5 Ways Leaders Can Increase Personal Magnetism

People Follow Magnetic Leaders

Just as a compass points toward a magnetic field, people follow a magnetic leader. The most successful organizations in the world have an internal compass and that internal compass is a magnetic leader who people naturally want to associate with. Although others in the organization might guide and influence employees there is usually that one person in the organization that has that personal magnetism that attracts, engages, and retains people. It is that personal magnetism that motivates, inspires, and energizes everyone in the organization to do their best and contribute at full capacity.

Below are five ways for leaders to increase their personal magnetism:

  • Inspire people with the vision of the organization. People want to think about the future and the possibilities. If they have a window into where the organization is going they will perform beyond all expectations to reach those goals and objectives.
  • Ignite people with your energy. Energy and enthusiasm are contagious. If you walk into a room energized, smiling, and invigorated, every individual in the room absorbs that energy.
  • Get things down. Be seen as a leader who empowers people to get things done and asks “why not.”
  • Remember people. People feel good and special when others remember them and what they have done. Come up with ways to remember people’s names, their family ties, and their interests. This can balance with a visual that reminds you of the person’s name, or a rhyme, anything that works for you to help you remember information about a particular person.
  • Be candid and authentic. People like to be around leaders who “tell it like it is.” When you are confident, you can cut into the heart of the matter and be candid with people. This is what people respect. They feel included when you share what is on your mind.

Dianne is the author of the new book The Power of Magnetic Leadership: It’s Time to Get R.E.A.L. and President and Founder of Loyalty Factor – a specialized training and consulting firm that specializes in building employee loyalty, customer loyalty, and brand loyalty.

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