until now, in smaller areas, these food-delivery services fail to provide their services.

You can make a website where people can place orders. Several digital platforms can make a website for you. To create a buzz, you need to look for an innovative logo. There is nothing to fear if you can’t make it alone. Logozila offers logo designing services to free you from this worry.

Students are most likely to order food in the evenings and weekends. In the morning, you can bring them beverages, newspapers or tickets. Secondly, save each receipt and charge the customers after you are done with the task. We suggest you estimate the total costs of purchase and then add a 20 percent fee.


Other than great communication skills, you must have exceptional organizational skills to start a business. Apart from financial resources, marketing is compulsory to start a business. For that, you need to have a spotlight in the market. Companies like Logozila can help you find a unique identity for your business. In addition to that, if you can navigate real-world problems, you can turn your ideas into something big.

Gary Roberts is a cool young (by heart only) man who loves blogging and marketing, holding 7+ years of experience in the field. Testing different writing styles to engage the readers is one of the things that excites him the most. Currently, he is managing the content marketing of a logo designing company, Logozila which is a 360-degree IT company.

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