Advertising Guidelines For Personal Injury Attorneys

Setting up your advertisements as a personal injury attorney is not the easiest thing to do. In fact, it can be quite challenging because you need to adhere to certain ethical and moral guidelines, and some legal ones too. Still, many people who suffer personal injuries due to negligence or other misfortunes neglect to file lawsuits and often let go of what is rightfully theirs. This is problematic because not only does the perpetrator get away in many of these cases, but the victim also doesn’t get what’s rightfully theirs.

Your role as a personal injury attorney is to make the people aware of the presence of someone who can help them get their full rights, while sticking to the highest ethical standards in your advertising. These are some of the most important guidelines you need to stick to while advertising as a personal injury attorney.

Be Honest

Honesty is key when advertising for your services as a personal injury attorney. You shouldn’t promise your future clients any sums of money or that they would be reimbursed in millions if they stubbed their toes in the office desk. You should also be honest about your certifications and years of experience, as those make a lot of difference to many people.

Give Only Relevant Details

A client doesn’t want to know your life story. They want to know what your credentials are, where you studied, and if you have the necessary experience or not to take care of their problem. They also need a note explaining when they should seek out a personal injury attorney, as explained in detail in this article Naturally, you’re not going to include an entire article in your ad, but it should provide a clear, comprehensive idea on when it is fair to sue for your rights.

Don’t Oversell It

In relation to honesty, you shouldn’t oversell your services in a way that would seem too much or exaggerated. Associating one too many superlatives before or after your name sounds unprofessional and would make the entire ad look cheap and dishonest. Keep it simple and to the point, and if you are a really good personal injury attorney, let the work you do for the client be the judge of that.

Contact Information

Your entire contact information and office location should be clearly stated in the advertisement. People need to be able to reach your office for consultations. The presence of social media accounts, like a Facebook page, would not hurt either, as it makes it even easier for people to reach out and inquire about everything from rates to legal advice.

Think Like a Client

You need to ask yourself this: as a client, how would I react if I saw an ad written like this? Would I want to get involved with this attorney or does he sound like a hack? You should be able to see the ad from the client’s point of view, because only then will you decide if this ad is worthy of going live or if it would do more damage than good to your business.

Remember that first impressions last a lifetime, especially in situations like these, so you better be sure what kind of first impression you want to make.

This article was written by Chris Lewis.

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