5 Ways Social Media Helps Self-Employed Businesses Grow

The arrival of mobile internet technology has had an amazing impact on consumers. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices keep everyone connected like never before. One of the key advantages in keeping everyone in touch has become social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and more. Clever companies have realized the impact that maintaining social media accounts produces.

With a built in audience, organizations can share relevant articles and interact with clients to stay at the front of the minds of consumers. According to Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch advisor and owner of Dwyer & Associates, social media is a powerful tool to build a personal brand that can also serve as an inbound marketing tool for businessmen like himself. In a recent discussion on the sidelines of a panel discussion where he was one of the panel members, Patrick shared the following tips.

1. Sharing Relevant Articles

Since the internet is a sprawling and massive virtual place, an article of relevance about a company or industry can pop up at any moment. By sharing these posts to a news feed, organizations, salespeople, and other staff can relay that information directly to their followers. Since followers are made up of clients, employees, customers, and other stakeholders, the articles help everyone stay informed. Sharing information and news helps everyone stay on top of what could be major developments.

2. Interacting With Clients

Social media allows companies to interact directly with consumers, which can be a huge asset for businesses. Of course, the interaction works the other way as well. When clients and customers can like, comment, and even re-share posts from a company, the traffic to the social account increases. This increase in traffic results in an expanded reach for the company social media account. An expanded reach translates into a potential increase in new customers, which can have a major impact on sales and profitability.

3. Staying Power

Mobile technology keeps everyone connected. Since social media boasts users all across the world that consistently check their news feeds and updates, companies have the opportunity to stay in front of the eyes of customers. Basically, social media can be used as a marketing tool simply to stay relevant on a daily basis, which can mean a number of good things for companies in any industry.

4. Shifting Focus

Social media is also a great way for companies to shift the focus of consumers. By sharing news about a new product, potential problem, or other asset, businesses can get their followers engaged in the shift. Social media can be a supplemental method for companies to inform external and internal customers about these changes. As follower and fan counts increase, the influence of the social account also grows. Therefore, businesses can create a larger impact with a quality feed that attracts a lot of fans.

5. Built In Appeal

One big asset that social media has for a company is the built in appeal of the account. Since followers and fans have already demonstrated an interest for the business simply by following, companies can harness that favor and capitalize on it. Dedicated users and followers can be extremely helpful in growing the social media reach of an organization because comments, likes, and shares help the initial post soar in popularity. The popularity of a single share can capture the attention of average users and turn them into fans, which is a process that elevates the effectiveness of the business account.

In the end, social media and mobile technology allow businesses to communicate with customers like never before. By sharing relevant posts and taking advantage of the built in appeal of a core group of users, companies and organizations can enhance their staying power and attract new customers at a steady growth rate. Better yet, companies that focus on social media even part of the time can achieve a steady and continual improvement in the growth rate of followers. Since a larger audience translates into an enhanced impact, companies can realize significant sales bumps all because of a simple social media post. In short, social media can help a business grow.

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