AI Usage in Developing Loan Apps

If you want to name out one latest technology on which the whole world is betting, it is AI – Artificial Intelligence. AI is revolutionizing all the crucial industries literally and, most importantly, the banking and financial industry. AI is being employed to meet the customers’ new age needs and serve them in the safest and most convenient ways. AI techniques have made the loan management companies function in a customer-oriented, efficient, and smarter way!

Loan management companies provide loans to customers to meet their financial needs. The primary function of funding companies or the loan management firms to calculate the gross loan risk to increase the profits. In short, they sanction loans to potential customers to gain profits. In this article, we’ll peek into how AI is being used in the latest loan applications.

How is AI used in Loan Apps?

Accurate Credit Scoring

Credit is the king in the finance game. The financial potential of the client is assessed based on his/her credit score. A loan app must know the client’s repaying capacity to issue him/her the loan. The credit score depends on many factors, mainly – credit history, the remaining length of work service, transaction analysis, and total income.

So, this is a vast data which needs to be taken into consideration to assess the client. Artificial intelligence helps the loan apps to calculate the credit score accurately and quickly based on all the factors. AI offers solutions to the credit lenders and banks to smartly make the credit decisions.


Customer service has always been a challenge in the finance sector. Thankfully, Artificial intelligence offers smart solutions in the form of chatbots. Chatbots are a software that interacts with the customers around the clock and provides the services at much better speeds.

Chatbots also record the queries and answers by the customers. Loan management companies and banks have automated the customer service works with the help of chatbots and thereby offering the service at 50% better speeds.

Easy Debt Collection

Debt collection is not as challenging as before. The smart AI algorithms manage to go through the enormous piles of records of the companies and customers within minutes. This has tremendously increased the intelligence of debt collection teams. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to get a real-time financial analysis of the debtor. This dramatically reduces the disputes between the debtors and the loaning companies.

Peer-2-peer Lending apps

If you have researched on how to create a loan app a couple of years back, there is a good chance that you may not find any important information. But from the last couple of years, we have seen thousands of loan apps popping up in all parts of the world. AI has made it easy for the small finance companies to launch the loan apps on their own.

The person to person lending and peer to peer lending has come into the mainstream. The modern loan apps act as a platform where an individual can offer a loan to another individual without the traditional intermediaries of the financial or banking organizations. 

How to Create a Loan App?

As mentioned in the above section of the article, creating a loan app is not as difficult as before. Thanks to AI, now you can dream about creating your own peer to peer lending app. Finance apps need to obey the laws of the country in which they are started. However, the fundamental process for starting such apps remains the same. Here are the essential steps.

  • You need to register a business as a legal entity (LLC or corporation or any other legal entity.)LLC, like tax reporting/accounting.
  • Register the business name. First, you need to check out if the name is available on the government’s official website. 
  • Register the domain name for your business.
  • Raise the capital to pay for the app development costs. You can approach the venture capitalists or take a loan from the banks or friends. 
  • Learn about the UI and UX for the popular mobile interfaces. It’s important to launch loan apps for iOS and Android platforms to reach all kinds of customers. 

These are just the basic steps, each of these steps branches out into many different things like app bug fixes, app store optimization, etc.

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