8 Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction

It’s critical for businesses to keep customers happy and satisfied; after all, surveys prove it’s easier to win business from repeat customers than to find new ones.

If you want your company to retain as many current customers as possible, there’s always room for improvement to keep your customers satisfied. Give some of the ideas below a try and reap the results.

Listen To Your Customers

To give your customers what they want, you’ve got to listen to them. Remember that customers these days are vocal on social media. If they have a negative customer service experience, they’ll tell others about it. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find out what customers want and listen to them. You can send them a simple email survey a few days after their purchase. Ask them what they liked and didn’t like about their customer experience.

Be Proactive

Use modern customer service software to track your customers’ social conversations and deal with any problems immediately before the word spreads.

Tracking in this manner is vital to avoid a PR debacle. You also can use customer tracking to reach out to your customers in a positive way. Thank them for their purchase and ask if they have any recommendations to improve their experience.

Using the right customer service tools can create a proactive customer service culture that cuts problems off at the pass.

Be Honest

One of the biggest gripes from customers is when a product or service fails to meet the promise. Your marketing efforts should be tailored so you don’t promise things you cannot deliver.

Understand the Customer

Every customer is unique. Understanding them is vital to making customer satisfaction soar. This is where the voice of the customer research can prove critical and important. Of course, you can’t understand every person your company contacts, but you can understand their needs and desires better and act on that information through collecting and using data.

Keep Your Employees Happy

When your workers are happy in their work and are treated fairly, these feelings will be passed on in their service. It’s vital to make employee satisfaction a priority in your company to keep a positive atmosphere. You can boost employee morale by starting an employee rewards program for excellent customer service. Or, simply express your appreciation for a great employee in a personal way.

Watch For Online Reviews

It’s not always fun to read bad reviews, but they can be vital sources of information that you can use to improve your company and products. Providing the best customer service can generate good reviews, but bad service can damage your online rating.

Regularly check Yelp and other online review sites for good and bad reviews. Make sure you respond to every review, especially any negative reviews. Detail the actions that you will take to address the problem. People notice how companies address issues, and they’ll take note in the wrong way if you don’t respond.

Personalize Responses

A top-notch customer satisfaction program has a personal touch and is tailored to each customer. Each customer should feel like they are the only ones that matter at that moment. Using personal information, such as their first name and order details, can provide a vital personal touch that is remembered.

Utilize Net Promoter Scores

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer service satisfaction and uses the data to predict how your company could grow. Determining your NPS regularly will help to gauge how loyal your customers are, too. Using NPS scores enables you to know if customers are pleased with your company or not. Then, you can make changes to your customer support systems as needed.

With a personal touch and technology, you can stay on top of your customer satisfaction rates and keep sales soaring.

Anna Johansson is the founder and CEO of Johansson Consulting where she works with businesses to create marketing and PR campaigns.

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