4 Tips That Can Improve Your Sales Productivity

All businesses and organizations ask the same invaluable question: “How can we increase sales and make more money?”

To help out with that never-ending question in the business world, we will focus on four tips that can improve your sales productivity whether you’re operating a team of 10 employees or 1,000.

1. Focus on the customers’ needs

Increasing sales and being productive is important, but so is focusing on your customers’ needs. After all, if you continue to meet your customers’ wants and needs — and have a strong product or service — then you will continue to retain and gain new customers.

These customers might leave good reviews or tell other people about your company, which can lead to you gaining more customers with zero work involved. If you come off as too salesy and it’s obvious that you care more about making a sale as opposed to benefiting the customer, then you won’t gain new customers.

Customer service is invaluable in this day and age, because consumers can just go somewhere else to buy a similar product or service they desire. In terms of productivity, if your customer service is top-notch, then you will spend less time dealing with angry or unhappy customers, not to mention less time trying to gain new customers.

2. Focus on company culture

The customers are important for any business at any level, but so are the employees. By focusing on company culture — in other words, keeping morale high and your employees happy — your employees will enjoy their jobs and like working for you.

This can help with sales productivity because your salesforce and customer service representatives won’t just go through the motions — they will put in quality work, take their work seriously, and be more productive as a result of enjoying what they’re doing.

3. Perfect your team’s sales pitch

Whether your agents follow a strict sales pitch or are trained for other methods, knowing what to say in every situation will lead to greater sales and time saved for the customer and agent.

A quality sales pitch involves research on your target audience and demographic, so you understand their wants and needs. And most importantly, so you can understand how your product or service can solve your potential customers’ problems.

A good sales pitch not only helps your agents be more productive because they know exactly what to say, but it will helps your customers understand how your product or service can benefit them. A good sales pitch leads to sales, but it also shows customers how a product or service can make their lives better and solve the problem in question.

4. Predictive dialer software

A predictive dialer software is essential if your business talks to customers over the phone, and especially if you make sales on phone calls. What it does is dial numbers and connect answered calls to agents. This makes operations and sales more smooth and productive for many reasons:

  • An agent doesn’t have to look up numbers and manually dial them with this software.
  • Human error isn’t involved because an agent doesn’t dial the number, which could lead to mistakes such as dialing the wrong number.
  • An agent is constantly being connected to customers, making downtime minimal.
  • In theory, an agent talks to more customers in a smaller amount of time. This is because algorithms of a predictive dialer can predict when an agent is finishing a call and will connect the agent to another customer.

There are many ways to improve your sales productivity. Hopefully, the tips above can do exactly that for your business.

Richard Parker is a freelance writer and author at TalentCulture.com and Readwrite. He covers industry-specific topics such as Seo, small business solutions, entrepreneurship, content marketing, word Press development & web design. You can connect with him at Linkedin.

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