5 Ways Your Company Blog Establishes Authority

Every website has the potential to run a professional, industry-leading blog, but many companies do not take advantage of it. 

When you look at many company websites, the blog is either not in use, or there has been a half-hearted effort at producing some content that did not last very long. 

However, a blog is a brilliant opportunity to establish your business’s authority and start building long-lasting, fruitful relationships with potential customers. 

It is an Opportunity to Establish Your Expertise

Everything you write on your website is an opportunity to establish your expertise. 

People come to your website because they want to solve a problem, and to do that, they want the best advice possible. That problem might be something as simple as they are hungry, or it could be that they’re rocket launcher keeps stalling right before lift-off, but whatever it is, you have to convince them that you have the answer. 

You’ve got your product pages that are designed to be short and snappy and get the sale, but many people want to know a little bit more about you and why you have the answer to their problem. 

The great thing is you are experts at what you do, you have just got to find a way of getting that information across, and your blog is the place to do this. With high-quality blogs that answer your target audience’s questions, you’re going to find you create a lot more leads. 

It Ties Your Products into the Bigger Picture 

You often see a lot of blogs that are entirely focused on that company’s products, almost acting as a second product page. 

These blogs are missing out on a significant opportunity to expand on the product pages, though, and show how this product ties into the bigger picture. For example, if you were selling cleaning supplies, people do not want to read a whole blog about the different chemicals that are in the products. 

People want to know how those cleaning supplies address their pain points, so titles such as “how regular cleaning can help us get back to work quicker,” and “how cleaning supplies can be kinder on the environment” allow you to dig much deeper into the information your customers are looking for. 

When your website is directly answering the questions, people have about your industry, that is when you start to become an authority. 

It Helps to Build a Relationship with the Customer 

It is rare that someone comes to your website and buys your product on their first visit. Instead, it takes many touchpoints before someone makes a purchase. 

This means that one of the main functions of your site should be to get people to come back again or to give you their contact details so you can continue to create those touchpoints. If your website is thin on content, though, it is going to be much more challenging to get people to do this. 

When your blog offers people valuable information, they have always got a reason to keep coming back. What is more, when they recognize that you are offering them value, they are more inclined to take the actions you want them to take, such as giving you their contact details. 

Your whole website is going to help you from that relationship, but on your blog, you can go into so much more detail. 

It is Shareable 

Your website is not the only way to reach potential customers online, and any successful digital marketing plan includes social media. 

When you share content on social media, though, it cannot come across as “salesy,” otherwise it is just not going to have the same engagement. People do not like being sold to, so the best social media posts are the ones that add value. 

If you are already producing blog content that provides exceptional value, then finding great content to share on your social media profiles is not a problem. When you get your content right, you will find you can vastly increase your audience through organic shares. 

It is Great for SEO

SEO is about answering the questions people have with high-quality content. That sounds familiar, right? Well yes because that has exactly what we have said your blog is there to do!

With your blog, you can take care of all the key SEO principles that top digital marketing agencies such as Search Bloom stress while still focusing on your customer’s needs. 

There is nothing better than free, organic clicks, and there are few things that shout authority than ranking number one for a big keyword. 

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