9 Amazing Degrees for the Aspirational Self-Employed

Working for other people is terrible — which is why you are here, perusing this website. However, most people simply don’t have the tools to leave their comfortable, salaried positions and start being their own bosses. Being self-employed requires discipline, perseverance, confidence, and passion, among other important qualities — but it also requires knowledge and experience in industries where self-employment is a feasible career choice. Young people who abhor the idea of reporting to a superior absolutely should consider perusing any of these university degrees that will better prepare them for a lifetime of self-employment. For example, consider pursing a lucrative career in the field of criminal justice. You can learn more here about how to get a degree in this field online.

1. Advertising and Marketing

Most professionals in this field will not hesitate to tell you that most marketing successes come from instinct — some inborn reflex for understanding trends, timing, and taste that generates outstanding sales. Still, even if you have the marketing gene, you will benefit from some education and experience to learn the ins and outs of the marketing world. When you work as a freelance marketer (or some other self-employed position in advertising) you will become not one but several marketing professionals at once, and earning a bachelors or master’s degree in advertising and marketing will help you stay organized and on top.

2. Business Administration

A degree in business administration will prepare you for virtually any business-related position, inside or outside a corporation. As a self-employed business administrator, you should expect to receive quite a bit of grunt work — projects and assignments that take time rather than ingenuity, like data entry, report writing, and presentation organizing. Yet, self-employed business administrators usually enjoy the perks of a white collar job without the banalities of working within someone else’s company.

3. Accounting

Not many people feel comfortable around numbers, but if you could spend all day tucked into a spreadsheet, you should seriously consider the accounting field. Most unattached accountants are busiest around tax season, and you could easily earn around $300 for every Form 1040 you complete. Usually, clients look for accountants with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and most states also require designation as a certified public accountant, which may require passing a few exams.

4. Construction Engineering

Construction is an industry that will never tire of workers, and as long as you are diligent and dedicated, you are bound to succeed. Amazingly, more than 61 percent of construction managers are self-employed, which means it is common for those with construction degrees to start their own company and reap the benefits. If this sounds like the right path for you, here is a helpful post on getting your construction business up and running.

5. Interior Design

Alternatively, you may want to focus your talent on the insides of buildings. Interior design requires more training than many people believe; the balance of colors, textures, light, and style requires a keen eye and an artist’s touch. Thus, interior designers almost always hold a bachelor’s degree, and most states require passing a licensing exam, as well, to ensure clients receive the quality of service they need.

6. Computer Engineering

A degree in computer engineering is one of the most useful in the digital age. Armed with detailed knowledge of computers’ intricate workings, you can perform nearly any computer-related service, from building them to writing software for them. Perhaps the most thrilling self-employed career prospect for computer engineers is game design, which allows engineers to explore their creative side.

7. Linguistics

As the world grows smaller due to global trade, people of far distant lands find themselves within communication distance — but often without the ability to communicate. Enter: the freelance translator. With degrees in linguistics and fluency in at least two foreign languages, you can lend your services to medical facilities, political offices, international corporations, and more. In addition to language comprehension, it is wise to have a firm grasp on foreign cultural traditions.

8. English

When many college kids decide to major in English, their relatives often shake their heads and sigh. After all, what can you do with a B.A. in English?

The truth is just about anything. English programs heavily emphasize reading, writing, and problem-solving, all of which are essential for nearly every career. Those who want to strike out on their own might look into language-heavy jobs, as authors, journalists, or even online bloggers. Many English majors also become tutors and freelance educators. There is no dearth of work for anyone who can read, write, and analyze professionally.

9. Agriculture

The world’s population is only growing larger, which means now more than ever we need workers to devote themselves to the earth, growing crops and raising livestock for food. Agriculture is much more complex than scattering seeds and harvesting corn; most farmers have extensive backgrounds in science that have taught them about soil chemistry, plant biology, field ecology, and more. Studying agriculture could lead to an especially fulfilling, self-employed life.


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